4 thoughts on “Synology NAS 2020 and DSM 7.0 in Berlin

  1. You’ve stated in this Synology NAS 2020 and DSM 7.0 in Berlin article: “Previously when a user wished to take advantage of SSD cache to support an existing HDD RAID enabled storage pool”. In my believe until now you could only enable SSD Cache on a volume, not on a storage pool. This is for me the main reason not using it.
    Has Synology released information one is able to enable SSD caching on a storage pool (or multiple volumes) per SSD-Cache in DSM 7.0?

  2. Just bought myself a 218play, and not realising this doesn’t have all the AI features possible using Synology Moments (no Moments Select, Auto-rotate etc – only subject and facial recognition). I’m concerned that I’ll be left behind even more when DSM 7.0 comes out. However, does anyone know whether DSM updates brings in improvements / new features to ‘lower tier’ models? Hoping missing features in 218play will be introduced in DSM 7 / Synology photos.

  3. Is there update, will Synology allow to create volume on NVME m2 SSD on DS918+ ?
    Or those slots will be for cache purposes only?

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