Most Data Secure NAS Drives of 2019

Top 3 Safest and Most Secure NAS of the Year

Data is precious. This is pretty much an understood fact and whether it is your personal photos, your movie collection, your audio collection, business data or backups, the majority of data is important in some way. One of the biggest reasons that companies make the switch from 3rd party cloud services to NAS drives (other than the long term cost) is because of data safety. You do not have to look very hard to find out that data breaches and cloud server hacks are becoming increasingly common and when the interloper has access, they can delete, steal or random you for your data with relative ease. But hacking is jsut one of the ways your data is vulnerable in 2019 and 2020. Between this, hardware failure and even environment issues like flooding and fire, even most NAS devices are not equipped to tackle all the less documented and extreme means of permanent data loss. Sure, all NAS systems have RAID protection, network backup software, cloud backup support and USB support, but only a rare few have that EXTRA level of security and protection. Today I want to talk about the best 3 NAS for safety and security. These 3 NAS systems are designed with protection from those three most extreme causes of data loss this year and if you are looking for that extra step in data protection, these will certainly be worth your time.

QSAN XN3004T NAS Drive for Full System Encryption- £££

0-64TB, 4-Bays + 1SSD Caching Bay, Intel Celeron 1.1GHz Quad-Core, 4/8GB Memory, FULL System SED Drive Support, 4x LAN, HDMI, PCIe Slot  £550+ ex.VAT

Instead of the usual EXT4 or even Btrfs file systems, QSM uses the more advanced ZFS file system. Originally developed at Sun Microsystems, ZFS uses 128-bit architecture and combines the usually separate volume manager and file system roles into one. This combining of the two roles allows the file system to be aware of any underlying disk structure using storage pools to manage physical storage. It has replication, deduplication, compression, cloning, data protection and snapshot support built into it.

Additionally, the QSAN can be much safer more than you can imagine with the disk self-encrypting technology called SED (Self-Encrypting Drive). With the technology, even if the physical drive is stolen or misplaced, the data on it remains protected against data breach by generating the authentication key (AK) to prevent the unauthorized access. However, the SED offered by QSAN provides the secured pools migration between different XCubeNASs and easy to manage the key by exporting AK for more efficient.

QSM supports a range of features that business users will find very useful especially when it comes to backing up and protecting data including XReplicator, WORM, XMirror and Rsync. XReplicator is a powerful backup app that allows the easy backup an image of a disk, partition, folder or file. WORM (Write Once Read Many) technology protects data from unauthorised modification by allowing the data to be only available for reading in user-defined periods. XMirror offers flexible data protection through synchronisation in a number of ways while Rsync allows for real time remote backups of data with the added protection of encryption. QSAN’s QSM may not have the plethora of apps supporting it that you’ll find with the likes of QNAP’s, Asustor’s or Synology’s operating systems but instead what you do get is some serious enterprise-grade storage flexibility especially when it comes to backing up or securing data.



ioSafe 1019 NAS Drive for Fireproof, Waterproof Protection – £££

0-80TB, 5-Bays, Expandable, FireProof upto 1550 F, Waterproof at 10ft for 72 hours, Data Recovery Services included with Pre-Populated models, Celeron 4-Core CPU, 6GB Memory, 2x NVMe SSD Bays, 2 LAN, Synology DSM Software  £2,500+ ex.VAT

FULL Fire, Water and Destruction Tests HERE –

The ioSafe 1019+ is a fire- and waterproof network attached storage (NAS) device engineered to protect your work and ensure business continuity. The 1019+ is a backup system, a disaster recovery plan, and a robust collaboration tool all-in-one. Powered by Synology’s DiskStation Manager operating system, the 1019+ makes it easy to secure, protect, recover, and manage your vital data. The 1019+ and its DataCast endothermic fire insulation technology is fireproof up to 1550°F for 30 minutes, meaning the 1019+ will withstand a typical office or home fire. The ioSafe design team and engineering teams thoroughly test their devices to make sure they meet this standard to protect the disk drives installed in the interior of the device. Additionally, the 1019+ uses HydroSafe technology to waterproof its hard drives in submersions of up to 10 feet for 72 hours. While this protects data in flooding situations caused by hurricane or swollen rivers, more typical scenarios involve a business’s IT infrastructure being sprayed by a faulty fire sprinkler system, a leaking HVAC system, or a broken pipe. (Not to mention the fire department’s hose in case of fire!)

The ioSafe 1019+ is an extraordinary data storage device that makes it easy to collaborate, secure, and manage your work, all while protecting it from disaster. Fireproof and waterproof, the 1019+ can be trusted to bring your business back to life within minutes should fire or flood strike. Powered by Synology’s award-winning DiskStation Manager operating system, the 1019+ is capable of file syncing and sharing, media management, and data backup. Built with a Kensington security slot and with an optional floor mount and padlock kit available, the 1019+ device can be physically secured on your premises. The new iosafe NAS is prepared for the demands placed on an organization caused by business growth or simply the explosion of data we’re all facing. It stores up to 70TB in its five bays, or up to 140TB with an optional expansion unit, and can be configured in multiple RAID modes for speed and redundancy. Access to your data from anywhere is essential for modern businesses, but public cloud options are often slow and insecure. The 1019+ makes it easy to store your data locally while enjoying the benefits of cloud storage.

Features like the powerful and efficient Intel J3455 CPU, 8GB of DDR3L memory, Twin LAN ports for doubling network connectivity speeds, USB support for external storage and UPS devices and (most exciting of all) NVMe slots for adding fast, FAST SSD based storage to massively increase the read and wrtite operations from inside the device.



Synology UC3200 NAS Server for Dual Active-Active System Redundency – £££

0-192TB, 12-Bays, 2 Internal Controllers in Active-Active Setup, 2x XEON 4-Core CPU, DDR4 Memory, 2x PSU, 10Gbe, 5yr Warranty  £4,700-6,000+ ex.VAT

If you are a business owner, enterprise file hosting platform, surveillance NVR user or just generally someone whose infrastructure cannot withstand even minor disconnection (even down to the minute), then the UC3200 Rackstation NAS from Synology (First revealed late last year as the UC300) is definitely device that has alot that appeals you. As we have already established previously here on NASCompares, Synology has been making bigger and bigger moves into the enterprise sector for a while now. The brand that has spent more than 15 years making network attached storage hardware, featuring the popular Diskstation Manager software, with their first Rackmount NAS server back in 2006 (RS-406), have now fully uncovered potentially their most powerful and advanced Rackmount NAS yet for later in 2019. Featuring a unit dual-active controller (dubbed Active-Active) design and 12 Bays of storage, this unified controller system promises the ability to have a combination of redundant RAID storage and (better yet) WHOLE system redundancy. Alongside this, we see the already long established business class hardware, power, speed and support that is already available in the XS series, but even more so! With it’s dual CPU architecture that STILL manages to let users use BOTH processors, yet still gives you a dual controller architecture, this is a really big game changer!

As good as all the above protection is, only the last option can protect you from your NAS CPU, Memory or motherboard suffering a critical failure (breaking) and even then, it requires duplicating your entire setup, connecting the two devices constantly to ensure synchronization and requires all data operations to be doubled, which can also lead to one NAS working twice as hard as it has to make the primary network transactions with users AND sync with the secondary box. The twin/dual controller system eliminates this, as well as ensures a much tighter and compact environment – and the added benefit of a more secure and simplified storage environment. The 12 Bays of RAID-enabled storage is connected to two IDENTICAL controller boards, each of which is such as you would find in a powerful rackmount server individually.

These two controllers (with their own CPU, Memory, network controller, network ports, dual PSUs and PCIe slots) are fully synchronized (using a heartbeat system) and in the event of one of them failing, the system will ensure that connectivity is not lost (there will be a momentary delay as this redundancy is taken into effect, but this is very small indeed). What makes this different to the SHA solution, is that the storage array does not need to be duplicated, it is the same array, behind the twin active controller architecture. What makes this a better alternative is that rather than having to feature a ‘safety feature’ that requires double the data handling (the arguably BIGGER task) all the time, it is the configuration/backend that makes the switch – a far, FAR faster and lighter switch by comparison. For those that value high IOPs and a robust server with multi-tiered failure protection, the UC3200 is the most outstanding solution in the Synology product portfolio right now.



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        This description contains links to Amazon. These links will take you to some of the products mentioned in today’s video. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases


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