QNAP TS-x62, TS-x64 and TS-x64C NAS Series Uncovered

New QNAP TS-264, TS-464, TS-262, TS-462, TS-264C, TS-464C, TS-364, TS-564 and TBS-464 NAS Hinted At in 2021/2022

For those of you who have been wondering about any new desktop NAS drives arriving in the near future, there may be a whole new series of releases coming from QNAP. Although we have already highlighted that a couple of potential new releases seemed to be revealed earlier in the year via the QNAP YouTube channel that hinted at a potential new TS-464 4-Bay and Silent HS-264 2-Bay, it would seem that the QNAP TS-x64 series is going to be quite a diverse one, also arriving in a TS-x62 and TS-x64C configuration. To say that information on these new releases is light would be an enormous understatement, as this latest little hint arrives from the official Netherlands QNAP website support pages. Originally brought to my attention by a fellow NAS enthusiast, a quick check of the available models on the website, sorted by bay # provides you with a list of available downloads for different solutions. In here, the following was spotted:

  • TS-264 2-Bay
  • TS-464 4-Bay
  • TS-262 2-Bay
  • TS-462 4-Bay
  • TS-264C 2-Bay
  • TS-464C 4-Bay
  • TBS-464 4-Bay
  • TS-364 3-Bay
  • TS-564 5-Bay

Below are screenshots (they are gallery based) of each of the download pages from the QNAP NL website that show these listings.

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QNAP TS-x62, TS-x64 and TS-x64C NAS Series – What We Know?

What do we know about the QNAP TS-264, TS-464, TS-262, TS-462, TS-264C, TS-464C and TBS-464 NAS? Well, aside from there links in the download pages of the QNAP NL pages (alongside a few other regions) very little. However, via a few processes of education, we can make some very informed guesses that I wager are going to be spot on if/when these are released. We can ascertain that these are all 2-Bay and 4-Bay NAS solutions. Additionally, we can make a fairly confident assumption that the x64 series are 4-Core NAS solutions and the x62 series is a 2-Core series. Additionally, the TBS-464 is almost certainly a follow up to the TBS-453DX, as this is an existing product series that features 4x m.2 SSD slots and an Intel 64bit x86 Celeron Processor. This in turn means we can be comfortably certain that the TS-x62, TS-x64 and TS-x64C are all going to be Intel Celeron based NAS Systems (i.e DDR4 memory at 2/4/8GB), which makes these NAS likely follow-ups to the TS-x53D and TS-x51D series in some shape or form. Initially, I thought the C in TS-x64C might stand for China-only, but this was soon squashed by the details on the TS-564. Previous 5-Bay NAS series from QNAP (the 3x HDD 2x SSD Bay) have rarely left china as a formal release, but the particular page listing of the TS-564 includes a link to an installation guide that states the new part number without a C. No exactly full proof, but a decent little indicator. See below:

Of course, there are numerous other important factors to keep in mind here. First and foremost, just because these listings have appeared, it does not mean that 1)They will actually reach the release stage, 2) that these releases are not slated for much, MUCH later in 2022 and 3) that they will not be regionally exclusive (i.e. China only releases such as the TS-551). I think we can assume these will all be 2.5Gbe (or at least the more powerful of the bunch will be) as QNAP have been making keen moves into this as a standard on their releases. Additionally, if it IS a celeron CPU, many of the newer generations of 4000, 5000 and even more recently releases 6000 series Intel Celerons bring a lot more PCIe Lanes in their builds/chipsets, so these will likely open the door to improved physical PCIe connections and/or dedicated caching (something QNAP have recently only offered in their business level systems like the TS-x73A and TVS-x72 ranges. This is all still very early information and although I am confident in my assumptions here, let’s remember – assumptions are NOT fact.

When Do We Think the QNAP TS-x62, TS-x64 and TS-x64C NAS Series Will Arrive?

All this leads to the likely result that we are seeing a new potential SMB, Home and Prosumer series of QNAP NAS series devices coming for 2021-2022. Almost certainly few-none will arrive in any physical sense in 2021, but will more likely arrive in a more granular (series-by-series) release schedule as the year continues. With the existing TS-x53D series around 15 months old and the TS-x51D series around 18+ months old, any release of a new TS-x64, TS-x64C and TS-x62 series are now going to come particularly soon. These systems tend to have a 2-year rotation, so I would expect the bulk of these releases sometime in the early stages of 2022. However, do not be surprised if more niche releases in the 3-Bay TS-364, 5-Bay TS-564 and likely SSD optimized TBS-464 arrive much sooner, as their predecessors are much older. As always, subscribe below to stay informed and I’ll keep you guys updated on these potential new releases as we learn more!


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    11 thoughts on “QNAP TS-x62, TS-x64 and TS-x64C NAS Series Uncovered

    1. I had a QNAP… 3 days ago.
      It worked perfectly for … 8 years and then…. then the fan started to get “mad” and in the end, the NAS will auto shutdown automatically . I tried to downgrade, take out the case, reset.. nothing !
      Frankly, I’m pretty mad right now at QNAP…. I think I’ll wait for the new Synology 2.5Gbe, in .. 2022 ??

    2. When I bought my TS-453A ( thanks for steering me to that model ), I found that QNAP made the decision process horribly difficult due to their excess number of models. I also bought a Synology a few years later ( again thanks for the recommendation on the DS920+ ) and that decision process was far easier due to their smaller selection, but broad and deep enough that I found the perfect model for me. I’ll be watching here for the official release info.

    3. qnap do seem to have lost thier way somewhat. they are pushing customers right into synology. i will never buy another qnap nas. after buying the tvs1282 and finding out qnap will not allow quts hero on these models is criminal. the model is well within even thier specs. goodbye qnap hello synology. even robbie is scratching his head…… says it all really.

    4. QNAP: “Lets use Intel Celeron CPU in our new product line.”
      NASCompares: “ I would stake my NAS reputation on these units having Intel Celeron processors.”
      QNAP: “Memo to engineering; switch all of the new products to AMD processors.”

    5. I have a problem I have 6 hard drives that dsm and 14tb of data and atm sysnology wont process my return becase I took the nas fully apart tring to fix my mising reset button how did the reset button disappear that happend when I lost my password and doing a reset to be able to add new pasword. Iuse my nas for 4k media and going for qnap nas I have 6 bay nas using in both instances so how can get my data back by using qnap nas with my dsm 7 data. you guys seem like you be perfect person to ask how can I get my data back I sure you have some questions but let me make this post to get things started TIA!