New Synology RT3000ax / WRX560 Router

Synology Planning on a New RT3000ax / WRX560 WiFi 6 and 2.5GbE Router for 2022/2023

Yes, Synology is working on a new WiFi 6 and 2.5G router – The Synology RT3000ax (also known as the WRX560). Before I go any further though,a little bit of background. I think it would be safe to say that Synology has been quite successful in their range of prosumer routers. When they first introduced the RT1900ac 6 years ago, it was seen as something of an experiment to see if they could bring the same level of software, design and experience that they had learned in network attached storage to one of the most common devices in all our homes and offices worldwide. Fast forward to now and they are on the 3rd Generation (technically, a little bit of overlap) and we have seen both the standard of Synology Router and the functionality of Synology Router Manager (SRM) evolve considerably – with the router arm of their portfolio getting stronger all the time. Which brings us to the newly revealed RT3000ax router, a more compact 802.11ax router that seems destined to serve as the refresh for the MR2200ac or (more likely) the RT2600ac at some point in the future. With a new and intriguing design (definitely looks like what the most recent star wars trilogy did to stormtrooper helmets, but ok) and borrowed elements of the recently released RT6600ax router, the RT3000ax would appear to be designed to be in a tier of their router portfolio serving as the middle-ground (when the OTT RT6600ax seems a bit pie in the sky). Let’s discuss this new router, the hardware we know about, the software and whether this device is worth waiting for.

Hardware Specifications of the Synology RT3000ax / WRX560 Router

The Synology RT3000ax router is quite comparable to the RT6600ax in a number of ways when it comes to it’s general hardware specifications (those the details on the qualcomm processor and on board RAM remain a mystery at the time of writing), with the system supporting 2.5GbE on a WAN/LAN port (as well as 4 more 1GbE LAN ports, with one being dedicated WAN), failover support, WiFi 6 support and USB storage compatibility that allows the use of applications (modified Synology DSM NAS apps) to be used on the system with SRM. However, there is always clear build choices here that show that the RT3000ax is designed for slightly more modest deployments. It’s a dual-band (2.4/5G design), uses internal antennae, is more verticle in it’s shape, is wall mountable and I have yet to hear if mesh support is available (assume yes, but still TBC). Here are the specifications that I know about so far:

Synology RT3000ax Router

Wireless Standards 2.4GHz: 802.11 b/g/n/ax

5GHz: 802.11 a/n/ac/ax

Frequency/Bandwidth 802.11ax (2.4GHz): Up to 600 Mbps

802.11ax (5GHz): Up to 2400 Mbps

5.9Ghz Support TBC
WAN Gigabit WAN x 1

2.5G WAN / LANx 1 (Dual WAN)

LAN Gigabit LAN x 3 and 2.5G LAN x 1
USB USB 3.2 Gen 1 (Type-A) x 1
File System EXT4, EXT3, FAT, NTFS, HFS+ (Ext Drive)
Physical Buttons/Switches • Power • WPS • Wi-Fi On/Off • Reset
Wireless Modes Wireless Router

Wireless AP (Access Point)

Antenna Internal 2T2R Omni-directional high-gain dipole (2.4GHz)

Internal 4T4R Omni-directional high-gain dipole (5GHz)

Size 233 x 194 x 66mm

Setup of the Synology RT3000ax router is largely the same as that of the rest of the RT and MR series from the brand, with it being usable as a primary router point or as an additional access point. The dual WAN design allows users to connect their ingoing/outgoing internet connection to an upto 1GbE (1000Mb/100MMB) connection, or use the 2.5GbE connection for greater than gigabit external connections. This also means that the support of failover is available, with the option to connect more two internet connections to the system (either both via WAN connection and/or with use of a 4G/5G LTE SIM connection via a supported USB device). Something I tested (along with other recovery features of SRM and the RT6600ax) in the video lower in the article.

These are still questions surrounding some SRM supported features and recent Synology router services that are available on the RT6600ax router and whether they will be available on the RT3000ax, such as:

  • Will the RT3000ax Router use/access the 5.9Ghz Band, allowing larger 160Mhz connections? Almost certainly yes, but still TBC
  • Will Mesh connectivity with other Synology Routers (RT6600ax, RT2600ax, MR2200ac) be available, and at launch? Again, almost certainly yes, but still TBC

We will update this article and the larger Synology 2023 Hardware Page as soon as we know more. You can visit the BIG Synology 2023 Page HERE

How Does the Synology RT3000ax Compare with the RT6600ax Router?

Many users who are considering buying the Synology RT6600ax right now in Autumn 2022 might hear the news of a new RT3000ax WiFi6 router coming at some point in the future and be thinking about whether to buy now or wait. It’s a very good question! However, the more you look into the specifications (even based on the few we know right now comparatively) it is clear that the RT6600ax router is the more powerful and capable price. So, if you were already about to buy the RT6600ax as it sounded ideal for your needs, then waiting for the release of the RT3000ax will not be worth it for you. However, if you were only considering the RT6600ax for its WiFi 6 and 2.5G capabilities and you were not looking to upgrade your setup until the end of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023 (when this new outer is likely to arrive realistically), then here are how the Synology RT3000ax and RT6600ax compare:

Model Synology RT3000ax

Synology RT6600ax

Price TBC $309 – £260 – €299
Wireless Standards 2.4GHz: 802.11 b/g/n/ax

5GHz: 802.11 a/n/ac/ax

2.4GHz: 802.11 b/g/n/ax

5GHz: 802.11 a/n/ac/ax

Frequency/Bandwidth 802.11ax (2.4GHz): Up to 600 Mbps

802.11ax (5GHz): Up to 2400 Mbps

802.11ax (2.4GHz): Up to 600 Mbps

802.11ax (5GHz-1): Up to 1200 Mbps

802.11ax (5GHz-2): Up to 4800 Mbps

5.9Ghz Support TBC YES
WAN Gigabit WAN x 1

2.5G WAN / LANx 1 (Dual WAN)

Gigabit WAN x 1

2.5G WAN / LANx 1 (Dual WAN)

LAN Gigabit LAN x 3 and 2.5G LAN x 1 Gigabit LAN x 3 and 2.5G LAN x 1
USB USB 3.2 Gen 1 (Type-A) x 1 USB 3.2 Gen 1 (Type-A) x 1
File System EXT4, EXT3, FAT, NTFS, HFS+ (Ext Drive) EXT4, EXT3, FAT, NTFS, HFS+ (Ext Drive)
Physical Buttons/Switches • Power • WPS • Wi-Fi On/Off • Reset • Power • WPS • Wi-Fi On/Off • Reset
Wireless Modes Wireless Router

Wireless AP (Access Point)

Wireless Router

Wireless AP (Access Point)

Antenna Internal 2T2R Omni-directional high-gain dipole (2.4GHz)

Internal 4T4R Omni-directional high-gain dipole (5GHz)

2T2R Omni-directional high-gain dipole (2.4GHz/5GHz-1)

4T4R Omni-directional high-gain dipole (5GHz-2)

Size 233 x 194 x 66mm 65 x 280 x 180 MM

So, as you can see, the main difference here is the scope of bandwidth, coverage and distance that is covered between the RT6600ax and RT3000ax – with the RT6600ax clearly being the larger (thanks to that tri-band support and larger external antenna coverage. But if you are looking for a smaller deployment and are not in a big rush right now, the RT3000ax router will provide most of the other features on offer!

Software and Security of the Synology RT3000ax Router

The Synology RT3000ax router will arrive with Synology Router Manager (SRM), as well as a range of client applications, Synology DSM-built tools that have been modified to work on their router platform and compatibility/support of all the usual OS’. You can find out more on the latest release of SRM (version 1.3) in my FULL SRM REVIEW HERE on YouTube and in my long written review of SRM1.3 here on NASCompares, but the highlights are:

SRM Features LAN/WAN management

– Port forwarding
– Network segmentation
– Traffic Control
– IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
– Smart/Auto WAN Switching
– Failover and load balancing
– Policy routing
– IPTV & VoIP Support
– MAC address filtering
– Set up web filtering
– Router Bridge Mode Support


– Live view per device
– Application statistics
– Bandwidth Device Control
– Client Application QoS
– User QoS
– Detailed Report Generation (PDF,CSV,HTML etc)

Synology Safe Access

– User & network profiles
– Access Time management
– User Internet schedule & Time quota
– Highly-customizable Web filters
– Site Access Schedules
– Safe Search integration (YouTube, Google, Bing and more)
– User Unblock/Access Request and Control GUI
– DNS over HTTPS Available
– Let’s Encrypt integration
– Dual-stack firewall
– Automatic blocking and two-factor authentication
– 5 Network and 15 SSID Creation for Network Layers
– Automatic security database updates
– DNS & IP threat intelligence Database
– Google Safe Browsing
– VPN Plus Application Service
– Site-to-Site VPN
– Access your network without VPN client
– TLS 1.2/1.3 support
– Supports the ChaCha cipher
– Validated by Microsoft Azure
– Bandwidth control & block list
– Active Directory and LDAP support

Add On Apps (Requires a USB Drive)

– VPN Plus Server
– Download Station
– Media Server
– DNS Server
– RADIUS Server
– Threat Prevention

QuickConnect and DDNS for Encrypted/Secure Remote Management

Supported Clients (for SRM) Windows 7 onwards, Mac OS 10.12 onwards
Security WPA2-Personal, WPA/WPA2-Personal, WPA2-Enterprise, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise, Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE), WPA3-Personal, WPA3-Enterprise, WPA2/WPA3-Persona

Find out more on the automated recovery of connectivity in wired/wireless configuration, how the system handles failover, mesh self healing and more in my Synology Router Experiments video below:

When Will the Synology RT3000ax Router Be Released?

Right now, the information we have on the RT3000ax router is a long way from complete and that, combined with the relatively recent release of the Synology RT6600ax, likely means that this new router will not see release particularly soon (though I would expect it to be highlighted at the Synology 2023 digital event). More likely, the Synology RT3000ax will be looking at a VERY later 2022 release or (more likely) a Q1 2023 release. As more information on this device becomes available, I will update this article, the Synology 2023 SUPER ARTICLE and comparisons with the current generation of Synology Routers as information arrives. Subscribe to the NASCompares blog OR just chuck your email in the notification box below (no sign-up needed, you just get the alerts to updates to this article) to stay informed on the Synology RT3000ax router Have a great week!


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    36 thoughts on “New Synology RT3000ax / WRX560 Router

    1. For a company that make NASes, Synology really has no interest in going for higher GbE. While the argument is that the 2.5 GbE port on the router is for high speed wifi, they totally disregard the fact that people who buy it are really those who have NASes, otherwise any other high-end routers on the market will do an equal job.

    2. It’s a prosumer router, 1GB is ample of speed. Only hobbyists whine about the 2.5GB speed. If you really want a fast LAN and have the hardware jump straight to a 10GB network switch that can handle all the traffic.

    3. Why does Synology hate fast LAN connections? Only one 2.5GbE and it’s for the WAN? Do they think no one needs 2.5GbE on their LAN (e.g. for connecting to a *NAS*)? And no Wifi 6E for a late 2022/2023 model? Why? These seem like table stakes for a premium (but not extreme) router in 2023

    4. Again only one 2.5Gb port! Just like the RT6600 I wont be touching it because of this as I cant then pass more than 1Gb’s to anyone device over wired connection such as a 10Gb switch I have. Seriously as a company they get it so wrong on their NAS’s and Router’s that it shocking.

    5. what is the problem with the sale of the rt6600ax? I can’t find it in any seller. and on the other hand, what happens with the stable version 1.3 for the rt2600ac? what is in RC?

    6. I would like to know the RT6600ax will it compatible with Linksys velop? RT6600ax act as router and link with velop act as the mesh… I got the velop mesh already but sinology have great SRM 1.3…Thanks

    7. Hi
      You test for failover was rather simple. I’ve got my router connected to carrier modem (setup as a bridge) and when internet is down physical connection is still present.
      Can you check how long it takes synology to notice that WAN is down in this situation and switch to back up?
      My current router sometimes don’t see that WAN is down and won’t switch to backup and sometimes switch but after long period of time. Thanks.

    8. Thank you testing out the SRM 1.3 mesh capabilities. With the general availability of SRM 1.3, I plan on updating my RT2600ac and MR2200ac mesh network. I would love to see a YouTube about the best way to set up VLANs for the guest network, IoT network (smart house type connections that rely on PSK) and an internal VLAN with wifi EAP using DSM Radius server and hard wired Ethernet connections. This would entail using the firewall rules and bridge to connect between the VLANs (especially for anything on the internal network that needs to manage the IoT devices, etc), port forwarding, etc. Just an idea. Thanks!

    9. please istall Version: 1.3.1-9346 mesh system works betes and more stabile then Version: 1.3.1-9316 – first realase of srm 1.3.1 works as crap – I know this becouse I have RT2600ac + MR 2200ac as mesh network. Version: 1.3.1-9316have to more bugs – probably becouse Qalcom wi-fi modukle fimware is bugy on that version of srm

    10. I’m happy that I have returned 2600ac.. advertised as small office router device wasn’t able to set static routes for connected vpn clients… which was confirmed by support…

    11. I hoped you would show updating the MR2200ac. I’ve tried several times and just as it says it’s “Transferring data to the server. Please wait”, the screen momentarily goes white and returns to the SRM desktop. It never updated. Any tips?

    12. Would like to see synology introduce a client mode on the MR2200AC firmware for ethernet only devices for situations where the RT6600AX delivers the needed wireless coverage by it self.

    13. I still feel that they abandoned their first system. I expected more from synology. I just removed 1 main router and 4 mesh routers for a dream machine pro, should have gone that route in the first place.

    14. Great video … as usual. Based on your previous review of Synology’s RT6600ax, I recently bought one (yeah… tough to locate one in Spain) and have been THOUROUGHLY impressed. So my comments are really directed at both reviews. As I work my way through all the rich features of SRM 1.3, this deep dive has been wonderful and helped me close down a few missed security holes.

      While the RT6600ax didn’t provide as good of a range boost over my ISP’s LiveBox 6+ as I hoped nor did it fix the intermittent service problems I have (which Orange tech support keeps claiming is how and where I have the router it installed), the control and security of SRM has more than made up for it. It is the proverbial light years ahead of what Orange offers in their residential router.

      I know this is a review and comparison channel and less a “how to”. However, I’d love to see a more in-depth connection/setup/security video as I did have a little trouble trying to connect and set up the RT6600ax. Not Synology’s fault but the limitations introduced by my ISP and their router limitations. Initially, I was hoping I could connect it directly to the ONT but it seems I don’t have the technical wherewithal to figure that out. I hoped the LiveBox could be set up as a bridge, but that option is not immediately available. I then tried connecting to the LiveBox router and setting up as an Access Point. That sort of worked but was pissed that I couldn’t use all the features of SRM. I then tried connecting to the ISP’s router using the Wireless Router operating mode but, as to be expected, ran into double NAT issues. I finally had to set up a DMZ on my LiveBox and pointed it to the RT6600ax. This seems to work as I have not had problems so far. However, I am not yet sure if opening a DMZ is an inherent risk (I would love feedback on this option). However, one would assume using a router with firewall rules enabled in a DMZ is probably one of the safer options.

      So my next comment is with regards to the Threat Prevention feature of SRM. To see the attacks and where your vulnerabilities lie is both a blessing and a curse. Of course, with my ISP’s router, there is nothing of this reporting. I guess the average person just assumes and accepts that they are safe behind the router provided the ISP… and maybe they are. However, when you can actually see the types of “Malicious Events” available in the Threat Prevention app (e.g. Network Trojans, Attempted Information Leaks), where they are coming from, and the intensity/frequency, I am left a little shell shocked and worried. It is like watching the news… the more bad things you see happening around you, the more anxiety and fear you feel. If I just play naive and ignore that there are bad elements out there, as happens with your ISPs router, I can just live happily in my little bubble and not worry about bad things until there is a problem. So, a more deep dive on how to handle the threat reporting in SRM and steps you can take to harden your system would be much appreciated.

      So again, great video and if anyone has references, advice and help for points raised above, I would love to hear about it.

    15. Does the dns package support local network dns entries? I currently use ddwrt and have local dns records configured for a few server IPs…that way my desktop and mobile clients can connect to files and emails using those fqdn names locally

    16. Amazing review. Thanks a lot for your effort. It’s almost like we’re dealing with a Nas Station here. In terms of user experience anyway. I think if they added Plex, a lot of basic users wouldn’t have bought a Nas Station anymore, so I think is is a selling strategy here. Anyway, great review, I am considering buying an unit after watching your video. Well done mate! Keep up the good work!

    17. Looks fantastic. As mentioned previously, I am using a net gear R9000 which to be fair has been working brilliantly. I flashed it with DDWRT recently using my iPad Pro, it took an absolute age to login but finally it worked. I am registered as a blind person but enjoy fiddling around with technology. I am waiting for your video next week for The router shootout vid but, am quite taken with the RTÉ 6600.
      Thank you for all of your videos they are very helpful

    18. I just want to know if I connect a 2.5GB NAS to that 2.5GB LAN port of the Synology, I get speeds between the NAS and the client above 1GB over WIFI6E, thanks.

    19. When the videos get this long ( which I do very much appreciate ), I head straight to the conclusion. If you conclusion is positive, I generally go back to the beginning. That’s what I’m doing here. Your opinion at the end is exactly what some of us need. I currently have an RT2600ac but now I will buy a new 6600 model and use the 2600 as an access point in the upstairs of my home. Many thanks for all of the time that you put into these reviews.