1U and rack mount NAS storage for Plex media server


1U and ack mount NAS storage for plex media server. Hi there, I’m currently running Plex using a desktop 4Bay HDD enclosure connected to a 2012 Mac mini.
I’m updating our home setup with Ubiquiti’s unifi products for networking and looking to install a 1U 4bay rack-mounted NAS storage device. Can you give me a bit of advice? I’m planning on upgrading from the Mac mini to the 2013 Mac Pro (the black one) and I’m wondering if I just use the NAS for storage and continue to use the Mac as the media server will I be able to have speedy buffer/lag free streaming to multiple devices (Apple TVs, Televisions etc.). Is there a rackmount NAS that can support up 40tb that can also transcode for PLEX & act as a PLEX Server?

£300 – £500 if possible    40tb+


If you decide that MAC will do all the heavy lifting, then you can go for the cheapest NAS option. As long as it is connected with an ethernet cable, you will get fast data transfer speed as well as media streaming. You can surely get a rackmount to do all the storing and streaming work in one place. But cheapest transcoding rackmount will cost around 800. The TS-453BU comes with a quad-core processor with a transcoding engine built in. This keeps RAM resources free for other tasks. Outside the Plex you could transcode even 4K videos. But with a Plex you can transcode several Full HD streams easily.

TS-453BU            – PLEX 1080p Transcoding



TVS-972XU-i3    – PLEX 2160p Transcoding




SPAN.COM               Amazon US           Amazon UK


TS-983XU          – PLEX 4K Transcoding




SPAN.COM               Amazon US           Amazon UK


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