Latest Synology 4-bay NAS

New Synology devices. I am looking into a 4 bay NAS for home use, repurposing 4 WD Red drives I have in my FreeNAS.
The reason I want to buy a new Synology NAS is because my FreeNAS causes issues – disconnected at random times, and requires reboot (which not always works).
I am a DIY guy, but I think I would opt for commercial product this time, since FreeNAS has disappointed me (my FreeNAS build is 3-4 years old using Intel i5).

Anyhow, my dilemma is between Synology DS418play and DS918+ (I do not use a Plex server or stream video – it is a pure backup and centralized storage for me). To be honest, even the DS418play is an overkill for my needs, but I do want 4 bay NAS for redundancy.

Before buying – I am curious when do YOU think a new product would be released? I do not want to buy in Dec. 2018 only to see a slew of new generation products release in Jan. 2019…

Synology tends to release flagship units like play and plus models every 2 years. So next play and plus models will likely be DS920+ and DS420play. With Synology DS918+ being so popular they unlikely will replace it any time soon. This is why they decided to focus on a model which works and make a bigger version of it as ds1019+. Even if Synology would decide to release DS419play or DS919+ we would know about it by now. But if they did, performance would not be different. The Play performance would still be trapped by a single 1GbE port and DS919+ would still have only dual LAN port and not 10GbE.

So the best time to buy your NAS is now. Available models are very up to date with technologies available in the market (apart from 10GbE).

You could get DS418 which is a budget model, but then you can not expand nor upgrade it later.

Find regulary updated NAS offers here
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