Thunderbolt 3 NAS/DAS

Thunderbolt 3 NAS/DAS.

I’m a music producer. I want to upgrade my studio and keep all my files on a NAS/DAS, preferably TB3, as I heard its supposed to be the fastest way of data transfer. I need frequent access to the files as well as using the NAS/DAS as a backup. Are there devices that function both ways? Both as a NAS and a DAS?

There are no other brands out there innovating like Qnap. They do offer 4-bay models as well as 6 and even 12 bay NAS/DAS solution. They started with Thunderbolt2 and now there are also many Thunderbolt3 options. Qnap understands that some professional software requires DAS type of storage, but users also need to collaborate and share their projects. With a Qnap you can share a folder for content creators to upload the footage, then professionals would work on projects locally and the share the finished projects with the end user.

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