8-bay Home NAS build

Home NAS Build

I’m building a home NAS for multi pc home use. I want it to be able to back up my families different pc’s and to run there gaming libraries off of them as well. That means steam, origin, uplay, epic, blizzard, and rockstar games. I already have a x470 mobo, ryzen 3700x, 32gb 2666mhz ddr4 ram, 750w power supply, and random sizes of hard drives laying around. I’d like to keep it in a 7 hdd setup. My case is the enthoo pro m I can fit 7 hdd and 3 2.5″hdd/ssd on top of the 2 nvme drives on the mobo. I was planning on buying a sas to sata raid controller card to attach the hdd to. I was thinking of using unraid for the operating system. I’d like to know what is my best route to accomplish this and what you would do in this situation. What drives I should buy that would be best for this situation? Etc.

Yes, people often choose unRAID or FreeNAS (TrueNAS) OS for their self built NAS systems. You can also have OWNcloud for mobile devices backups. It is often a cheaper solution. Only downside of this are support and innovation. Big brands like Synology have more reliable software and regular updates /improvements. Open-source systems are not as often innovated. Also, you get no support. Need to fix everything yourself. And warranty does not apply for the entire build but each component differently.

But the Good sides are that you can configure more and upgrade it with no limits. Adding graphics cards or RAID card is not an issue. Having a RAID controller will actually improve NAS overall performance and data transfer speeds. Because CPU do not need to calculate parity data.

The best drives will be WD Red plus or Ironwolf. These drives can hibernate when inactive. And they are not as loud as PRO drives.



I hope this helps.


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