backup from one disk to another on the NAS +off-site backup

I have really appreciated all of the information that you have posted on this site – it is very helpful.
I am looking to perhaps set up a NAS environment within my home. I use 3 Windows 10 PC’s (and phasing out Windows 7), various iphones, ipads, and android tablets, as well as apple TV and ROKU. I am looking to consolidate some of my data storage onto a NAS Drive, as well as provide the ability to backup from PC’s (and perhaps other devices). I would like to be able to backup from one disk to another on the NAS, and then to backup onto another drive to take off-site (I don’t like using the cloud for backup purposes).
I am not sure exactly how much data I have to backup and store, but I would appreciate any information that you could provide.

Asustor is unique with this functionality. It will not just allow you to backup from one internal drive to another but also allow your back up to an internal drive which can be removed for off-site storage.

AS6404T is an up to date NAS model with all latest technology built in to last for the years to come.



Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

1. Create and begin using a MyArchive hard disk


Course Prerequisites:


Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:



1. Creating a MyArchive Hard Disk

1.1 Before you get started

1.2 Creating a MyArchive hard disk

2. Configuring USB Binding for an Encrypted MyArchive

2.1 When the NAS has other empty disk bays available

2.2 When all NAS disk bays are full

2.2.1 Disk bays are fully occupied by Volume 1

2.2.2 Disk bays are fully occupied by multiple volumes

3. Configuring USB Binding for an Encrypted MyArchive Hard Disk

4. Naming Rules for MyArchive Bays

1. Creating a MyArchive Hard Disk

1.1 Before you get started

Before using the MyArchive function, your ASUSTOR NAS must meet the following requirements:

  • Volume 1 must exist
  • A MyArchive bay must be unoccupied and available

1.2 Creating a MyArchive Hard Disk

Follow the steps below to create your first MyArchive hard disk.


  • Insert a hard disk into a MyArchive disk bay
  • Select [Storage Manager] from the ADM desktop.
  • Click on the [Create] button under the [Volume] section.
  • The Volume Setup Wizard should now appear. Select the [MyArchive] radio button. (Note: The system will delete all data on the hard disk that you are using to create a MyArchive hard disk. Please make sure that you have backed up any data on the hard disk.)
  • Click on [Next] and follow the rest of the steps to create your MyArchive hard disk.


The full manual can be found here:


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