Qnap 12-bay HDMI 2.0 multimedia NAS

The 1282 looks like a solid option. I would go for it as I like the features but I really want 12 bays to maximise storage and not have to upgrade in the near future. It’s frustrating that with so many NASes to chose from it’s almost impossible to find a NAS that has all the features I’d like. Still, your advice is exceptional and from hundreds of NASes you have helped me narrow it down to two or three options that would suit my needs.

In a perfect world I would want a NAS that has these features:

HDMI 2.0
Remote control
12 x 3.5 inch bays
Possibility to expand

The HDMI and remote option seem to narrow it down to QNAP. If only they made a 12 bay version of the 1282.

You seem to be looking for TS-1677X. I come with 12 HDD bays and few extra SSD bays for upgrading to improved performance. It also features infrared receiver for Qnap remote (or you can link any other infrared remote in the settings). It also has few PCIe slots to be used for an AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. This will give you HDMI2.0 connectivity and transcoding functionality. It will not be the cheapest NAS but it will certainly be very well performing solution with maximum storage potential.

List of compatible graphics cards: Nvidia 1050

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