2-bay HDMI 2.0 NAS +powerline adapter

I am looking for a recommendation on a NAS drive with HDMI output, I don’t need more than 2 bays really, but probably a minimum of 4 and ideally 6 terabytes of storage in RAID1 set up.
Unconventionally, I am looking at setting this up near my TV to play 4K content direct via HDMI output, but due to location of router, this means the NAS will be connected to network via a Gigabit powerline network extension (where you use a wall power point plug adaptor attached to router to a separate plug in at a different power point as a network connection to expand the network, but with a ethernet connection to the NAS, not WIFI). Do you think this will work OK? And how big an issue is it since I will be mostly adding content from plug in external drives and playing mostly to the TV via HDMI, with occasional remote connections from other devices?
I’d like the NAS to have decent onboard computing power and memory should it need to do any on the fly transcoding.

For a decent 4K content streaming you will need a NAS with HDMI2.0. Also having a slim and silent NAS next to your TV will be the best choice. Qnap has its SSD NAS tbs-453dx and dual HDD+ SSD NAS hs-453dx. These two models feature not only HDMI2.0 but also 10GbE (backward compatible) connection. This makes it a future-proof solution because everyone seems to switch to 4K and 10G network. There will also be enough power to transcode your videos on the fly. Even 4K videos. You can easily attach external drives to it and play your media or back up your data on the NAS.

The powerline adapter plan will work as long as sockets are on the same loop (most likely they are).

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