Best 4-bay 10GbE NAS

I am a freelance videographer/editor and so far, I have used my iMac’s internal hard drive and/or external hard drives for both storing files and backing up files from multiple computers/hard drives. Recently, almost all of my available space across these platforms become full, and I didn’t want to go through the same process of buying an external hard drive, only to have it either run out of space, or be replaced by a larger one in the near future.

I began researching NAS’s and after doing some research on your website and speaking to a few friends, I narrowed my choice down to a 4-bay WD, Synology or QNAP NAS. My mind was pretty well set on the Synology because of its ease of use and set-and-forget style, however, I then discovered that it would be highly recommended if I get a NAS with 10GBe for faster read/write speeds. But only QNAP (at least in the 4-bay) supports this feature. I would be using the NAS for backing up, as well as accessing files, such as for video editing. I’m sure this is a question you get asked all the time and is quite subjective, but given my situation, which NAS would you recommend?

Synology indeed does ignore customer needs. Sometimes a get angry too. The closest you can get is ds1517+ as a 5 bay NAS with PCIe slot for 10GbE. Then the next one up is ds1618+ and then ds1817. Synology should learn from Qnap and understand that even hard drives are faster than their given gigabit network ports (not gonna talk about SSD). You probably suspected that I will recommend Qnap 53B series. A simple two-bay is able to do file transfers above 500MB/s. But two bay requires raid one, and therefore doubling price per terabyte. The 4 bay option is perfect- you have raid5 and you can keep one bay empty for later expansion. TS253/453b/653b all have PCIe slot, and not only you can have a 10gbe card but even 10gbe/SSD cache combo card. More bays obviously will mean more speed.

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