DAS for Video Editing

NAS or DAS for Mac Work

Great job on very credible NAS reviews.

Have a small Mac-based video production company. Shoot some 4k h.264 but mainly 1080p for video editing.

Not sure if the video transcoding in Synology DAS is needed/ worthwhile – but any clear DAS recommendations? I think Synology or Promise.

Synology looks good as a raid as I think I can add larger drives later and get the benefit from them.

Thinking to have a seperate backup, and use a striped raid for speed in the actual edit, then write back the final files to offline backup once a project is complete.

Would transcode/ export with Premiere CC. Currently use a UBC3 SSD for render files in my Premiere setup.

Using Thunderbolt fast MacBook, but will upgrade to a new one once Apple support professionals again…



What is the difference between NAS, DAS and SAN? Which one do I need?

Thank you for getting in touch. If you intend on editing files that are living on the NAS (no copying them to a local drive) then you will struggle to edit 1080p files as the standard 1GBe connection will not do the trick. If you want a NAS to do these tasks, then you will either need to invest in a thunderbolt NAS or a 10Gbe enabled NAS and upgrade your network to 10Gbe (switch, NIC card on your editing device and a NAS that features a 10GBe port or a PCIe slot for adding it). TRanscoding will not really be a factor for you as you will be working within a network and not with internet access to devices that need data presented in a certain format/size.

Drobo 5Dt Drobo 5D3 Synology DS418play

I am sure you are aware of the above but wanted to be sure. I would recommend using a Drobo thunderbolt device (such as a Drobo 5D or a Drobo 5D3 as this features a similar RAID setup as a synology (SHR = BeyondRAID) and then getting a much lower key NAS for distribution and backups, such as a DS418play or QNAP TS-453Be. Thank you for getting in touch


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