Enable cache on Qnap NAS with QM2-2S card

So, I’ve installed the QM2-2S card and Crucial SSD’s and I am wondering what I have to do next?

Find cache settings under Storage & Snapshots. Then click on Cache Acceleration.

It is a very simple process. Just follow the Qnap wizard and it can be set up in seconds.


Also, keep in mind that bigger cache will also require more capacity on RAM. Here is a recommendation of the RAM size:


Further Reading at Qnap

Creating SSD Volumes

Follow the steps below to create a SSD volume:

1. Click “Create”.
2. Select the SSD drive(s) and cache algorithm to create a SSD cache volume.
3. Select the cache type: Read-Only or Read/Write.
4. Click “Create”.
5. Please note that all data on the selected hard drive(s) will be erased. Click “OK” if you are certain about this.
6. An SSD cache volume will be created.

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