NAS for off site backup

NAS for off site backup. We have 2 Mac servers, 1 Linux server and approx 15 Mac workstations.
Looking to use Time Machine on the Macs to back up to 1 off site NAS device.
The Linux server also needs to back up to that single NAS device, but can install other backup software as needed.
Looking for recommendations and possible pricing.

Min of 15 – 30 TB

If this is going to be an offsite backup- NAS performance do not matter that much. You will be limited to your broadband speed. So it will be crucial to plan all your backup tasks – the timing. You do not want all machines to back up at the same time- it will take too long.

Linux backup will be the easiest because NAS itself if just a Linux at the backbone.

Linux backup:

The best options would be DS1618+ which comes with several LAN ports and an option to upgrade to 10GbE. This would be helpful for local network backups at the best speed. Alternatively, you can look at D1817 with 10g built in.

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