NAS for Veeam backup- How to use Veeam to back up VM to your NAS Shared Folder

Loking for SMB storage (NAS) to store Veeam Backups.

When choosing the right backup NAS you need to decide what speeds you are looking for. A regular 1GbE NAS will run backups at a speed around 100MB/s. This might not be fast enough if you have large or many VMs to backup. You may then consider something faster like 10GbE NAS (or faster). There are different brands out there including Qsan, Synology, and Qnap, which are market leaders.

The cheapest options with 10GbE on a board would be TS-832PX or TS-932PX. But if you want to maximize performance I would consider NAS with a better CPU like DS1621+ or DS1821+ .

I hope this helps.



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