NAS versus Network attached CD ripper & recorder, storage and player

Asking for some advice .I am looking to store around 500 cd,s on to a digital device for hifi playback.

I’m torn between the above synology and the brennan b2 .can you help for best music playback quality

There are few similarities between NAS and this CD ripper/player. Both can be accessed via Ethernet or WiFi. If you have a Sonos speaker or other network player then you can connect either of these to it. But if you need to connect it to an amplifier then Synology will not be able to do that. You would need a Qnap or Asustor NAS with HDMI or audio out ports.

Normally you would need to use a computer or external USB CD-ROM connected to a NAS in order to be able to rip the music files. Or you would need Qnap NAS with CD-ROM built-in  (tvs-1282BR )or Zappiti NAS.

NAS is a better choice because you will get your data mirrored on two disks or have other RAID protection with 3 or more bays models.

You will also be able to set it up as an iTunes server, time machine backups, dropbox alternative and much more.



Brennan B2 2TB Black Hifi – Hard disk CD ripper & recorder, storage and player with Bluetooth, Youtube, Internet Radio, Stereo Power amplifier, NAS, Wav, Lossless (FLAC) and MP3.


This is how this player would work:

CD Panel

The CD Panel lets you load (or rip) a CD.

  • You won’t see much until you insert a CD
  • The Brennan will attempt to find the album and track names on the internet at
  • There may be more than one match – use the Title picker to select the right one.
  • If no match just click Rip and rename the album later.
  • If there is a match click Get Cover Art to try and find cover art on the internet at – you can load cover art later if none found.

  • It displays the Cover Art if it finds any.
  • Now press Rip to start loading.

  • The Rip progress is displayed in the CD status – it will start slowly and get faster as the laser moves to the outside of the CD where it moves faster.
  • You can abort by pressing eject or holding play/stop.

The mobile UI works the same way – you can find the CD panel under the Settings tab.


More info here 

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