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surveillance and plex nas recommendations. The first thing is to store about 300 DVDs (most are regular and not blue ray or 4K). Next will be too add about 4-8 cameras (which only record based on motion and be at 2-5MPixel resolution). The NAS will be in a LAN room and not near the monitors. I’d like PCIe slots available for SFP and/or SFP+ connections. My Switches currently support SFP. I may be purchasing (n the future) a Fiber switch. I currently utilize Ubiquiti switches-thus if the NAS could run on POE that would be great – but I haven’t seen any that do that yet.

$1000   6-10 TB


The only suitable NAS with POE support is EDS14. This is portable NAS with SD card media and USB ports for additional storage or backups. It is not a very powerful NAS and you should look at something like TS-253Be or TS-453Be.


But bigger NAS with bigger drives needs much more power. Transmitting electricity might actually cause interference with data transfer. You should use cat6a or cat7 cables with shielded wires. Here is what others say:

The 53Be will feature PCIe slot for later upgrade to a better network card or caching card. You can set it up to record if the movement is detected or set continuous recording as well. The built-in transcoding engine will be very handy while trying to access video remotely or on various mobile devices. Plex is one of the apps available on Qnap package center. It is a very popular choice for video organizing and streaming.


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