DS918+ alternative for video editing

I am a professional photographer also working with video. I wanted to purchase my first NAS and got a bit excited and ordered maybe to quick a DS918+. Looks like an amazing unit enough bays, expandable etc. However, after looking closer at the specs, I realized that I couldn’t upgrade to a 10 gbe. Now, I’m probably going to be a single user on the network and as for now I’m not doing any 4K video editing, but you never know. So, my question is, what is out there that is comparable to a DS 918, not overkill for a small photo business, but is possibly upgradeable to a 10 gbe down the road.

1000 USD max       Around 16 TB usable in a RAID 6

You might be ok with a video editing up to a 1080p resolution. But 10GbE editing will require 10GbE or Thunderbolt connectivity. The alternative to a ds918+ is a Qnap TS-453Be. It come with a PCIe slot for a NIC card upgrade or cache (or both). It would be also recommended to fill it with SSD drives or NVMe drives – if the cache card is purchased. You can then setup fast storage on M.2 SSD for editing and HDDs for storage and sharing finished projects.

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