Qnap can not upload to the NAS invalid path

Qnap can not upload to the NAS invalid path

The problem I have is I don’t see the USB drive in my filestation or as an option to backup to.

EG. When I try to create a backup or sync job, I can choose the source files and then when I click the target destination, I can see the USB Disk (my external drive) as shown below, but when I click on it, I get the error shown below:


Ah in a panic I did format it an bought the exFAT license and used that.

I then found out, I couldn’t see it in file station due to only ADMIN user having permisisons and not my usual admin account I use when I log in!!!


Annoyingly in my panic, I started to do the backup as keen to get it going and its now running.

Do you think if I leave it in exFAT is a problem? Or would you suggest I re-format and do it again in NTFS or EXT4?




There is always a simple solution for everything 🙂
If you keep exFAT there are file size benefits with it. When people shoot videos they end up with enormous files. This file system will have no problems with that.
Sice you paid for it, you can keep it. Might become handy later on.

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