Self build PLEX server to transcode my Blue-Rays (4k) to 1080p

I’m planning to build a NAS on my on. It will be used with FreeNAS and Plex. Also, it should transcode my Blue-Rays (4k) to 1080p or just play it natively. I want to use Raid Z1.

Here’s my current list:

For a 4K transcoding, I recommend core i7 or even core i9 processor. The chosen i3 processor will do some simple mp4 transcoding in h264 encoding format. But it will be quite limited. The chosen DDR4 memory is also a good choice as well as Ironwolf NAS hard drives. Also, Plex app will feel quicker when an entire system is installed on an SSD drive.  RAIDz is very advanced and rather enterprise choice. But once your setup will be quite serious you can as well go all in.

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