Synology DiskStation Thunderbolt card upgrade

DiskStation DS1618+ Thunberbolt 3 possibility. Hi, I have a question. I DiskStation DS1618+ and want a pci card with Thunderbolt 3 interface?
You have a video couple of month ago that Synogoly will release a Thnuderbolt nas. Normally it’s a pci adapter with an intel processer. My question is is there a Thunderbolt 3 pci card for my nas avaible?

The Synology 8-bay thunderbolt NAS video was just an Aprils fool video. Synology will most likely never release a Thunderbolt connectivity or even any sort of DAS solution.
Even if they did, thunderbolt connection would not work as you think. It would not appear as a usb drive (DAS). It would be seen as a regular network drive, but this would be achieved over thunderbolt connectivity.
Thunderbolt itself do not mean that you will be getting thunderbolt transfer speeds. In fact, sometimes with a 10GbE Ethernet connection you will achieve better speeds than Thunderbolt. It is a based on a processor on your NAS ass well as Hard drives or SSD you use.
What I would recommend is – get a 10GbE card installed in the ds1618+. Or, if that is not enough get a Intel dual 10GbE card and link aggregate it or enable load balancing on it.
You will need to populate this NAS with SSD drives to achieve speeds greater then 1000MB/s .

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