Which hard drives (HDD) DS220+ and other NAS models support

Is WD20EFRX supported by DS220+

Would you know if WD20EFRX is supported by DS220+?

This is my existing hardisk and would want to reuse it in DS220+

Yes, since WD was taken to a court because of changing existing WD Red line with different architecture drives without telling anyone, people are more cautious when choosing compatible drives for their NAS.

Yes, your existing drive WD20EFRX is a CMR type of drive and is compatible with NAS.

Here are the codes for CMR drives:

WD20EFRX – 2TB  –  Amazon  Ebay

WD30EFRX – 3TB –  Amazon  Ebay

WD40EFRX – 4TB –  Amazon  Ebay

WD60EFRX -6TB –  Amazon  Ebay

You might still get them in some places, but not for long.

Here I have highlighted non-compatible drives which are SMR type.

Model Series Capacity Type Platter
WD10EFRX Red 1TB CMR 3.5inch
WD20EFRX -old Red 2TB CMR 3.5inch
WD20EFAX Red 2TB SMR 3.5inch
WD30EFRX -old Red 3TB CMR 3.5inch
WD30EFAX Red 3TB SMR 3.5inch
WD40EFRX -old Red 4TB CMR 3.5inch
WD40EFAX Red 4TB SMR 3.5inch
WD60EFRX -old Red 6TB CMR 3.5inch
WD60EFAX Red 6TB SMR 3.5inch
WD80EFAX Red 8TB CMR 3.5inch
WD100EFAX Red 10TB CMR 3.5inch
WD101EFAX Red 10TB CMR 3.5inch
WD120EFAX Red 12TB CMR 3.5inch


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