How to set up a Qnap Nas – Qnap First Time Installation

Qnap First Time Installation






To locate the NAS, you can: a) Install the Qfinder Pro utility, b) Scan the QR code, or c) Go to the
myQNAPcloud website and manually enter the Cloud Key




Log into the admin account using your specified password or use the default password (admin)


Here is the hardware installation guide:

And operating system configuration guide:

Here is how to setup the software side of things:

QNAP First Time Setup Guide



QNAP NAS Guide Part 1 – Setup, RAID, Volumes IP and Shared Folders


QNAP NAS Guide Part 2 – Users, Groups and Installing Applications

QNAP NAS Guide Part 3 – Best Media Apps for DLNA, Internet Streaming and Watching Movies

QNAP NAS Guide Part 4 – USB Backups to and from the NAS

QNAP NAS Guide Part 5 – Surveillance and NVR Setup

QNAP NAS Guide Part 6 – Setting up Plex Media Server


QNAP NAS Guide Part 7 – Downloading Torrents, Podcasts, NZB and more


QNAP NAS Guide Part 8 – How to Syncronize with Google Drive, DropBox and more

QNAP NAS Guide Part 9 The Best HDMI Setup and Apps to Install

Upgrading your Qnap NAS.

Once you have set everything up, you might be considering upgrading your NAS to make it faster. Things you can do is RAM upgrade, Cache upgrade and SSD upgrade. These are the things which can make your NAS faster.

Recommended NVMe Cache SSD are Samsung Evo 960 and Evo 970

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