TerraMaster T-Series NAS Global June Carnival

25% off the Terramaster Tower Series – Including 10GbE Models

TerraMaster, a professional brand focused on providing innovative storage products for homes and businesses has specially launched a limited-time promotion for T-series NAS in order to help SMB users better manage data and improve work efficiency! During different event periods, SMB users can enjoy super discounts of up to 25% when purchasing TerraMaster T-series NAS, including T6-423, T9-423, T9-450, T12-423 and T12-450!

TerraMaster 6-12bay T series NAS products can provide ultra-large storage capacities of up to 144TB-288TB respectively and support central backup, dual backup and external USB device backup to meet a variety of backup needs. They also compatible with multiple data storage such as AES IN hardware encryption and TRAID+ ensures that users’ data is easy to access, safe to store, and easy to use.

Ultimate Compactness 6bay NAS: T6-423

With Intel Quad-Core CPU, Dual 2.5GbE and Dual M.2 Slots, T6-423 is tailored specifically for SMB Users. It is a cost-effective professional storage solution for small-sized and medium-sized businesses without the need for a rackmount.

9-12 Bay High Performance NAS: T9-423 and T12-423

They use an Intel Celeron N5095 quad-core processor with two 2.5 G internet interfaces and 8GB DDR4 dual-channel memory (expandable to 32 GB). This is a high-performance storage solution for iSCSI virtual extended storage and database service for small and medium-sized business clients. 

Dual 10-Gigabit NAS: T9-450 and T12-450

TerraMaster T9-450 and T12-450 are powered by Intel Atom C3558R quad-core processor with a 8GB DDR4 dual-channel memory (expandable up to 32GB), dual SFP+ 10GB fiber interfaces and dual 2.5GbE ports. They are specifically developed for users who require high-speed storage, which can meet the stringent demands of 4K image editing, virtualization, databases, and other applications with high storage performance requirements.

D8 Hybrid and NAS Bundle

The industry’s first 8bay USB3.2 10Gbps RAID Storage D8 Hybrid launched by TerraMaster is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. This project will end on June 6th, and the crowdfunding price is only $199! Try the storage combination of D8 Hybrid Expand NAS Space Up to 128TB.

For more details, please visit 



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      If you like this service, please consider supporting us.
      We use affiliate links on the blog allowing NAScompares information and advice service to be free of charge to you. Anything you purchase on the day you click on our links will generate a small commission which is used to run the website. Here is a link for Amazon and B&H. You can also get me a ☕ Ko-fi or old school Paypal. Thanks! To find out more about how to support this advice service check HERE   If you need to fix or configure a NAS, check Fiver   Have you thought about helping others with your knowledge? Find Instructions Here  

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      62 thoughts on “TerraMaster T-Series NAS Global June Carnival

      1. 1. Sounds like an advertisement
        2. for couple more dollars for the brand they could of used USB 20Gbps chip, or for couple dollars more USB4 controller and than its a heaven but single 10gbps link? ROFL i usually dont use these for single NVMe device and go for the USB 20Gbps models, twice the speed
        So there is no benefit from going raid on the NVMe, youll get the same speed as 4 good HDDs [helium HDDs do 260 to 280MB/s sequential speeds, x4 and thats over 1gb]

      2. Okay, been looking at the Terramasters on Amazon and no matter what they all seem to have over 10% in bad reviews, |I have many a external drive and want something reliable and even the two main ones have their bad bits as well as being OTT cost wise for just a bunch of disk storage. it’s a minefield to a degree.

      3. I have a ROG XG Mobile dock with a D5 attached for when I put my flow 13 on the desk so I can have my steam library sitting ready. I only have a 3.1 Gen 2 USB port available so not having anything faster wasn’t an issue for me.

      4. This is a great review. I ordered this as an expansion for my two bay terramaster NAS. And it makes me feel better knowing I’m not really going to want to buy the fastest drives available since there is that bottleneck. So a budget case makes me buy budget drives. And I’m really going to be very happy with 900 mb/s read and write. I’m planning to basically make those first two drive bays mirror my NAS to give me an extra backup since my NAS is the only place all of my data is stored. Then I’ll use the m.2 nvme drives as a hot array for editing 4K video. I’m saying goodbye to working directly off my Mac! That said, I’m wondering what drives you recommend I get so I can get the max read and write this thing is capable of without spending more than is necessary? What drives will be optimal in this case to keep cost down but take advantage of the most performance? Thanks

      5. Can the 4 3.5″ drives be set up in software RAID0? If so what’s the best software to use on Windows? And can it then be connected to different computers, e.g. desktop and laptop?

        I’m asking because in my use case, it would be nice to be able to purchase 2 of these, populate with 2 x 18TB Seagate IronWolf Pro drives each, then set them up in RAID0 and cloning from one to the other as a local backup. It would work with the included hardware RAID onboard for now, but thinking of future proofing it’d be good to be able to utilise the additional 2 3.5″ inch bays to extend for future requirements to add in additional 18TB drives as required and then expand the RAID0 (even if having to reformat, as would then be able to clone everything back from the other enclosure once set up). The additional NVMe drives would then be possible expansions too, just for pure capacity if needed, rather than any RAID expectation.

      6. Love your videos for all the helpful information. I started watching your videos when I was considering the storaxa(?) NAS on Kickstarter and ended up NOT backing it thanks to the useful information shared in your videos. Also appreciated all the information regarding the recent UGreen NAS, especially the collaboration with Logan (TwoGuysTech) and others regarding the UGreen NAS.

        I have also seen your reviews about the recently announced Terramaster F4-424 Pro NAS. I understand Terramaster’s TOS lags behind the industry leaders but from your video regarding TOS 6, I understand they might be catching up.

        I wonder how well this D8 Hybrid might work with the newer Terramaster F4-424 Pro NAS with TOS 6 – especially if there might be any extra features in TOS 6 for Terramaster branded DAS such as the D8 hybrid? Similarly, wonder how the D8 Hybrid might work with other (non-Terramaster) NAS devices? Any chance you might be working on videos for either of these scenarios?

        Thanks as always and keep up the great work ????

      7. Hi. Yes interesting thing. So it is possible to setup raid in the H8 from a NAS! Is this hardware raid still from the NAS?

        Utilising the (hardware/software?) raid in the H8 in the first two bays? Also putting the other single drives in some sort of raid – would this be software raid?


      8. I have the terramaster d5-300c with first 2 bays that you can select jbod or raid, if you select jbod it fails after a week and dont detect any drives, due to that i wouldnt trust this and use anything but raid

      9. I use a similar device for Plex. I don’t need RAID for Plex since I have never had any issues with my JBOD setup. Since RAID is not a backup I just prefer to have a simple set of disks with my media files. If I lose a drive I will just re-build my library. Also this device would be nice because the NVME drives could be used for downloads and Plex cache/transcoding disks. So this could be plugged into and old Dell OptiPlex and would be a great upgrade for Plex.

      10. USB HDD/SSD boxes are ALWAYS problematic for me. I run a Mac mini as my NAS and when using USB enclosures I always have disks randomly disconnecting on me. I’ve had enough so I went Thunderbolt. 150% more expensive, 100% less headaches.

      11. Missed one use case. Data hoarders who have a bunch of old smaller hard drives and SSDs lying around that are too small to fit in current NAS.

        For $199, it means you can make use of all your old storage and also not need it on 24/7 with primary NAS.

      12. i like JBODs for the same reason i like unraid; if the pool fails and data is lost, it only loses the data on the dead drive, every other drive’s data is fully intact and retreivable. also makes it possible to use the hot swap bays as truly hot swap bays, effectively treating hard drives as massive usb keys for moving huge files around faster than any network could ever do it.

      13. Hi there, sorry for posting this question here since it’s not about the Terramaster but have you done an idiots guide to setting up your own NAS. Im a photographer wanting to save some dosh and build my own rather then buying a synology and I was hoping you have a noob guide but I could not find one in your videos collection. And btw I really appreciate you videos, it has saved me from a few very impulse purchases that sounded to good to be true.

      14. so, this is a fantastic backup box for truenas, at least my build 4x16hd+4x500ssd, i just wonder how Qnap will see it, as a jbod box? please look into that, ill by 2, and have 2 offsite backups
        or how it fairs with one of those new microcomputer boxes, or zema(sp?) board

      15. I’m a photographer and have backed the Kickstarter (€199 is an excellent price to performance). My main pc is a minisforum um790 pro with 64gb of ddr5 and I have a lot of external drives attached via USB4 and USB3.2 GEN2. I intend to house 4 hdds and 2 1TB NVME drives in the DAS. I’ll keep a 1TB system drive and a 2 TB work drive (both NVME ) in my PC while attaching 2 further ‘hot’ photo drives (2 * 2TB NVME) attached to the 2 USB 4 connections. I have a docking station (USB3.2) for other peripherals.
        I think the logic is sound but if you spot any serious flaws please let me know… Oh I have a 14TB hdd attached to my router which holds backups of the important data from the other disks and additional online storage of my ‘best’ photographs. This is my hobby, not my profession

      16. I have the d5-300c which is the older brother of this I guess. I have created arrays on the T6-423 externally once built work using just JBOD mode. however power off the D5-300c or reboot the NAS and the config is gone. Is it the same with this?

      17. Since it has a JBOD port, I’ll strongly consider getting two of them to expand a cluster of two Dell VEP4600 VM hosts – they only have two internal SSD slots (M.2/NGFF SATA). So each cluster node would be connected to one Terramaster. Cost pretty much nothing compared to the base system and you don’t _have_ to use multiple bays, you can just increment once you have a reason to. Yes, performance will be limited, but look at me caring. Not to mention that what perf you get is much more dependent on the type of SSD you get (i.e. Micron 7450 MAX instead of a Samsung Pro model – only one of those two will be performing well for small IOs. You’d pretty much need 4 top of the line enterprise M.2 SSD or Optanes to even max out the USB interface on 4k writes)
        Would be awesome if they notice the market opportunity and make one with two power supplies (i.e. an external one like on mikrotik)

      18. went with qnap tr-004 for das. no raid, no nas here, just a htpc with fractals big node that has 9 drives (10th impossible to install due to sata controller being right above the space for 10th drive). so, running the qnap in das mode, all great, drives nice and comfy and cool, software is rudimentary in das mode, but does display smart data. mind you, now i have 4 red plus drives which will be eventually replaced with 16tb red pro drives (since those are only 70$ more expensive then 12tb red plus drives – 4tb and 2yrs of warranty for 70$ is a nobrainer imo). so, those will run hotter, but i dont expect much more than these which are around 30c. true, they mostly sit idle, lol, since all my drives are just storage for htpc media. 91tb all filled in the big node. need. more. space. more. more. more! lol. cheers.

      19. I would attach it to a cheap, low power mini-PC, with one or more 2Gbps ethernet ports, share out the SSDs as NAS and then use the HDDs to take frequent backup snapshots that could be periodically swapped out for offsite storage.

      20. This is for people who has slim laptop with one or two USB ports.
        You get easily a lot of external storage space and only wastefull one of your precioous USB ports to have it.

      21. I’ve reconsidered my position on the Tarramaster H8 Hybrid. If the NAS OS can manage the RAID array then the lack of hardware RAID 5 is far less perplexing. They could eat Synology’s lunch when it comes to expansion units if it can function that way in DSM7. Same for QNAP, Asustore and so on.

      22. As a Qnap TR004 user i would have been keen to look at this unit if it had the hardware RAID onboard.
        The Qnap does (and is price comparable) but only 5gb/s USB and no NVME.

        My use case is as a photographer for photo storage (not generally live edited from but some decent performance to go through libraries etc is nice).

      23. Apple has had Thunderbolt 40gbit since 2016. USB and manufactures have really been hindering performance out of serious laziness for almost a decade. 10gbit should be what 5gbit USB is right now. It should be for the cheapest garbage USB sticks and cell phones. It’s just not enough people are complaining to them to be forced to want to do something. Every motherboard and computer should have at least 1 20gbit USB port and USB4 should be an almost certainty when you’re not going budget build. The fact that everything around USB has been evolving at warped speed should have pressured manufactures to implement faster ports. This has just been terrible for consumers.

      24. I think the D8 sounds very interesting, because I think RAID is a liability that I don’t want to pay extra for (I prefer no RAID at all). Instead, I just want to store most of my hot-access data to SSD’s, which have better file integrity compared to HDD as long as they are plugged it and receiving power, store some of my warm-access data to more affordable HDD, and then tell my OS to do a nightly backup of those two data pools to a third HDD data pool. I think that’s exactly what the D8 offer. I don’t need RAID, because if I run integrity check and one of the files in my hot-access or warm-access data pools got corrupted, then I can just restore them from the backup data pool. All I have to do is run an system-wide integrity check overnight once a week, and save myself the troubles with RAID.

      25. This is a grift product from Terramaster capitalizing on people’s crowdfunding FOMO. At best, it’s a place to utilize old and unused drives. Everyone should avoid this.

      26. For me it was perfect and then fell with no network card. It is not a NAS in my opinion, its a glorified usb external hardrive. You can buy caddys that do the exact same job for 40 bucks. They wont run any applications, but they will use mutiple drives of different types. They blow the expansion arguement out of the water for me. Why have a processor when its running into another NAS that will more than likely do it already.

      27. Still don’t think that just short of 1gb/s systained performace is great. maybe if it had a TB4 interface you could get what little over 4gb/s. Its much like the NAS systems based on NVME drives, very few home or SOHO users a have multi 10gb LAN system to support what NVME drives is capable of. in most cases people are limited to maybe a 2.5gbit lan a spinner based system is more than good enough unless you absolutely have to be able to stream high quality 4k or 8k videos. With a TB4 connection it would be a nice little box for especially Mac users where the max is what 4tb internal SSD ?

      28. From what I’ve read the vendor lock-in with the RAM is only in the TOS software. If you’re using any other OS with this system, you can use whatever compatible RAM modules you like.

      29. Would you please do a performance test of such hardware raid comparing it to software raids like Synology SHR-1/2 since Synology always have a performance issue with SHR, so I wonder if this is no longer an issue with a hardware alternative

      30. Hey guys… If you guys dont want it standing up…. you can lay it down with vents down….. and put something under the NAS , in all 4 corners… taa-daa 🙂 vents-heating problem solved 🙂 hehe

      31. Due to Synology HD issue and Qnap security issue, I have built my own custom NAS using unraid and I am impressed with this setup. SHR like flexibility with better hardware and upgrade options are possible just as these desktop NASes.

      32. This ticks so many boxes for me (solid construction, like the metal HDD caddies/shell, hybrid RAID, 2.5gbe NICs, reasonable price and USB DOM which I assume you could install xpenology on? One big issue for me though…… NO PCIE slot for 10gbe or additional NVMe support. So close to being perfect for my use case. Credit goes to Terramaster for bringing some interesting designs to the market and not just another black box of plastic! Like yourself I’m quite impressed with what Terramaster are doing right now.

        It’s also great you had a look inside this unit. I wonder if that PSU connector is proprietary or is it a standard 20/24 pin PSU connector? Would be good to know in case you had a PSU failure.

      33. I’m really interested in the 12 bay version of this model. Normally I’d just go for the Synology, but the third party drive warnings would be infuriating on the Synology 12 bays.

      34. This TerraMaster is right proper tickety-boo. Still, a grand is bracing. Too rich for my blood. This is rack mount NAS money so if I’m going to pay a thousand or more I’m buying a rack based NAS,

      35. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine sleepfriendd.Online Brünette und eine anderex Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde