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Which Is Best For Your Storage? NAS vs Cloud vs Tape vs USB

Choosing the Optimal Data Backup Method Data’s significance in our lives and businesses cannot be overstated. If you’re reading this, you probably recognize the pivotal role that data plays in our daily lives. Simply having copies of your data on multiple devices, whether at home or in the office, is not sufficient. Centralized backup might […]

QNAP AfoBot II at Computex 2019

What is AfoBot II from QNAP and IEI? After previously unveiling their new QNAP AfoBot in late 2017/18, giving us a full preview at CeBit last year, QNAP has once again been showcasing their new personal robot and assistant at this year’s Computex 2019. Designed to provide a smart artificial assistant and the follow up […]

The QNAP AfoBot Review

What is the AfoBot and what can it do? Home AI isn’t a new thing and in fact, the most popular examples such as Amazon Echo and Google home are incredibly popular and can be found in most homes today. However ever since I first found out about the AfoBot AI assistant, my attitude towards […]