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RAID 0 vs RAID 5 vs RAID 6 – WD Red Pro 22TB and QNAP NAS 10GbE Tests

QNAP TS-464 NAS 10GbE RAID 0/5/6 Testing with the WD Red Pro 22TB HDDs When you buy a new NAS and drives, one of the most important long-term decisions that you will make is choosing your RAID level. A RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is the process of combining multiple media drives together into […]

Top 3 2.5Gbe and 5Gbe NAS Drive

Top 3 NAS for 2.5Gbe and 5Gbe of the Year Data is getting bigger! There is no avoiding it, the size of the data we generate every single day is constantly increasing and with worldwide access to the data getting more straight forward, the speed at which we want that data is growing too. The […]

QNAP TVS-672N 5Gbe NAS Review

QNAP TVS-672N 5Gbe i3 NAS – Best 6-Bay NAS of 2019? When we first mentioned that QNAP was releasing the QNAP TVS-672N NAS drive, I have to say that I was quite happy to hear about it. Less about the fact it was going to feature 5Gbe, but more because the remarkably popular TVS-x72XT series […]