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Terramaster TOS 5 Software Review

Terramaster TOS 5 NAS Software Review – Network Better? If you are an existing Terramaster NAS owner, or are someone that has been considering their NAS brand for your private server purchase, then you might have heard that they recently released their latest BIG software update. Upgrading from TOS 4 to TOS 5, this new […]

Terramaster T9-423 NAS Drive Review

Review of the Terramaster T9-423 NAS Drive Terramaster has really been remarkably busy in 2022 releasing their new range of hardware and software developments to their steadily growing audience. Although still considered very much the value brand in the network-attached storage industry, the speed at which this company continues to evolve in order to remain […]

Terramaster TOS 5 Software Update RELEASED!

Terramaster NAS FINALLY Release TOS 5 – Everything You Should Know According to Terramaster the new TOS 5 release has been in development for one and half years, includes more than 50 new features, 600 enhancements, comprises 300,000 lines of new code and now, the long-awaited TOS 5.0 is officially released today! Although there are […]

Terramaster NAS’ New TRAID – The Mixed Drive Capacity RAID

Terramaster NAS Introduce a Flexible RAID System into TOS 5 With several NAS brands in the market, it can often be the small features that one brand offers over another than can be the deciding factor for many in choosing the right solution for their needs. One feature that current NAS favourite Synology have offered […]

TerraMaster 24-bay U24-722-2224 Rackmount Coming in 2022

TerraMaster 24-bay rack U24-722-2224 Revealed Highly scalable storage server designed to meet enterprise virtualization, data-intensive applications and service continuity requirements. Equipped with Intel XEON 2224G 3.5 Ghz quad-core processor, 8GB DDR4, 4 Gigabit network interfaces. Specifically designed for flexible management of storage space, it can provide more than 30,000 IOPS and a continuous storage speed of […]

Terramaster F4-423 NAS Drive Revealed

New 2022 Generation Terramaster F4-423 NAS Drive Coming Soon Terramaster continues to flesh out their x423 series with, perhaps, the most interesting entry yet – the new F4-423. Arriving as the follow up to the F4-422, this new NAS arrives with (short of a PCIe slot) pretty much everything the most recent NAS hardware options […]

Terramaster T12-423 Celeron based 12-bay NAS

TerraMaster Introduces 12-Bay T12-423 High-Performance NAS Terramaster continues to roll out their new ‘423’ series of devices and for those that thought the recent 9-Bay solution that was revealed was intriguing will be pleased to hear that Terramaster have doubled down o this and crafted a new 12-Bay NAS solution in the T12-423. The Terramaster […]