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Terramaster Release Centralized Backup for TOTAL Backup Coverage [2023-09-27 07:09:06]
QNAP Unveils New TVS-h674T and TVS-h874T Thunderbolt NAS [2023-09-22 17:06:19]
TerraMaster Launches the Quietest 2-bay HDD NAS F2-212 [2023-09-19 08:27:21]
Thunderbolt 5 Revealed By Intel - 12GB/s Bandwidth Ready! [2023-09-13 15:15:20]
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ASUSTOR AS5004U: Expanding Your Storage Horizons via USB 3.2 [2023-09-12 17:12:10]
New Terramaster T-NAS Mobile 3 App Released - All-In-One [2023-09-11 17:13:22]
New UGREEN DXP4800 And DXP2800 Intel N100 NAS @ IFA Berlin 2023 [2023-09-05 14:10:41]
Buffalo's Omoidebako (PD-2000): The Ultimate Model for Preserving Family Memories and Photos - Your Essential Backup Device [2023-09-05 10:48:25]
Ugreen Unveils DXP2800 and DXP4800 NAS Systems at IFA 2023 [2023-09-05 10:42:02]

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Hi All, I didn't see this covered in the forum and was getting a lot of different info from Google so I figured I'd reach out here.  Background
[quote="ed" pid="13307" dateline="1695991672"] Getting a new NAS with more bays is a future-proof option, as many users choose to do. Expansion via a
Hi, I am in the same boat as you almost exactly, but i would go for the DS224+ with new HDDs. I also have a DS213J with two WD 3TB drives in the
Dear NASMasters, I am about to buy a new NAS replacing my old DS213j. The old one was never a powerhouse, with 2x3TB WD RED it lasted for almost 10
Thinking about upgrading my QNAP device to another that can support QuTS hero. Before I do, I want to confirm a few things. 1. If I wanted to mi
Hi All, First off, I'm relatively new to NAS and Docker (Container Manager in my case).  I'm trying to migrate my Plex install from a Windows 10 P
Hi All, I have had my Synology DS920+ for about two years already. I noticed lately that it is sometimes running on a high 60s to low 70s in tempe
Hi, I'm currently using the Asustor AS5202T, on your recommendation, with 2 unequal capacity HDD with no RAID, and a third HDD connected to one of
Does anyone have any experience with this system for secure remote access to your local network? Any thoughts or advice? "Networkchuck" on YouTube
I've recently set up my QNAP NAS but have not enabled the cloud access, due to the vulnerabilities I have read about/ seen YouTube vids on.  I see t


The Best NAS Enclosure Cases on AliExpress for Your Custom Server Build

The Best Desktop and Rackmount NAS Enclosures on AliExpress AliExpress, a vast digital bazaar teeming with tech offerings, presents a delightful challenge for the DIY enthusiast: the sheer magnitude of choice. Among its labyrinthine aisles, the domain of NAS enclosures emerges as a critical niche for those seeking to safeguard their ever-growing digital assets. Whether […]


Hi Guys, Looking at your Jonbo N3 build as I wantto upgrade my NAS. (Synology DS715). Looking at your build it occurred to me that your build would far o [REPLY]
Thank you for the reply, and I can confirm this now. This is great news, as these drives are significantly cheaper than the 3400 series! Cheers. [REPLY]
Hi. Thank you for this. I have mistakenly purchased an SNV3500 vs SNV3400 for my DS923+. It seems there will be no difference in capability of the drives, [REPLY]
Despite QNAP’s better hardware I chose the Synology DS423+ because my primary use was for Plex Server transcoding. In their head to head matchups on NasC [REPLY]
Which type of RAM could be used to upgrade the NAS? DDR3 1600 non ECC is the listed compatible one. Are different types as well compatible? ECC? 1333, 1833 [REPLY]
I know you like your Jonsbo's Rob. But how about building in a short (max 30cm) rack box? Something like Innovision (AliX) or German brand Inter-Tech that [REPLY]
I'm far from expert level, so I've just calculated this ad-hoc for PCIe 2.0: 1 x PCIe slot: x4 (4 x 0.5 = 2 GB/s) 2 x SATA: x2 (2 x 0.5 = 1 GB/s) 1 x USB3 [REPLY]
Question… maybe someone can answer. Let's say I add a PCIe 2.0 x4 HBA for four additional SATA SSDs for a total of six. To house the drives I could use ( [REPLY]
So now. after a year. Created the cache and are using my 2 TB WD black. with my 4-disc raid 5 but then they stopped being recognized. by the syn 923+ and n [REPLY]
That's the way I understood it. I can't say what would happen if you also stuck a PCIe 3.0 or 2.0 x4 10GbE network card into the PCIe slot. (If you went fo [REPLY]
Can't say about CasaOS, and couldn't find anything, but with Unraid you can surely use the two SATA ports for a ZFS mirror or even stripe… or buy an addi [REPLY]
Totally agree. For me, two 2.5GbE ports is the minimum nowadays. And if you're realistic and allow for two SATA drives, and account for customers using SAT [REPLY]
Hmm… only one SATA port, no PCIe slot. It's a powerful machine with the i7, but I don't see how the VP4670 could be used as a NAS. [REPLY]
Agree. The CPU only has 6 PCIe 2.0 lanes. The perfect machine for me would be: slightly bigger, a better Celeron with at least double the PCIe lanes, proba [REPLY]
Good idea! But you'd need a 10GbE PCIe network card (SFP+ or copper). It's a pita to access your Time Machine backups over a slow network connection. If yo [REPLY]
The device also has two internal 5-pin USB 2.0 headers, so with a long-enough 5-pin to female Type-A cable, you have yourself a port for an Unraid boot dri [REPLY]
I was wondering if it would make sense to replace my DS220j (Occasional Plex, Drive, Photos, DLNA Music) and Plug in 7 cameras into it, or would it be an o [REPLY]
For anyone following the guide on remotely backing up between two Synology NAS, kindly note that if you do opt to use port forwarding to reach your remote [REPLY]
You can create outbound and inbound rules. [REPLY]
Hi all, It’s not a question I have, but want to share with you my recent findings. Very recently I’ve bought myself a DS3622XS+ as replacement for my [REPLY]

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How Much Data Does Synology Collect About You?

How Much Data Does Synology Collect About You?

Synology and How Your Analytical Data is Stored, Used and Deleted Synology, a renowned network-attached storage (NAS) solutions provider, maintains a series of data-driven services to supplement their product suite. The transparency and clarity in Synology’s data collection and storage protocols reflect their dedication to ensuring users’ privacy. Below is a comprehensive evaluation of their […]

Synology Photos FINALLY adds AI Subject/Object Recognition!

Synology Photos is FIXED – AI Subject Recognition is BACK!!! That’s right! After 2 years of waiting, Synology has finally added support for AI subject recognition back into their premium photography application in DSM 7.2. Long-time followers of the Synology brand will be aware that in previous older versions of Synology’s DSM platform, there was […]