The QNAP TVS-882ST3 2.5″ SSD and HDD Thunderbolt 3 NAS

Thunderbolt 3 NAS has arrived from the guys at QNAP with the TVS-882ST3

the-qnap-tvs-882st3-and-tvs-882st2-2-5-ssd-and-hdd-thunderbolt-3-thunderbolt-2-nas-with-usb-3-1-tb2-10gbe-and-more-22 CES 2017 has come around and QNAP NAS did not disappoint! Many, many new QNAP NAS server devices were announced and uncovered, alongside a number of already mentioned units in the pipeline. Today I want to talk to you about the latest and greatest Thunderbolt NAS release from QNAP – The Thunderbolt3 NAS for SSD and 2.5″ HDD, the QNAP TVS-882ST3 NAS. A recent update in production to the soon to be released QNAP TVS-882ST, this smaller form factor NAS server features an insane amount of connectivity! The Chassis is based on the older TS-853s 8-Bay NAS and is designed to be compact, with a lower power consumption, a lower noise and most importantly of all – to be POWERFUL. In all these points it delivers, but it is in the final point that it really delivers the killing blow.

the-qnap-tvs-882st3-and-tvs-882st2-2-5-ssd-and-hdd-thunderbolt-3-thunderbolt-2-nas-with-usb-3-1-tb2-10gbe-and-more-11Among many of it’s outstanding attributes, the obvious big pull factor is Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. We are still waiting on confirmation of Mac compatibility, but it is almost a forgone conclusion that this unit will be compatible with the latest MacBook Pro 2016 that features Thunderbolt 3 ports over UBS-C. Details are slowly becoming available and of course I will update this article as I go, but below are the specs we know so far.

What are the specifications fo the TVS-882ST3 and TVS-882ST2?

  • The unit will be available with TB2 (TVS-882ST2) or TB3 (TVS-882ST3) as needed
  • USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 at front and one TYPE-A at the rear for 10GB per second connectivity
  • 10GBe ports x2 on the rear for those with a 10 gigabit network connectivity
  • Several models are available featuring an i5 or i7 and upto 16GB of memory
  • 2x USB 3.0, 2x 1GBe LAN, 1x HDMI on the rear
  • Internal PSU and just a kettle plug mains connector on the rear for easy World-wide power connectivity
  • large single rear controllable fan to keep things cool as required
  • Still no confirmation on Mac Compatibility
  • Can be daisy-chained over Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt3

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