Synology MR2200ac Mesh Router – UPDATE

MR2200ac Synology Mesh Router Units Coming

For those of you who were impressed with the reviews and videos on the Synology MR2200ac Mesh router in late 2018 and decided to buy the device, you no doubt encountered the same issue as everyone else, namely that there HAS BEEN NO STOCK anywhere! This has been frustrating for everyone! It has been annoying for you, the buyer, because you have the money to burn and want a good mesh network. It has been frustrating for retailers as they have been unable to provide orders to those customers! And finally, it has no doubt been frustrating for Synology who have a hit product on their hands and cannot facilitate demand! Whichever way you look at it, it has been super-duper annoying! Luckily I am pleased to confirm that a big shipment of MR2200ac units are incoming and I am doubly pleased to confirm that SPAN will be one of the first to receive units this week, in quite an impressive quantity! They inform me that, of course, pre-orders that have been piling up, will be fulfilled first, but that still leads to a good quantity of units left (around 40-50 I understand). So, once again, if you are looking to buy a Synology MR2200ac, I STRONGLY recommend that you get your order in soon, as these will be sold through very quickly indeed and SPAN , unlike many retailers, are not increasing their prices based on the scarcity of stock.


So, why has there been a stock issue till now?

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Why was Stock of the Synology MR2200ac Mesh Router so low?

So, why has the, usually so well prepared for release, NAS Brand Synology had such a problem with availability and stock of the MR2200ac mesh router? Well, put simply, they just didn’t antici[pate this level of demand. That is not to say that they did not have confidence in their product – the Synology RT1900ac and RT2600ac are very popular devices even now and this coupled with the constant development and improvements in Synology Router Manager (SRM 1.2) is something that Synology has always been quick to mention. However, the Synology Mesh router has been previewed for longer than almost any other NAS or Router device in their range, with it appearing at numerous tradeshows and official events as early as summer 2017. The result was that unlike many of their devices, the MR2200ac has had ALOT more time for the market to become aware of it. Alongside this, despite it appearing a pinch more expensive than rival mesh routers such as the Netgear Orbi and Google Wifi, the software included in the MR2200ac seem far superior for many and given many users already had a Synology NAS in their environment (and/or an RT2600ac router), it was a logical step for many users. The result was that, whereas a normal release would generate a combination of new buyers and upgrading buyers, the MR2200ac had those AND a huge number of existing Synology buyers on board. This combined with a release date that was bang in the centre of the most popular shopping time fo the year (Q3-Q4) means that Synology just didn’t have the units ready! Luckily, now we have stock incoming this week and I am looking forward to more videos and content on this device coming very soon.

Should I Still Buy the Synology MR2200ac Mesh Router?

If you have been thinking about the SynologyMR2200ac mesh router for your home/office setup and the delay in stock has led to you wondering whether to still buy this device or opt for an alternative,  I recommend checking out my review of the MR2200ac mesh router below. It is still easily the best software equipped Mesh Router you can buy right now and although it covers a slightly shorter distance than Google Wifi, it more than makes up for it with far better control, safety and an analytical backend than many other mesh solutions.

Pros Cons
  • Excellent Software Support in SRM 1.2
  • VERY fast setup
  • USB Storage Support for near-NAS file streaming abilities
  • The mobile app, desktop access and User Interface are faultless!
  • Network Management for Network Noobs
  • Great analytical options for those that want to keep track of their data internally
  • Great Control and reward system with the profiles abilities
  • Only sold in x1 quantities, no multi-pack of x3 or x5
  • More expensive than most, largely because of software
  • Only 1 LAN and one WAN – severely limits use as a primary router or desktop use without a 4/8 Port Switch
  • Not a huge fan of the clip PSU


Review of the Synology MR200ac Mesh Router on NASCompares:

Synology MR2200ac Mesh Router Review

How to Buy the Synology MR2200ac Mesh Router

I think so, but that isn’t a huge surprise, is it! But for you, Bottom line:

1, Is the Synology MR2200ac a good product

Yes, it is. It is a great Mesh Router and a fantastic software-enabled device. It just is a rather mediocre ‘regular’ router. If you are looking for a router, I strongly recommend the RT2600ac. If you want NAS on a budget, skip this and go for the DS119j or DS218j NAS.

2, If you are considering Mesh, should you buy the MR2200ac?

Yes, unless you are going to use the software on your primary router/modem device.

3, Is the Synology MR2200ac worth the price?

If you want full control, analytics, support – yet not be bamboozled by techie numbers and a learning curve, the Synology MR2200ac is definitely worth the price

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