Choosing Between QNAP and Asustor for HDMI and Backups

Buying the Right NAS – Asustor or QNAP?

I watch a bunch of your videos and read the reviews in this site which helped me a lot as I am new to NAS world. I am looking for a backup solution for my family to backup photos/videos mainly. I am a power user with IT background, so set-up and installations are no issue of any technical level. We do not have a smart TV, just a plain HD monitor which is currently connected to a v1 chromeCast, which we cast youtube and netflix on. When we want to watch a downloaded movie, we have to connect a laptop with cable to the TV which isn’t too much fun. So I do like the idea of a NAS with HDMI to smarten things up for us entertainment-wise. But the number one priority is backing up our android mobile phones and computer files. second is entertainment. We all use Gmail and our gdrives are all full. Our daugther is doing amature photography and she has 2 gmail accounts full. So we allocated 500USD for a purchase of a NAS. My parents will visit from the USA in 2 weeks, so we can amazon prime it to them and enjoy good U.S pricing. with all that said, 4TB I think is more than enough for us. Here is my current choice which I’d love to get your view on:

1st choice:


2nd choice:

Asustor AS6302T + AS-RC13 Remote – Approx $274

2x Seagate 4TB Nas Drive – Approx $99
1x 4GB DDR3 HyperX – Approx $24
Total: $500


QNAP TS-251B – Approx $270

QNAP Remote – $16
1x 4GB DDR3 HyperX – Approx $24

2x Seagate 4TB Nas Drive – Approx $99

total: $508

Obviously I am thinking future here, and the HDMI2 of the Asustor is added value, on another hand the PCIe of the QNAP is also cool. I tested an online demo of qnap, Synology and qnap operating systems. QNAP looks great, but I like the ASUSTOR one as well, and I like all the 3rd party apps. Both would do, maybe asustor portal is better for the TV Media center? not sure.

The Difference Between QNAP and Asustor NAS

Thank you for your Question. Choosing the right NAS for your needs is not always as easy as you would like. Often when purchasing your first NAS server, most of the decisions you make will be based on your understanding of home computers PCs and laptops. However, though a NAS server very similar in architecture to a regular PC, is it quite different in terms of hardware requirements and if you choose a NAS based on desktop PC knowledge, you run the risk of getting a device that at best is too powerful for your needs, or at worst is completely unsuitable for your storage requirements.

QNAP versus Asustor – Software Comparison

Here is an area in which QNAP and Asustor have started with the same plan, but ended with completely different results. If we begin with what is similar between QNAP and Asustor, both feature a comprehensive user interface that it’s been regularly updated. Both have a host of RAID options, backup options, third-party cloud migration tools and multimedia applications readily available for free in their own app stores. So your Backup needs for you and your family will be covered on either device. Likewise, both brands have several mobile applications for Androidand iPhone devices in their respective stores, around 10 to 15 on each platform. However the key distinction between QNAP and Asustor now comes down to two simple priority – do you want First party or Third-party apps?

QNAP NAS invested heavily in their first-party own brand selection of applications. Everything from document editing software, Livestream applications, Photo and video viewing apps, and their own range of tiered and backup storage options. Additionally, most of their first party apps are free and an entire beta selection of apps constantly updated and developed. This is enhanced further with plugins and connections with apps like Plex and Apple Time machine which mean you can extend your existing setup to the QNAP proprietary apps.
In contrast, Asustor has spent less time developing first-party apps. They have several but by comparison, they have a fraction compared with QNAP,  giving you the ability to view and edit photos videos and music, backup tools, synchronisation tools and a host of apps you would consider mandatory. However, you have to give it to them that their support of third-party apps massively overshadows QNAP. They continue to support excellent third-party applications such as KODI, Twonky, Emby, Plex and more. Although a fraction of these is still available on QNAP,  the support of the third-party apps is still massively in favour of an Asustor NAS. Likewise, moving beyond entertainment, they have streaming multimedia apps, virtual machine software like Virtual Box and gaming emulation applications via Asustor that you would never see on a QNAP NAS today. Members of the QNAP community try to develop these tools unofficially, but as soon as a QNAP update rolls around, many of these often cease to function. So in terms of software, if you’re having difficulty choosing between QNAP and Asustor, just remember, that for first party own brand apps go for QNAP. If you want third party and android store type freedom of application development, go for the Asustor.

QNAP versus Asustor – HDMI and Media

Given the setup and environment you are describing, I would definitely recommend a QNAP over an Asustor – this is because although the ADM and Asustor platform is very good, it is still behind QNAP in terms of applications over the HDMI output. The Asustor and Asustor Portal platform has some great and brand unique applications, but even though there are Netflix, Amazon Instant, YouTube and other dedicated HDMI apps on the Asustor, they do NOT run as well or as smoothly as the QNAP version. Alot of this is because of the way brands choose to display and allow control of applications typically. Below is my video review of the HDMI output on the Asustor Nimbustor 4 NAS Drive for an idea of what I mean

This is because in almost all cases, the QNAP NAS and HDMI output (HD Station) uses dedicated applications that are built for the purpose. When you install and use them over HDMI (with a remote control or mobile network remote app), they are complete software with a dedicated GUI and control. By way of comparison, here is my (older) review of the HDMI platform, HD Station, on the QNAP NAS system.

In the case of Asustor, a large % of there apps over HDMI will open a browser window and what you are seeing is a web browser that is full screen. This means that although it looks the same, it is far less responsive, does not control intuitively and often is difficult to close the app/window completely. Not all apps run like this, with exceptions like PLEX and their own dedicated first-party apps, but for the most part the apps will not feel fluid and if this is a NAS to be used by others (with yourself as the IT guy), then I would strongly recommend a QNAP for you on this occasion.

Here is a guide I made on Asustor Vs QNAP that should detail this for you a little more:

Asustor or QNAP NAS in 2018

Ultimately choosing between a QNAP NAS and an Asustor NAS comes down to how comfortable you are with IT. With little price difference or physical build disparity between them, choosing between them has to be on a software and support choice. QNAP is a brand that has a strong first-party software support base and with a better budget for R&D, as well as pioneering work in Thunderbolt NAS and QuickConnect DAS on several of their units, you can see that they are investing heavily in their own wares. Whereas Asustor is a brand that has built a solid infrastructure but used it to enable users to use the apps and programs they are familiar with (Kodi, Milestone, VirtualBox, etc). So when choosing between QNAP and Asustor NAS, just think more about how technically savvy you are and your intended purpose.

Why Buy a QNAP NAS

Why Buy an Asustor NAS

Why Buy Either

Better Support OptionsBetter First Party App Support

Better Direct Access Options

Better Community Resources

More Enterprise Options

More Available

Wider 3rd Part HDMI App SupportA Pinch Cheaper to Buy

Better Options for Gamers

Typically Longer Warranty

Often Featured in Seasonal Sales

Better HDMI 2.0 Support


Many Mobile Apps for Android and iOsHuge collection of Free Apps in their respective App Stores

Best Price Vs Hardware in the NAS market

Support ALL modern NAS tasks and trends (depends on individual devices for full extent)



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      6 thoughts on “Choosing Between QNAP and Asustor for HDMI and Backups

      1. all this stuff is great, but, do you have a video that explains the HDMI hook up specifically, and shows the specifics on going from the Asustors HDMI connection to a HDMI connection on the back of a tv? Can i play my servers 4k videos in full resolution? and what software should i install to achieve this, Thanks for considering answering me, i love my asustor nimbustor server with PLEX, my family accesses all the old family videos across the internet, they love that there is no old camera to set up, Pipefittermike on You tube

      2. its all nice as an idea, but in reality it seems to me (and i own qnap nas), that simple youtube and netflix app installed on my smart tv works better then same app on nas.
        on the nas everything is very slow, even menu navigation is sooo laggy that its almost impossible to use.
        i have TS-451-d2 QNAP with 12GB RAM and Celeron CPU.
        its a shame that small ARM based xiaomi CPU installed in TV runs like king where 1000$ NAS is just glitchy as hell..
        i think main reason is that weak intel CPU with bunch of qnap ‘bloatware’ OS is just not fast enough for such “multitasking”…

      3. Is it too much to ask to get a tvs qnap HERO enabled with 5 or 6 -5.25 drives and 2 -2.5 drives and minimum 2.5g ethernet ? I cannot find anything similar. Either they do not offer Hero or tvs hdmi2.0