New Sabrent PS5 SSD Heatsink Revealed Now for $20

Sabrent PS5 Designed SSD Heatsink SB-PHHS Now Available to Buy

Good news for anyone who is considering buying an SSD for their PS5 Storage expansion upgrade (currently in Beta, with the full release coming soon) with the reveal of the new PS5 designed SSD heatsink from Sabrent. For those that are not aware, the PS5 supports m.2 NVMe SSDs in its available expansion bay, however, these SSDs can get remarkably hot when in full use (as all NVMe SSDs are prone to – due to their remarkably high performance and throughput). In order to counter this, the PS5 like most gaming systems that support m.2 NVMe SSDs provide an area of space around the drive to attach a heatsink – a metallic block that is attached to the SSD that draws the heat away from the SSD and its chips, then dissipating that heat into the surrounding air. Heatsinks are generally available to buy from between $10-25 depending on build quality and indeed some SSDs arrive with a heatsink already attached. However, the bigger heatsinks are generally the most effective at dissipating heat, which is a shame given that the PS5 SSD expansion bay has a metal cover, limiting space for larger heatsinks. Many are debating whether it is better or worse when the SSD is contained inside a closed slot, as well as using heatsinks that are designed for PC environments in a PS5 hardware environment. The Sabrent SB-PHHS heatsink aims to counter this issue by being the first PS5 compatible heatsink that covers the SSD, whilst maximizing the available space in the SSD expansion slot.

Available NOW. The Sabrent PS5 Heatsink (on its own, without any SSD) will be $19.99 (or CA, £18.99 UK and €19.99 Germany) and releasing on 13th October 2021

What Makes the Sabrent SB-PHHS PS5 Heatsink Different to Other Heatsinks?

The main difference of course between the Sabrent PS5 heatsink and others is that this is the very first PS5 heatsink that is designed precisely around the available cavity in your PS5 for SSD drives. With grooves across the whole drive to facilitate airflow over the SSD and thermal pads included coating the full length of the SSD inside. Here is how the heatsink looks:

Here is how the Sabrent PS5 Heatsink fits and looks inside the PS5, as well as how it compares with a regular generic heatsink AND the original Sabrent ‘phat’ Heatsink:

Eluteng NGFF NVME Heatsink – $13.99

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sabrent SSD Rocket Heatsink SB-HTSK – $24.99

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Sabrent SB-PHHS PS5 Heatsink – $19.99 (TBC)

So, as you can see, the heatsink is designed SPECIFICALLY for the PS5 m.2 SSD storage bay.

How Much is the Custom Sabrent PS5 SSD Heatsink?

Prices for the Sabrent PS5 heatsink are only currently available on Amazon right now, but several prices are now available. These include the heatsink on its own, as well as bundled with Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus SSDs in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. They are priced as follows:

The Sabrent PS5 Heatsink (on its own, without any SSD) will be $19.99 (or CA, £18.99 UK and €19.99 Germany)

The Sabrent PS5 SSD & 1TB Rocket 4 Plus SSD will be $189.99 (or CA)

The Sabrent PS5 SSD & 2TB Rocket 4 Plus SSD will be $369.99 (or CA)

The Sabrent PS5 SSD & 4TB Rocket 4 Plus SSD will be $909.99 (or CA)

When Will the Sabrent PS5 SSD Heatsink Be Released?

Although the Sabrent PS5 Heatsink is available for pre-order in the U.S & Canadian regions (and shortly worldwide), full availability has now been confirmed as October 13, 2021. A Full review and temperature tests (how it compares with the ‘fat’ Sabrent heatsink and 3rd party regular-sized ones) will be published soon. Below is what is available on

Alternatively, the bundled units that include the sabrent heatsink AND an SSD are available and have prices included, They arrive in three configurations are as follows:

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Where Can I Buy the Sabrent PS5 SSD Heatsink?

Below is a guide on where you can buy the Sabrent PS5 heatsink as well as the different configurations that are available. Each one, regardless of the bundle Includes the PS5 Heatsink, Thermal tape and an Installation guide.


The Sabrent SP-PHHS PS5 Heatsink Only

If you ONLY want the heatsink (you already have an SSD ready for  your PS5 installation), use the links below (only available in 4 countries right now): Here$19.99 Here £18.99 €19.99


The Full Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus SSD PS5 Test Videos

If you want to see the FULL testing of every PS5/PS4 game with the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus SSD, you can watch the videos below. These tests have been grouped into 5 games per video, with each game being assessed on Loading Times, Frame Rate, Texture swapping, Asset Popping and compared against the exact game being loaded on the PS5 SSD. NOTE – These videos are being edited and published throughout September and October, so if a video is showing as ‘unavailable’ below, it might not be published yet, but should be up shortly!

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus PS5 SSD Test 1

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus PS5 SSD Test 2

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus PS5 SSD Test 3

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus PS5 SSD Test 4


Here is today’s YouTube video, covering the heatsink, everything we know and how it is differed from normal PS5 heatsinks:



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    145 thoughts on “New Sabrent PS5 SSD Heatsink Revealed Now for $20

    1. I just installed the 2tb rocket 4 plus and only had a read speed of 4650. So disappointed as I removed and reinstalled it formatting over and over and could only get to 5000mbps which is significantly below what their advertising and what I have seen others ssds get

    2. I have the 1 tb the original format read spead was 5420 something which is lower than ps5 recommends so I tried to reformat it and it was 5795.688 is there a reason it’s so low maybe because I have it on a 75 inch lg tv??

    3. Great videos like always. My dilemma is if it’s better to get the sabrent heatsink or the one with the firecuda 530. Can you do a temperature comparison test between this sabrent heatsink and the firecuda 530 w/heatsink preferably the 2tb?? That will be one of those ones as far as the best of the best going head to head.

    4. So this is basically a cover to replace the metal cover that comes with the ps5. Does the actual ssd have to have its own heatsink? Or is this expected to replace that? Just stick your ssd inside and slap this new cover on? Also will this work with any other brand ssd or only sabrent branded ssd’s?

    5. I appreciate the videos because cooling has been a concern for me when I go to install and internal ssd. I am interested on how that plate might work with the WD850 with the heatsink. Would it make a difference as far as cooling or would it be a waste of time?

    6. It’s weird. People seem to care about m.2 cooling. But they don’t want to take off white plastic panels off PS5 to improve SoC/memory cooling of the console, because “it looks ugly”. They have priorities wrong. Oh well, what can you expect from console gamers…

    7. Can you (or maybe you already have and I haven’t found it) do a video of where the heat from the SSD is going? I see those two little notches on the long side of the SSD bay next to the fan, I assume that is where airflow is occurring, but is air flowing out of that, or into it? I can’t find any videos on this subject, so I think it’d be a great opportunity to share new content that hasn’t been addressed yet.

    8. Ordered. Also the official release for the FW update is tomorrow I heard. I’m in no rush to get a SSD yet, but I’ve got no issue getting this to have it ready for when I do. The SSD prices have been dropping pretty quickly.. 1TB under $200 is common now

    9. This a good video however, your test reflects the 500gb. If you test at least the 2 tb we will be able to see this ssd’s true performance. For example I’m currently using the 2tb of the sabrent rocket 4 plus on my PS5 and I get read speeds of 6658. ( the highest of seen on any ssd to date.) Please test the 2tb of the firecuda 530 for the ps5. Test games like red dead redemption 2, gta 5, cyberpunk ect…games with the longest load times.

    10. DF did a test for Rift Apart, and confirms what you’re seeing. A faster M2 will be a slight advantage over the PS5’s internal SSD. The result, is a slightly smoother transition when the portals open. The PS5’s internal dipped to 58 fps, while the M2 (980 PRO) stayed a steady 60fps. So even if load times for games are going to be indiscernible, the smoother transitions during real loads is a nice touch for faster M2 drives.

    11. long story short: yes, Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus Drive (PCIe 4.0) is faster than the internal SSD. Question is, will the Sabrent Rocket Q be faster? Then we can have an 8TB NVMe. Or if PCIe 3.0 compared to PS4’s internal SSD…. hmm…

    12. Warning Warning Warning Warning !!! If you do not have the 2.0 firmware on your PS5 do not waste your time putting an SSD in it because when you power it on it will tell you
      to power down and remove the SSD from the internal Bay.

    13. correct me if im wrong but the ps4 games with ps5 updates seem to load faster over ps5s ssd except with destruction allstars .. be interesting to see what the difference is with more actual ps5 titles e.g returnal rachet and clank etc..
      iam waiting for the firecuda 530 review and i think i might bite the bullet and go the rocket 4 heat sink with the firecuda 530 2tb that ive already brought!

    14. The speed difference seems more noticeable for multiplayer online games like destiny then for others, if you can test the load times with more online games like fallout 76 or call of duty that would be nice too. Aside from that great video! Love your channel man ????????

    15. Just so you guys know the last gen Sabrent rocket 4 nvme 2tb is working perfectly for me at 5600 read speed tested in the ps5 speed test . Well over the 5000mb it’s rated for. I played demon souls all night as well as legion and Valhalla . All load times are equal to internal sad load speed. Demon souls loads in an instant and it work’s flawlessly

    16. I’m starting to think that SSDs like WD-SN850, Samsung Pro and this one will be good enough for PS5 at this point until the devs start to make their games that will be use these speeds and command my power.

      It’s still early in the gen and a good portion of these are cross gen. Probably in the next two years will see this.

    17. Thanks for the vid man! It’s fairly impressive, but I still can’t stare at a black screen for 90 seconds every time I wanna transfer 150gb of games to my internal drive, so downloading it is 🙂

    18. I heard wd makes the most reliable ssd of them all and second only to firecuda 530 in speed. It comes with its own heatsink for 249 for 1TB. Just installed it today in my ps5. Works very good actually some games like devil may cry ps5 version look better run better with the wd ssd. I saw the free ps plus game control looked better on the wd too.