A 4K ready NAS with surveillance and encrypted external backup

I’m looking to purchase a NAS.

The main utility will be for having access to my movies, musics & other files. Around 300 4k movies that I will have to rip.

The second thing would be able to use it for surveillance (8 cams at 4k).

The third thing would be for backing up my files, roughly 20 TB so far.

I’d like for it to be able to stream for 5 people at once.

Can I get all of this in one NAS or do I need something separate for backups. Right now, I’m backing up my files on external hard drives. I would like for my backup files to be encrypted & I would only be the one who would have access to them

You will need around 15TB storage space for 300 movies in 4K.

You will also need around 10TB storage space for 30 days surveillance storage in 4K.

With added 20TB other file backups it makes a total of 45TB space requirement.

You could combine all of these into a TVS-1282 with i7 processor. If you want 5 simultaneous streams over the network, you may need to upgrade your network to 10GbE.

This NAS also feature 4K ready HDMI ports so you could also connect it directly to the TV.


Cheapest 10gbe switches


Here is how you manage external drive backups:


Encryption Management


If an external storage device is encrypted by the NAS, the button “Encryption Management” will appear. Click this button to manage the encryption password/key, or lock or unlock the device.


Locking the device

1. To lock an encrypted external storage device, click “Encryption Management”.
2. Select “Lock this device” and click “Next”.
3. Click “Next” to lock the device.


Note: The external storage device cannot be locked if a real-time or scheduled backup job is running on the device. To disable the backup job, go to “Control Panel” > “Applications” > “Backup Station” > “External Drive”.


Unlocking the device

1. To unlock an encrypted external storage device, click “Encryption Management”.
2. Select “Unlock this device”. Click “Next”.
3. Enter the encryption password or upload the key file. Select “Save encryption key” to save the password in a hidden location on a hard drive of the NAS. The NAS will unlock the encrypted external storage device automatically every time the device is connected. Click “Next”.


Managing the encryption key

1. To change an encryption password or download an encryption key file, click “Encryption Management”.
2. Select “Manage encryption key”. Click “Next”.
3. Select to change the encryption password or download the encryption key file to the local PC. Click “Next”.


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