Can you break a RAID in order to transfer data to your new NAS?

This is great; thank you! Now, I just need to wait for the prices to moderate. Normally the next “power-of-2” size upward is close to, but less than, the prior generation on a $/GB basis. Not here (yet).

Also, since a lot of folks are outgrowing the NAS’ that they deployed a few years ago, have you guys done a video on how to upgrade? I/o/w, how do you transfer several TB of data from the ‘old’ to the ‘new’? Can you break a RAID somehow and place one of the old drives in the new NAS with one of the new drives? I doubt it. So, is USB the only option? That’s what I’m getting at.


We have not made videos about upgrading the CPU, but we have few videos where we move old drives to the new NAS. It is quite straight forward process. Sometimes people get new drives with their new NAS and transferring data can be a pain. USB is usually the quickest way to transfer if you have no 10gbe LAN. With RAID1 you can use USB dock. All you need is a single drive to copy data over. Transferring data from RAID5 is more complicated. Some people move drives first and then replace that RAID with bigger drives (one at a time).

So, you can only break RAID1/10//RAID6 by removing the allowed number of disks that are reserver for redundancy.

I hope this helps.


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