NAS with a RAID recoverable from a PC

NAS with a RAID recoverable from a PC. Min ARM CPU needed second hand. ($200)

I want to buy home nas that will be used as:
1. primary – backup of pictures, camera videos
2 DLNA – old movies for kids
3. compatible/reliable – as it will be used as backup for pics(personal ones) it should be easy to repair files e.g. attach HDD to pc or replace nas with new one.



The NAS you are looking for is DS218play. This is ARM based NAS with a single drive redundancy thanks to a mirroring with a RAID1. In order to recover files easily on the PC always choose most commonly used RAID types like RAID1/5/6. Here are instructions on how to recover the RAID data (link).

You can use it for simple tasks like backing up your multimedia as well as streaming it over your local network and even remotely (simple video files).

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