Synology 8 bay (or 12-bay) multimedia NAS

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. The synology looks great especially with the
ability to expand. It’s a bit pricey but fits my needs perfectly. The hardware sounds great too.
I watched your video on the native synology DS video app and it looks like a viable alternative to
Could I go with a less powerful 12 bay if I use the synology DS video instead of Plex? Or am I
better off just going with the more powerful DS3617Xs?

That is an annoying thing with Synology. They do not listen to customers. They supposed to make 8 bay (or 12bay) multimedia NAS. But all they have is DS918+ (9 bays with expansion) and then a big jump to a 12bay ds3617xs. It is not made with multimedia in mind, but it amazingly powerful Xeon processor copes with any video. Many people choose Qnap TS-1282 instead. But those who want to enjoy Synology functionality, have to accept the price increase and go for ds3617xs.
Synology ds2415+ (or new DS2419+) will not be powerful enough to cope with transcoding. But for simple streaming – it will support HD as well as 4K.

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