UGREEN Brand User Q&A – Questions About the New NASync NAS Storage Solution

Your Questions for UGREEN about their New NAS Solution

With UGREEN still in the process of launching their Kickstarter campaign for a new NAS Storage Solution (the DXP NASync series) to market, many users (myself included) have a lot of questions about the product. Let’s face it, we are not talking about a standard ‘over the counter’ purchase where – this is CROWDFUNDING! Therefore, users need to take extra care and caution before considering putting down money (remember, crowdfunding is not the same as eRetail!). Alot of users want to know just what the UGREEN DXP NAS Storage solution can do, what it can’t do, UGREEN’s plans for the future and…at a very basic level… is the UGREEN NAS actually a ‘thing’! People have been burnt by crowdfunding before, plus UGREEN has no previous recognized experience in the world of NAS, They are definitely SIGNIFICANTLY more established in the tech market (12 years) than many other crowdfunded NAS/Private Cloud solutions that have popped up in the last 1-2 years to challenge the likes of Synology and QNAP, but this is their first NAS. Heck, it’s actually 4-5 different NAS’ arriving at launch – that’s a big, big undertaking! So, l asked you guys to fire me over as many questions as possible to ask the brand directly, and you did not disappoint! I have taken the many, MANY questions that were submitted and condensed them into the 20 questions below. With the crowdfunding launch for their product arriving towards the end of the month. many of the questions below represent users’ reservations and dealbreakers before they are prepared to engage with the brand, the solution and the launch! So, let’s go through the brand’s responses to your Questions.


I GET IT! You are in a rush! So, here is the short version, the skinny, the cliff notes! I asked 20 questions in total (slightly more in the zoom recording coming to YouTube), and here is the summary of their answers in bullet points:

  • Kickstarter Launch: UGREEN chose Kickstarter to engage with consumers early, gather feedback before official launch, and because other well-known brands have also launched products via crowdfunding.
  • Connectivity: The NAS device supports Thunderbolt connection for host use only, with plans to expand its capabilities. WiFi 6E support on the DXP480T Flash system allows connections both to and from the system, as well as to a router.
  • Third-Party OS Installation: Installing third-party operating systems, like UnRAID or TrueNAS, is not officially supported and voids the warranty.
  • Availability: Initially, the product is available only in Germany, with plans to expand to more regions based on demand.
  • Security: UGREEN is focusing on financial-grade security standards, working on EN303645 and TruestE certification, and plans to enhance security features continuously.
  • Additional Options and Hardware Information: A PledgeBox option will be added during the campaign for adding HDDs and SSDs. Detailed PCIe lane layouts will be available in the product manuals.
  • Remote Access: The UGREEN Link service allows remote access to the NAS via a custom domain name after account registration.
  • Power Consumption: Details on power consumption will be included in the product manual, with specifics available upon request.
  • Kickstarter Campaign Delay: The campaign was delayed to incorporate user feedback on the app for a better user experience.
  • UGREEN OS Features: Support for automatic on/off schedules, SSD caching, full phone storage backup, online data scrubbing/checksumming with BTRFS, and basic to complex RAID configurations.
  • Native Applications and Functions: The NAS will feature a smart assistant for AI-based smart recognition and classification, virtualization, Docker support, and NFS protocol support, but lacks iSCSI support.
  • Future Developments: Some features, like full phone backup and virtualization/Docker support, are still under development.

So, some GOOD news, some BAD news and some ‘TBC’ news. Let’s dig more into the actual Q&A itself and go through those questions, one by one.

The Q&A with UGREEN – Answering Your Questions about their NAS Solution

Below is the written response provided to me by the HQ (handled by Diana An, a Marketing Specialist in conjunction with their product management teams) of UGREEN after submitting my questions, collected from user comments (HERE and HERE) between March 4th and 10th 2024. There is also a Zoom session with UGREEN that will be live soon/now that goes into much greater detail and analysis of these questions and answers, conducted with Hernan Lopez, a U.S.-based UGREEN representative. Questions were provided in advance to UGREEN 48 hours in advance of the Zoom session (timezone dependent) in order to allow UGREEN time to sufficiently source adequate answers. The questions and answers below are provided unedited and unchallenged, but further investigation was conducted in the Zoom recording that is/will be available on the NASCompares Youtube Channel HERE. I should also add that UGREEN has provided me with a DXP4800 PLUS and a DXP480T NAS unit for testing and evaluation, which I will be publishing videos and articles on later this month (hopefully, prior to the launch of the campaign) in order to evaluate these pre-release units and assess the quality of the hardware, software and viability of the solution.

Additionally, I would like to thank the many channel viewers and subscribers for providing the questions for this Q&A. There were around 100+ in total, so I was forced to consolidate them (merging similar/identical questions together, or answering less debated/unanswered questions in those comments of the initial posts (again, see HERE and HERE). Questions below have been credited to numerous YouTube members (denoted by the @ prefix, with my own name there too), but in many cases, the questions were asked by many, many users (eg why Kickstarter?), so I have attributed to just the first 2-3 users). Here is the Q&A:

Why Kickstarter?

  • Why Is UGREEN bringing this NAS solution to Kickstarter/Crowdfunding? UGREEN is an established brand, so why use Crowdfunding for this new product line?

@grege9862 , @InspectorGadget2014

Firstly, The UGREEN NASync is our new product line and we can have pre-connection and pre-communication with the consumers and get their feedback in advance before we bring it on Kickstarter. Secondly, many well-known brands also launched their new product line on kickstarter/Crowdfunding.

  • How is the Thunderbolt connection handled, is it host-only use, or can you connect to it over Thunderbolt (point to point) with a Mac or Windows system?

@michaelpaolini , @ajrfilm9951

Currently, Thunderbolt connection for our device is host only, and can be used for external storage. But some features like Thunderbolt Networking are in our development plan.

  • Same question as above, but for the WiFi 6E support on the DXP480T Flash system – Does this allow connections both TOO the system from a user AND connections for the NAS to a Router?

@DIGIBITE (Eddie!)

The wifi on our 480T device supports both functions above.

  • Is installing 3rd Party OS’, such as UnRAID and TrueNAS, possible and will UGREEN still support the user’s hardware 2-year warranty if they do so?

(@LacayoDe , @herbentroost427, @ghostbaleada , @misku_ , @ttuschak

Unfortunately, modifying the built-in system is not officially supported. It’s not suggested to do so. If users insist on doing it, they will lose the warranty permanently.

  • Why is the Product currently only available to buyers in Germany and not the rest of Europe? Will this change?

@TheFric , @rogerwagner8498 , @ghostbaleada , @misku_ , @herbentroost427 , @ajrfilm9951

Our products are still in their infancy, and when expectations are good, we will gradually expand markets in more regions.

  • What provisions and plans do UGREEN have in place for their systems with regard to security? i.e what is “Financial Grade Security”, will they be publishing security advisories, pen testing, etc?


We will be referring to financial-grade security standards and continuously optimizing and improving the system’s security features. Currently we are also working on the certification of EN303645 and TruestE.

  • Will UGREEN be adding a PledgeBox option during their campaign to allow users to add HDDs and SSDs?


Yes, we will add the PledgeBox option during the campaign.

  • Can you provide a breakdown of the PCIe lane layout of each system?

@Latino3650 , @GroundDwellerStudioS

We will have hardware product manuals that will contain device information. The product manual is currently in the editing process. Which model of product do you want to know about? We can send it to you separately first.

  • How will remote access to the UGREEN NAS be conducted via UGREEN services?


To use the UGREEN Link service, you need to register a UGREEN Link account first, then log in to the control panel of the NAS device and set a custom domain name. After applying the settings, you will be assigned the corresponding domain name for remote access.

  • Can you provide further clarification on the power consumption of your devices, even as a level benchmark of a fully populated device during active/passive activity?

@Butyouveheardofme3486 , iVuehl

This information will be described in the product manual, similar to the PCIe issue. If you would like to know about a specific model, we can send it to you separately.

  • Why was the launch of your Kickstarter campaign delayed?


During the public beta period, we collected some user experience optimization suggestions for the App. And we hope to deliver a version with a better experience to everyone, so we delayed the launch for half a month.

  • Does the UGREEN os allow automatic on/off schedule


Yes, UGREEN OS supports this schedule and you can customise it in the control panel.

  • Is SSD Cache Supported?



Yes, you can use a SSD either for cache or storage usage. However, you can’t use the same drive for both caching and storage purposes.

  • Will the mobile software support full phone storage backup?


Yes, this backup function is in our plan and still under development.

  • Does their native OS use a filesystem that can do online data scrubbing / checksumming to detect errors? e.g. BTRFS or ZoL


UGREEN OS supports BTRFS in terms of data scrubbing / checksumming.

  • Will RAID expansion be possible (i.e adding more drives to an existing RAID Pool)

Not possible yet.

(NOTE FROM Me/ Robbie – In a recent software update, I found that a new option is in place for expansions, but it is still WiP. It seems to only reflect INSIDE the system and not a physically connected external expansion however, i.e needs empty bays. See Below)

  • Will you be providing/supporting a flexible RAID system (comparable to Synology Hybrid RAID or Terramaster TRAID)?


Basic,JBOD,Raid0,Raid1,Raid5,Raid6,Raid10 are supported.

  • On their Kickstarter page is mention of an AI integrated smart assistant, we are curious to know what that means?


AI Smart Recognition & Classification(without Internet connection), search Pictures by Text. Search for photos of pets, fruits, vehicles or more simply by entering search keywords. Use smart recognition to create photo albums that intelligently identify and classify faces, places, animals, and more. AI service are going to operate in-system and without internet connectivity. If an app or service is installed on the system that requires internet connectivity, this will be made clear in the app release notes and controllable on the system GUI

  • Will there be virtualization and docker support out of the box?


Yes, virtualization and docker will support out of the box. However, this is still early stage of our beta and these 2 functions are still under development.

  • What is the support/status of NFS Support or iSCSI Target/LUNs?


UGREEN NAS supports the NFS protocol, including NFSv3, NFSv4, NFSv4.1, while iSCSI is not supported.

How much will the UGREEN NASync Series Cost and When Will It Launch?

The UGREEN NASync series is poised to make a notable entrance into the NAS market with a range of devices that cater to different storage and performance needs. With the Kickstarter launch prices set attractively at $239.99 for the entry-level DXP2800 and scaling up to $899.99 for the high-end DXP8800 Plus, UGREEN is competitively positioning its products. The mid-range DXP4800 and DXP4800 Plus are tagged at $359.99 and $419.99 respectively, while the specialized NVMe-focused DXP480T Plus is introduced at $479.99. Post-crowdfunding, the retail prices, also known as the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), are expected to be significantly higher—almost doubling for some models, like the DXP2800 with an MSRP of $399 and the DXP8800 Plus which will retail for $1499. This pricing strategy not only provides an incentive for early backers but also underscores the value proposition of getting in early on the Kickstarter campaign. Nevertheless, THIS IS CROWDFUNDING and therefore not the same as buying from your usual retail outlet, be aware. UGREEN is tapping into the growing buzz of middle-ground solutions between turnkey options from Synology/QNAP and BYO/DiY options that retire time and knowledge to build. If you are on the fence, there isn’t a tremendous rush, as crowdfunding officially begins on March 26th (see link below). We will be keeping an eye on this one as the weeks go on!

Click the Link Below to find out more about the UGREEN NASync NAS Series on the brand’s official Site:




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      195 thoughts on “UGREEN Brand User Q&A – Questions About the New NASync NAS Storage Solution

      1. Claims that running a different OS would void the warranty, which is illegal under US law. Asked about security and gives vague answers about GPDR and HIPAA compliance, which wouldn’t make sense for a consumer product, have talked about virtualization out of the box. This and the “ongoing process” and “working day and night” tells me this is a half baked product being pushed by “influencers”.

      2. Will the lower end model with the Type C port instead of TB4 be able to connect directly to a PC in the future? Or will that only be something you can do on the Thunderbolt models?

      3. *Update on the use of 3rd Party OS’ on UGREEN NAS with hardware, with regard to warranty*: “The Ugreen team confirms that whatever is promised in their warranty policy will not change, which only covers the hardware. They also mention that there is a risk of damage if you install a third-party OS, including data loss and compatibility issues, etc.” – Ugreen Representative, 26/3/24

      4. *Update on the use of 3rd Party OS’ on UGREEN NAS with hardware, with regard to warranty*: “The Ugreen team confirms that whatever is promised in their warranty policy will not change, which only covers the hardware. They also mention that there is a risk of damage if you install a third-party OS, including data loss and compatibility issues, etc.” – Ugreen Representative, 26/3/24

      5. Didn’t like most of the answers, and thought Hernan could have been more succinect in the “Nos”. Too many “wishy washy” answers that increased my fears, not reduced them. I was going to buy the DXP8800 Plus for $900, but will probably downgrade to the DXP2800 for $239 just to stick my toe in the water with their software and customer service experience. Will instead probably buy the Synology DiskStation DS1821+ since it’s on sale on some sites this week for $900. Safer bet for sure.

      6. @NASCompares Ugreen mentions support of 2 x 4TB nvme drives in the specs. Do you think 8TB will be also supported ? I’m asking as if I purchase this (the DXP2800 model, I mean), I’ll probably start with two 8TB HDDs, but when the nvme prices go down at some moment I’d probably opt to switch to nvme’s if that would be possible. And since we’re on the matter – any recommendations of a fast and reliable but silent 8-12TB HDD ? I’m planning to run this in my living room :-).

      7. Thunderbolt connection for host use only… What does this mean? I don’t understand the computer jargon. You can’t use thunderbolt to connect this NAS to a Mac or PC, as is normal with Qnap?

      8. Is UGOS a proprietary OS? What license does it have? Why don’t post some details on their site? Usually these embedded operating systems are based on a BSD like NetBSD.

      9. Allowing 3rd party OS installs by not voiding the hardware warranty will massively drive their sales up, especially if their UGOS is seriously lacking in features and buggy which it will almost certainly be at launch!

        It’s a mute point anyway if I can’t get one in the UK ????

        Looks like they’re driving a massive proportion of future customers to their more well established competitors by making 2 silly choices, well done UGreen ????????

        Look at this video if you want a better look at the OS

      10. I like the way UGREEN is handling this development. It demonstrates a very mature and transparent way of presenting a new product to the public. I hope they keep it up and focus on releasing a well polished and well worked product.

      11. I’ve been following this since they were first announced, as its the only new product that actually had the brand and pockets to get it of the ground… I went to throw my money at them, so I was a bit shocked to find only open to US and DE at the moment :shrug:

        Can understand their position on 3rd party OS… if they allow it, great.. but you do so at your own risk, can’t expect them to provide support for software they have no influence over.

        The one question I do have, are they seperating processes, running them under isolated restricted users?

      12. I was 99% into it after this video I am now at 1% into it. Half of the questions were vague, the other half he answered ” we don’t have the answer because it’s not ready yet”.

      13. Came back to the comments to check on yesterday’s “thread” about the possibility of a third party OS install, but now the original comment and replies are gone. Don’t delete your comments, guys. Very unhelpful. 😀

      14. Thanks for the clarification! Yes, the handle is on purpose to be easy to be remembered since I lost my previous handle (Firefox) on most services when the browser came out. ????

      15. No 3rd party OS support? Not interested, sorry. You can say you won’t support the software without voiding my hardware warranty. Bad decision uGreen

      16. Only Germany in Europe, no comments… Ok, if i can’t buy at kickstarter, and i must wait for a regular store and price in Spain… I will buy asustor or qnap instead

      17. Thank you for passing on our questions. Kudos! IMHO it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that users will lose the warranty when they replace the OS. I hope it was just a mistake. Hardware sometimes breaks no matter the software. He clearly stated it’s actually a support issue, which is fine. I don’t expect UGREEN to support their product with an untested, third-party OS. I don’t need the support. However, I do need hardware warranty if anything breaks, so hopefully this was just a misunderstanding ????

      18. 200 engineers and developers for a NAS? You need a new product manager. No offense, but we release something infinitely more complicated in scale with 10 engineers for a new product. Maybe just develop and sell the hardware, then you wouldn’t need more than 2-3. Actually, you could spec it out in China and they will send you everything you need. Use money saved for QA. You’re welcome. Need to stop with making software you know nothing about.

      19. Thanks for making this video and forwarding our (and mine!) questions. So no shipping outside the US and Germany (at least for the foreseeable future) which rules it out for me (Netherlands). And I get their stance on other OS support but I’m not really looking forward being a guinea pig for a new NAS OS.

        To bad, the little/compact 2/4-bay N100 system looked pretty compelling in combination with Unraid. But I’m seeing some disappointing stuff about the N100 anyway (pretty poor power usage and cpu related limitations)

      20. 0:11: ⚡ UGREEN’s established reputation sets them apart in the crowded crowdfunding market for NAS solutions.
        3:55: ???? Discussion with UGREEN representative on NASync NAS Storage Solution and project backing considerations.
        7:36: ???? Availability of SKS models post crowdfunding period and transition to regular sales channels.
        11:47: ???? Innovative NAS storage solution with new hardware and software for enhanced flexibility.
        15:14: ⚙️ UGREEN prioritizes quality control in test environments before global launch.
        19:08: ⏳ Progress update on certification process for NASync NAS Storage Solution.
        22:44: ⚙️ Discussion on prototype issues and updates for the new NAS storage solution.
        26:31: ???? Discussion on power consumption fluctuation in developing NASync NAS storage system.
        30:17: ⏳ Update on development progress for upcoming NAS products and explanation for release delay.
        34:24: ???? UGREEN NASync NAS storage solution updates and upcoming features discussed.
        38:25: ???? Discussion on supported protocols for NAS storage solution and limitations.

        Timestamps by Tammy AI

      21. Thank you for the Interview! Good questions asked, some answers predictable, but a few answers where really interesting! As in the comments alteady mentioned, tailscale/zerotier support and my question about the native mac os integration with virtual on demand files would be nice on top. One thing was a bit unclear to me. Full phone backups. Are iPhones also meant by this feature?

      22. I am loathe to back anything but 3d files on kickstarter largely due to the issues you raised on the crowd funding episode. This campaign might just change my mind.

      23. Disappointed regarding the lack of third party OS’s. Always a way to bypass operating systems depending on third party support.

        Great video though, this is the content I like.

      24. The number 1 question I have seen everywhere is about native Plex support. It wasn’t brought up and it seems it will not be available. I wont be purchasing if that is the case.

      25. I don’t like this dude… Dodged a shit load of questions. He could have given approximate answers. Ballpark power consumption in line with competition you know stuff like that.

      26. I do like the design of the devices but my next nas is a rack mount. Also that tray at 16:32 isn’t new, its a lift from the cooler master case which has a ‘half x’ case that looks like a cube, same tray almost exactly.

      27. Hi Robbie, thanks! Your guest was very credible – few people are willing to publicly say “I don’t know.” The 8 bay is a good fit for me, particularly as I prefer btrfs. Zfs is fast but lacks immutable snapshots and requires a lot of ram. I’ve been a Synology user forever, but their hardware/ports are so obsolete that it is hard to justify. I put down my $5 placeholder and we’ll see if it still looks this good when the kickstarter launches.

      28. First of all, and in contrast to others, I want to thank you for this interview. Although these answers are mostly irrelevant to me as I am mainly interested only in the hardware, I am glad that you conducted this interview. Please don’t forget, there is a really loud minority that is always mad or sad, and for them, everything is just bad. 🙂

        Looking at the comments, I’m a bit confused. It seems like both power users, who want to know every detail, and people with less experience in hardware, also want to know everything. As a developer (who usually dislikes PR talk), I’m really glad they haven’t committed to most things yet. I understand how hardware and software development works and the reasoning behind not providing concrete numbers at this stage. But I don’t really understand why people are so keen to know everything RIGHT NOW, especially when the Kickstarter campaign hasn’t even started yet…

        To be honest, I don’t even understand why people ask about numbers like power consumption. Like, come on guys… Just throw in two SSDs or four 22TB enterprise-grade drives into any NAS and check the power consumption difference between the two scenarios… I bet you gonna be surprised. Even if they provide a figure, it means nothing because it will depend on the actual use-case.

        It would be cool to know the actual PCIe lane structure beforehand, but once again, does it really matter? One lane of PCIe 3.0 provides 800MB/s, which almost saturates a 10GbE connection alone. As long as it’s not crippled by some kind of PLX chip, it should be fine even with one lane. Just use decent quality SSDs that can saturate that lane. In my experience, most people don’t even use anything that really benefits from an SSD in their systems anyways…

        Based on the comments, it looks like most people simply want the most powerful system for half the actual price, just to be able to say that they own it, without considering any actual real-world use cases for them…

      29. He dodged the question about the power draw….. HE CAN provide a general power envelope now, even if its is not exact – because it can never be “100% sure” as he says…. The components are known. He is not saying anything because the software is probably too raw not power tuned and since they are locking the platform to their own OS – this is why it is a problem for him to say anything. I would expect 65-25 for the 4 bay celeron model. i5 6 bay – could be as high as 80-40, no less….

      30. To be fair from the screenshots the u green os looks promising for a new os hopefully they back it up with there own apps like download station video station.

      31. Was about to pay the $5 deposit…… and then I heard that cannot install TrueNAS….. what a shame…. great HW NEEDS software freedom. Synology’s HW is sheit, so they pulled off a good SW and it’s market segment is SMB. UGREEN? Come on….. you have great HW – why limit your consumers? Double u, heich, huai???? WHY????

      32. I have really been waiting impatiently for this video. So your questions were justified and clearly presented. Unfortunately, the Ugreen spokesperson did not explain clearly and did not sell the product well. He just sipped his coffee and threw out a few unclear phrases and didn’t really respond to the questions. So I’m a bit disappointed and I’m really thinking about turning my back on well-known manufacturers. @nascompares I would like to wait for your hardware and software test. Thanks for the video anyway

      33. Am signed up for the UGREEN NAS Kickstarter, based on the hardware specs as detailed on their website. I had never heard this chap speaking before but get the strong impression he talks a lot while saying little to nothing of substance, which naturally repels customers.

      34. Nice interview but imo too accepting on a lot of questions… i think you should push more on some questions, e.g. power consumption. Instead of a no-answer and marketing talk you should have pushed for a ball park or range of current testing observations etc. Now most questions are answered with “under development, things are changing, we can’t say for certain”… not much new information for the duration of the vid + quality of Qs

      35. I can’t stand him talking, he’s so annoying.
        I don’t know if it’s because of the terrible quality of his microphone or the irritating PR words in his nomenclature.
        You would also think someone in his position would know how to speak properly to MEDIA without so much “ya know?”, “umm”, “uhhh”, “so”, “again”, “so again” etc

      36. Okay, watched the video in full;
        I do have a couple of red flags;
        Using K1ckstarter as a marketing tool? Sorry but IMHO you must be kidding.
        You expose consumers to the world of crowdfunding? Unnecessary risks, in my view.
        Only to US & Germany? Their arguments are flimsy at best. Sorry.
        The ETSI EN 303 645 is just a BASELINE security requirement for (consumer-based) IOT, that is a minimum and is a basic provision, to get STARTED with some level of security, but is by far from being enough. GDPR is just a measure to protect against capturing and abusing user-data by the manufacturer and making sure that is stored safely.
        In short: there is still a lot of things (including security!) which are still in development, not everything is ensured. Not even at launch as I understand it.
        Using a relay-system to register/activate remote access to your product is a not a really good idea; when uGreen ceases to support the system, you can no longer register/activate remote access?
        I do realise some of the above might be too negative, but it is a consumer-product, to which there should be zero risks to the user, when purchasing it, when using it, when enabling remote access. And that is not fully the case, as it stands. As far as I understand it correctly.
        So, I’m still quite a bit on the fence of this product & company, in that respect…
        Fingers crossed I will be proving wrong and it will become a wunderful product in the end …

      37. I’m still watching but regarding the question of being able to install Unraid or TrueNAS, a better question would have been is it possible regardless of whether Ugreen supports it or not? We already know that Ugreen doesn’t officially support anything other than UGOS. So far, about 17 minutes in and not really learning anything I didn’t already know. Seems like a lot of marketing speak.

      38. I get that it’s basically an industry standard to use eMMC, but with how cheap NAND controllers are, it bothers me that they’re still in use. ????

      39. Completely agree with you on questioning the validity of the software, especially on Day One. I am a software program manager by trade… in my experience, most HW companies consider SW as an afterthought, which is a shame. I like many of the NASync components (i5 12th gen, 10 Gb connection, Thunderbolt connection) but without the 40% discount, going the DIY route may be a better (more flexible) choice.

      40. Got a new question for you. What business is Ugreen in with this NAS? It is in the business of selling hardware? if so then they should have no issues with people putting whatever software they like on it, Are they in the business of software (e.g. the don’t want people to put their own NAS software on it)? Something else?

      41. Plex compatibility is the big question I have, this will determine whether or not I buy it. I’d also like to know if a RAID 5 storage pool can be expanded as you go or if the initial setup is what you’re settled with. Thank you!

      42. Maybe ask them why we in the UK can’t buy it on kickstarter, says it only ships to USA and Germany. I am actively looking for a NAS and was interested in the 8 bay thinking at kickstarted price it gave me future proofing to add more drives. But it says it only ships to USA and Germany. Please get Ugreen to answer this problem.

      43. Hi, here are some questions: Is SMB / NFS Supported from day one? Are the drives going to standby, when they are not used? Can I power down the Nas completely over night and power it on over day? (to save electricity) How long is the OS getting updates?

      44. Hey guys love this video, great to see a new NAS, went to buy one, maybe you would like to ask UGREEN why no shipping via kickstarter to United Kingdom

      45. Details on the apps for their NAS OS. When this lands next month, whether the apps are theirs or from someone else, there should be enough info for someone to know best practices require these (here are some apps that do xyz), know what it does and how they can use it, and eventually a ranking system of likes – and compared to similar apps in their ecosystem.

        If this is aimed at the storage needs of the home network, we need to also provide native guidance.

        A Ugreen road map to successful users is a road map to more informed users and greater sales.

      46. I’m intrested in this porduct but they aren’t shipping to my country. Theirs ways around that but I want to know if anyone has asked if there are any restrictions to prevent or make it harder to use outside the intended countries?

      47. In the all NVME unit, there are 20 PCIe Gen 4 lines in the CPU, where is all bandwidth been used if there is only 2 nvme Gen 4?
        What the third party compatibility is expected on the OS?
        And as you mentioned, why crowdfunding?

      48. I want to know how important it is to use the SSDs for read/write cache for different scenarios, or whether they can be used to install applications instead. W/ TrueNAS Scale I am not using any read/write caching since it doesn’t seem to be useful for my use case, but since UG is not using ZFS I don’t know if that would still be the same.

      49. Fantastic hardware specs. Ask if they will (or can) partner with TrueNas/Unraid to create a custom or supported software stack with all the included drivers? Creating a synology like experience from scratch doesn’t sound like it will end up well.

      50. Question for UG: Can you connect your pc to UG NAS via Thunderbolt, and get Thunderbolt 3/4 -speeds? If not, why. If yes, which models support this and are there some limiting factors?

      51. Are there efforts to offer a flexible solution in addition to the raid/jbod/basic options, such as Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) or parity with Unraid?

      52. I know its a simple thing but very important to me. Does the ugreen os allow automatic on/off schedule. Unraid doesnt have this so im asking just in case.Thanks for your hard work. Cheers!

      53. Which RAM is supported and how much of it. Will their OS support HMB/DRAM less SSD? Does UGREEN support installing alternative OS like Unraid?

      54. Hey you have a version thunderbolt ?

        Yes: i have 6 questions.
        1 have software for save auto a phone, a pc?
        2 this thunderbolt transmit a network ? (10Gbps – WAN)
        3 what speed transfert in TB3/4 ?
        4 what speed for read/write a SD card
        5 what speed transfert for 10gbps network ?
        6 a cash SSD is good? What different ?

        No: 1 question:
        1 have software for save auto a phone, a pc?

        Thanks you ????

      55. Though I prefer the answer to be no, but are they planning on doing a Pledgebox type item to add SKUs that may overcomplicate things (like Storaxa) but possibly allow you to purchase storage drives that will be 100% compatible with the unit?

        Separately, what are the current plans for drive support at launch and will this be expanded upon after launch?

      56. I don’t get the crowdfunding unless they’re using it for market research to determine the interest level. Admittedly the specs sound great but I’ll bet that when (if) this NAS line hits the market it won’t be a smoking deal. Also, Synology, QNAP, Asustor and maybe Terra master already have a mature product line with some decent deals to be had. The only positive I see with Ugreen joinng the fray might be to shake up the big boys like Synology, to get them to come back down to reality and start competing better.

      57. Will we be able to add drives later without having to reconfigure the storage pool (Similar to Synology) or will we need to have all drives ready to install when initially setting up the unit?

      58. 1) Do a software and mobile apps review. are they user friendly just like the Synology software and mobile apps ?
        2) Between the the traditional Ugreen internal hard drives vs Ugreen vnme based NAS. which one would you recommend and why ?
        3) can you install a browser directly from the OS ? or is it a closed system just like Synology OS ?
        4) do a quick comparison between the Ugreen NAS vs Synology DS 1522+. what are the pros and cons to get the ugreen over the DS1522 and vise versa

      59. Ok so the specs hit the spot but will the native apps be updated? ie not docker but in the app store and software updates, I would like to see the top docker apps be ported over to the native software. will it have support for modern protocols Cloudflare or Cloudflare warp?

      60. I am really interested in the full ssd nas. Can you ask the specs for the pcie lanes ? As in how many per ssd and for the I.O. and what speeds? Also what about power consumption for all the devices?

      61. So I’m really looking forward to your test. For me, the 6Bay NAS is exactly what I was looking for. Multimedia, Plex server, storage management, compatibility for Apple devices. If all this is right and the software and app management is great, I’ll buy it. Best regards and keep up the good work

      62. Will the Thunderbolt ports support DAS? Will they support Thunderbolt Networking? If so, will the NAS act as a switch (e.g. Mac Thunderbolt to NAS out to the internet and/or other Thunderbolt devices when may be daisy chained). Will they be bringing any of the functionality of their Thunderbolt Docks and hubs to the NAS? Over time?

        Which files systems will they support on the NAS? On the external media connected to the NAS (e.g. APFS?)?  

        Is Ugreen using Open Source for their OS or Files systems? If so how are they working with the community? If not, how to they expect to keep pace and be secure? (Software is a large and expensive beast – more so for a hardware company used to releasing things that do not require after sale software updates)?

        What do these NAS Units do to combat bit rot, for scrubbing, and recovery? Here I’m asking if they are doing anything extra or special. Long ago RAID systems used drives with different sector sizes where the RAID could write extra information about the CRC and parity to help decide what was corrupt and what was not on which drive – this seems to have been lost, or at least migrated to the newer filesystems. Is there anything Ugreen is doing special here? Any innovations?

        Who is their target market? How do they envision each unit being used? E.g. if it is for media content creators – will we see DAS functionality via the Thunderbolt Port? Or is this just a toy for people to backup up their iPhone pictures as the commercials suggest? Does Ugreen view themselves as competing with the market leaders here such as Synogoly and QNAP or do they think they are hiding a different segment / customer base and opening a new market?

        Ugreen Products to date have all sort of landed in the the short term markets, things that are expected to get replaced often like cables and chargers, applience servers like NAS are an entirely different animal which have long life spans and require dedicated ongoing resources for things like software with no reoccurring revenue. How can the public trust that these NAS units will be supported properly and actually compete with offerings such as Synology and QNAP?

        What is Ugreen’s plan for working with the security community? Will they be offering bounties for found and reported security exploits?

        Are the softwares and services Ugreen will be offering for these NAS free for the lifespan of the NAS or will they be subscription based?

        How much will shipping for Kickstarter be? e.g. how much of that 40% off are they expecting to claw back?

        Will they consider doing a bundled purchase with Hard drives for their Kickstarter Users? That is to say, last I heard they were over 8,000 reservations. If the average for that is 4 drives per pers, they the bulk purchasing power here is large and the potential to pass on further saving to their customer base is great – this would also help Ugreen by steering it’s customer base toward specific brand and models of hard drive (and that is good since they seem to be targeting NAS novices) likely reducing the support footprint. Will we also see Ugreen branded Hard drives here? SSDs? Memory? Or do they view themselves as only providing the NAS units.

        Are these units doing anything special for energy savings? Fishing for innovations here.

        What is their plan to security allow remote access over the internet? What the hell does “Finical Grade Security” that appears in their advertising mean? (Having worked in IT in Finical sector – I know there is no such term. Rather things such as Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) are used).

        What are long term NAS users most likely to be surprised and pleased about? What Innovations is Ugreen bringing to the market that will leave competitors trying to catch up?

        Will there be NAS Expansions Units available for any of the models of the Ugreen’s NAS? Say through the Thunderbolt ports? If so will the Ugreen models simultaneously support the expansion units as well as DAS functionality and / or copy and backup support (each port being used differently – or would the ports both be used or have to be in a dedicated mode precluding different functions per port?

        Will there be Ungreen NAS to NAS support (for things such as syncing and backing up? If so, will it work remote? Is Ugreen going to be launching a Cloud Backup services for backing up the NAS similar to what other NAS companies are offering?

        Are these all the models, or will there be more coming? What do they envision being their release / refresh schedule/cycle to for new hardware, new software, and software updates for existing products? Will these software updates be included with the purchase of the Ugreen NAS, or will they require something like a subscription?

        That should get you started. Thanks!

      63. Already asked UG directly, why only selected markets right now, but guess won’t hurt to ask again, when costumers in other markets could potentially join the fun?

      64. Will there be virtualization and docker support out of the box….is it a closed ecosystem or can we install rpm or traditional Linux packages

      65. Can the two 10 GBe ports act like a switch? That is, one going from my router to the NAS via my QNap 10 GBe switch, which has two 10 GBe ports, and my Mac plugged into the other port on the NAS, and my Mac get access to the network?

      66. DXP480T+ looks really interesting for homelab use. Does it support NFS or iSCSI? Also how strict will they be with shipping, will they accept shipping forwarders in germany?

      67. What’s interesting about this Ugreen NAS is, that, based on answer of their support team, it will only work in USA and Germany ????. “it can be shipped and used for German and US. however even if you can ship the item to slovenia, you also could not use this product.”

      68. The UGreen NASync Series is Coming to Kickstarter – Should You Back It?
        Nope. Never back kickstarters. A matter of time before you lose your money. It’s a scam.

      69. When they first put it up I emailed them some questions, it took them 2 months to write back and the reply was in Chinese, so no thanks lol you answer a english question with Chinese how will the support be on these devices.

      70. I’ve been using kickstarter for a few years now and it’s not uncommon for companies to do this so its really not a big deal. It allows you to lock in the kickstarter price and join the fundraising campaign at any time up until the campaign ends. Your other alternative is not to pay the 5$ and just join the fundraising campaign after it goes live, the downside to this is if your life is busy and you forget then you might miss out on the special offer. If you pay the $5 you get extra time up until the very end even after they close the fundraising part of the campaign ends plus they usually send out an email remainder the last couple of days left. At least that’s my experience with kickstarter.

      71. The DXP480P plus is really what I’m looking for in every way (full ssd, small size, power, etc). However, the OS is holding me back a little because I don’t know what to expect and whether it can be changed, and the manufacture because my experience with this brand has not been all good.
        I’m still very interested and intrigued

      72. Seems too expensive even with the 40% off. Im thinking they jacked up the msrp to make the discount look good. Should be at least $100 or so less each to make it worrh it. Otherwise they look good.

      73. Very tempted to return the Qnap 673a I just bought and get the 6-bay Ugreen. It’s a much more capable machine for less money. It would go very well with the new Minisforum MS-10, connected via Thunderbolt.

      74. I’d like to share my takes on this:
        – the 5$ deposit could prevent scalpers. It works for the Steamdeck
        – some companies go Kickstarter to promote/fund products outside their usual range. One example that comes to my mind is the Cooler Master fanless Raspberry Pi4 case a few years ago

      75. I do think there is a “gap” in the NAS market for a set of 8/16/24/32 bay 2.5″ SATA SSD based NAS devices (with possibly a couple of NVMe “cache”/accelerator drives for increased performance). For my use case (home media server), I’d like to see a turnkey SSD based NAS that could support a ‘large’ number of SATA SSDs (e.g. 8 x 4TB SATA SSDs, 16 x 4TB SATA SSDs, etc). I don’t need the performance of NVMe gen3/4/5 SSDs, their higher costs and the significant issue of dealing with a lot of heat generated by NVMe disks when heavily utilised. I know some of the main NAS vendors have previously released 2.5″ disk NAS devices but these were 4 bay and I’m not entirely sure if they supported SSDs. Plus I don’t want a 3.5″ bay NAS that I can then install 2.5” drives into. Come on QNAP, Synology, Asustor, Terramaster and now UGreen – fire up your “Design” team’s and come up with a small, sleek large number of bays 2.5″ NAS!!!

      76. Very much looking forward to getting my hands on these.
        All flash version sure thing and also eyeing up the 8 bay, both with the intention of running TrueNAS on them.
        As you said, I very much think they are using KS as a marketing tool and possibly to gauge interest, but totally agree, this could also have happened through a pre-order based in their existing online stores.

      77. One more thing. Synology and QNAP are both Taiwanese companies. But U-Green is based on the Chinese mainland. You don’t want to find yourself in another Xiaowei situation with the Chinese government spying on your personal data. I know it’s probably an aluminum foil hat thing, but something to think about.

      78. Kickstarter can eff right off. Zero response to reports and complaints about the state of the Storaxa campaign. Basically KS took their cut and ghosted everybody

      79. My hope is that their design/motherboard/chipset does support all those PCI-lanes, with so many options like TB, 10Ge etc etc.
        An issue was recently discovered on the Zima Cube pre-release model (eventhough that was model #2).
        PS: I do like seagulls 😉
        But they are considered the “rats” of the sky….