Terramaster TOS 6 NAS Software Beta – Now Available

Terramaster NAS Release TOS 6 in Beta

The release of Terramaster TOS 6 Beta for NAS devices marks a significant milestone in the evolution of NAS operating systems, with an array of new features and comprehensive improvements designed to enhance user experience, system performance, and security. This sixth iteration introduces a radically redesigned user interface and integrates more than 40 new functionalities while refining over 370 aspects, ensuring a top-tier upgrade for TNAS users.

Expanded Key Features and Improvements in TOS 6

  • Linux Kernel 6.1 LTS Upgrade: Transitioning to the latest Linux kernel version, TOS 6 benefits from improved scheduling algorithms, enhanced memory management, superior file system support, optimized network performance, advanced security features, and better power management. This upgrade facilitates a more robust and efficient system, capable of handling the demands of both home and enterprise environments with ease.

  • Revolutionized Docker Manager 2.0.16: This release introduces Docker Compose project management, adding a new dimension to container orchestration on TNAS devices. The addition of a container terminal and system notifications for Docker image operations streamlines container management. These enhancements, combined with UI and functionality optimizations, cater to developers and IT professionals seeking a versatile platform for containerized applications.

  • File Manager Overhaul: With user feedback and industry best practices in mind, the File Manager has been retooled to offer an intuitive, efficient file navigation and management experience. Features such as enhanced directory navigation, column display mode for deep folder hierarchy exploration, tabbed browsing, adjustable thumbnail sizes, and a suite of new file operation tools significantly elevate user productivity.

  • Online Disk Wiping: This new utility offers a straightforward solution for securely erasing all data from disks directly within the TOS interface, facilitating easy preparation of drives for repurposing or disposal without the need for external tools.
  • Cloud Drive Mounting: Seamlessly integrate cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and more directly into TNAS. This feature enhances the flexibility of data access and management, allowing for efficient data synchronization and sharing between local and cloud storage.

  • Security and Privacy Control (SPC): Introducing a robust security framework designed to prevent unauthorized execution of programs on TNAS devices. SPC enhances the overall security posture by ensuring only vetted and authorized applications can run, significantly reducing the risk of malware and ransomware infections.

  • SMB Multichannel Support: By enabling multiple network connections for SMB file sharing, TOS 6 ensures higher data transfer speeds, improved reliability, and enhanced redundancy. This feature is particularly beneficial in multi-user environments where network performance directly impacts productivity.
  • Direct Data Drive Mounting: Offering unparalleled convenience, this feature allows users to access data on external drives without the need for disk reformatting or repartitioning, preserving existing data while extending the storage capabilities of TNAS devices.
  • Storage Pool Migration: Streamlines the process of migrating storage pools between TNAS devices, aiding users in hardware upgrades or replacements without the hassle of data migration or system reconfiguration.
  • Advanced ACL Permissions: Delivers granular access control with 13 additional customizable permissions on top of the standard read, write, and deny options. This advanced permission management system enables precise control over data access, ensuring data security and compliance.

TOS 6 Beta System Enhancements

TOS 6 introduces a slew of system-wide enhancements aimed at delivering a more stable, secure, and user-friendly NAS operating environment:

  • Performance and Stability: With the new Linux kernel and system optimizations, TOS 6 offers improved system stability and performance, ensuring that TNAS devices can handle intensive tasks and larger volumes of data more efficiently.
  • Hardware and Innovation Support: Prepared for the future, TOS 6 includes support for the latest hardware innovations, such as Intel’s “Meteor Lake” chips, and introduces new data structures and error decoding capabilities for enhanced data processing and system reliability.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Building upon TerraMaster’s commitment to security, new features like customizable HTTPS certificates, optimized firewall rule settings, and the innovative SPC module significantly enhance the protection of user data against external threats.
  • User Interface and Usability Improvements: From a streamlined desktop design and simplified navigation to a new “Start” menu and customizable user avatars, TOS 6 focuses on creating a more engaging and personalized user experience.
  • Comprehensive Application and Service Enhancements: The update enriches the application ecosystem with new functionalities, improved file services, and advanced storage features, catering to a wide range of user needs from media indexing and scheduled task notifications to cross-platform data interoperability and USB storage device health management.

Through these extensive features and improvements, TOS 6 Beta not only advances the capabilities of TNAS devices but also sets a new standard for NAS operating systems, offering a sophisticated platform for storage, management, and security that meets the evolving needs of both individual and enterprise users.

How To Access the TOS 6 Beta – Update Instructions

Applicable models:
F2-221, F2-223, F2-422, F2-423, F2-424
F4-221, F4-223, F4-421, F4-422, F4-423, F4-424, F4-424 Pro, U4-111, U4-423
F5-221, F5-421, F5-422
F8-421, F8-422, U8-111, U8-420, U8-423, U8-450, U8-322-9100, U8-522-9400, U8-722-2224
T9-423, T9-450
T12-423, T12-450, U12-423, U12-322-9100, U12-722-2224
U16-322-9100, U16-722-2224, U16-722-2288
U24-612, U24-722-2224

Applicable TOS Versions:
TOS 5.1.123 or later versions; if your device does not meet the update requirements, please do not update! Otherwise, system crashes may occur.

1. The Beta version is an early version of the program, containing most major functions but not yet completed, and may have some defects. This version is only released to specific groups or the general public for testing and feedback collection; the Beta version should not be used in work or production environments. If your TNAS device is running business operations or storing important data, please refrain from participating in this test.
2. Updating the system theoretically will not affect the data on your hard drive, but for safety reasons, please be sure to back up your data in advance.
3. After the update, if applications such as Plex, Emby, Aria2, etc., need to access new shared folders, you will need to reconfigure application user permissions.
4. Previously created firewall rules will be cleared, and you will need to create new firewall rules after the update.
5. If you are using port 5444, you will need to modify this port before updating.
6. After the update, TNAS will exit the domain, and you will need to rejoin the domain and refresh domain users.
7. After the update, if your encrypted shared file key contains special characters, you can only mount it by entering the key.
8. System configuration backups from TOS 5 cannot be restored to TOS 6.
9. Hyper Cache created before the update will become invalid after the update; it is recommended to uninstall Hyper Cache before updating.
10. Docker Manager versions 1.1.99 or earlier cannot run on TOS 6; please update Docker Manager before updating the system.

How to Update to TOS 6 Beta on Your Terramaster NAS?

1. Download the TOS 6 Beta update package: TOS 6 (md5:821b697ddb27dbc9c95ce2be398c791b)
2. Go to TOS > Control Panel > General Settings > System;
3. Under “Manual Update”, upload the update package;
4. Click “Apply”;
5. After the system update is complete, you will need to refresh your browser;
6. Your TNAS IP address may change after the system update. If you are unable to connect to your TNAS using the previous IP address, please use the TNAS PC client to search for the new IP address again.

Other Software Downloads:
TNAS PC for Windows OS: https://tos-downloads.oss-cn-hongkong.a … .1.352.exe
TNAS PC for macOS: https://download2.terra-master.com/TNAS … versal.dmg
TNAS Mobile for Android:https://download2.terra-master.com/TNAS … 3.2.31.apk
TNAS Mobile for iOS: Download from the iOS App Store.

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23 thoughts on “Terramaster TOS 6 NAS Software Beta – Now Available

  1. Can you compare Terramaster directly with Asustor. Newer NAS OSs but great hardware for price. See how each has developed the software over the years and if its worth buying into either ecosystem.

  2. I’d be very cautious about using the 6 Beta. Seems like it corrupted my USB Boot Chip and they are sending me a new one. Comment was made at first that I should pay for it ????. Seems they will send it for free now. Perhaps I should have paid extra in the beginning for a Synology as my Terramaster has been a pain since I bought it ????

  3. Upgraded to 6. All looked good until I realised all my folders had disappeared. Tried creating a shared folder but it wouldn’t have it. Tried good old turn it off and on again by signing out and then it kindly permanently locked me out. The NAS shows up on TNAS Uninitialised but it won’t fire up to the sign in page/boot/initialisation ????. Tried all I know so having to let Terramaster remotely control my PC/ NAS tomorrow as I don’t know anything about getting into its brain via terminal mode etc.

  4. I have the F4-423, it would be really awesome if they could get something as basic as rSync or any sort of backup service to work reliably. Hey, there’s hope!

  5. would love to hear your thoughts on a comparison between TRAID with mixed sized drives and SHR/SHR2 with mixed drives, does terramaster do data scrubbing too?, also heard some of the big terramasters (12 bay) have metal caddies, is this dangerous for the bare PCB on drives?

  6. Is raid 5 work for any drives number, like it will use 1 drive for even 20 drive in the raid?

    Or is it a ratio, like every 4 drives, 1 drive is parity/ redundancy or whatever they call it?

  7. How the heck do you enable data scrubbing? It was a no brainer in TOS 5.x I just got my Terramaster so I updated on Day 1. I like TOS 6 and the top bar too.

  8. That OS is so beautiful and clean I want to switch from Synology. Just hesitant after their nas units were hit with ransomware a few years ago

  9. Nice to see the windows staying live and not having to go blank and transparent when moved around. Not a biggie but it makes the Synology UI look very outdated.

  10. Well, TRAID+ was my motivation for getting a TerraMaster system, and they’ve finally removed all references to TRAID+ in their documentation… the hardware is fine, but I definitely feel that I experienced a ‘bait-and-switch’.
    If TRAID+ was included in TOS 6 Final, that would help, but I suspect that TRAID+ won’t appear until TOS 10 at the earliest…

  11. Really pleased to see this from TerraMaster, even though I presently run Qnap TS-855X. Terramaster turns up the heat to further move QNAP along on the software side!

  12. Thank you for making my life easier ????

    Please may we have a list of NASs that you can load your own OS onto?

    Maybe it would make an interesting video?

    I have a Terramaster F2-423 running Proxmox and it is solid.

  13. I am still waiting for the day when a NAS brand doesn’t spend unnecessary development time on useless features that much worse than open-source counterparts… (Yes, I am looking at Synology, and that horrible abomination they created as a “docker” manager…)

  14. I do like terramaster, but has anyone tried to find the android mobile app on playstore for photo uploads, dosen’t exist?
    Its a deal breaker for me.

  15. Yeah, for beta, it looks good IMO. Also of note Ugreen has some interesting NAS hardware on the horizon. Like with other NAS offerings that are not Synology the Ugreen software and OS is a bit S#!t but it’s still worth a look.

  16. They have hdd icons for ssds. That shows lack of attention to detail. Since might say it’s not important, but for me it’s a red flag. Lack of attention to detail in one area may signal similar lack in other, less visible places.
    Also, we need a list of shame for ui designers that make small dialog windows which require scrolling when there’s a lot of free screen real estate

  17. Lets have a look what they got

    Currently have their 6bay running unraid ( like how unraid work as it got less drive spinning when access )

    And a teramaster 6bay usb DAS connected to it

    Consider get one more unit if their TOS got interesting function added in new version