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What drives are compatible with Synology?

What drives are compatible with Synology?

What drives are compatible with Synology? If you know or use a certain type of drive, share it with others in a table below! Synology NAS and Hard Drive Compatibility in 2022 If you have been a long-running advocate of Synology NAS over the years, or have been elbow deep in the Synology eco-system for […]

Synology 2023 NAS – Confirmed Releases, Rumours & Predictions

Which Synology NAS Drives will we see in 2023? Synology has quite an extensive portfolio of hardware and software solutions, build over two decades of research and development in the NAS industry. Now, as these solutions grow in popularity, some ranges in their portfolio are more popular than others (whilst others die off – farewell […]

The Synology BeeDrive Backup Hub – WHAT IS IT?

Synology BeeDrive Pocket Backup Cloud SSD Drive Revealed I have been a follower of Synology for more than a decade professionally and close to double that personally, but when I first saw news of the BeeDrive being revealed in China – I was understandably confused! Synology is arguably the top dog in the world of […]

Synology NAS and M.2 NVMe SSD Storage Pools – FINALLY!

M.2 NVMes Use as Storage Pools Coming to Synology NAS and DSM EXCELLENT news for anyone that has been following the Synology NAS platform and DSM for the last few years, with the apparent reveal that Synology are intending to officially allow the use of M.2 NVMe SSDs as Storage Pools on their newest generation […]

Synology 2022 Event Review – EVERYTHING Covered in SRM 1.3, Routers, Mac Support, DSM 7.1, New NAS, C2, Photos and Surveillance

Review of the Synology 2022 Event – Everything Synology Revealed It’s that time again, almost as regular as clockwork, with the return of the annual Synology event. Synology has been extraordinarily business and enterprise-focused throughout this year, with numerous significant updates in services on their C2 cloud platform, Cloud assisted services and (of course) the […]

Synology M2D20 NVMe Cache Card Revealed

Synology M2D20 NVMe SSD Card Coming Soon The last month or so has been an absolute landslide of new release information for Synology, generally a frightfully tight-lipped company. From the announcement and release (in Japan at least) of the DS920+, DS720+, DS420+ and DS220+, to the impending arrival of the Synology E10M20-T1 and those Synology […]