QNAP TS-453Dmini NAS Revealed for 2020

Brand New QNAP TS-453Dmini Intel J4125 NAS in 2020

Another entry into the QNAP D Series was revealed today in the form of the TS-453Dmini, the latest NAS 4-Bay to join the compact chassis family that has been a niche favourite for a number of years now from the big Q. Although the QNAP mini-series has always been a little bit of an acquired taste (because of it’s higher price point compared with a standard 4-Bay, the result of a unique chassis and therefore a higher production cost), the TS-453Dmini will not be the perfect NAS for everyone, but for those looking for a desktop 4 drive NAS that supports the latest 16TB NAS HDDs, but still manages to be a little bit more petite, lower in power noise and footprint in the office, it’s going to be a treat. Utilizing a few of the key hardware points that are making the TS-453D get a lot of attention right now on the run-up to release, the TS-453Dmini arrives with a modern mid-range CPU, improved plus-gigabit support and seemingly features everything that made its predecessor (the TS-453Bmini) popular, but then dials them all up to 2020. It is looking increasingly likely that this might be a release that only those in China or thereabouts will get to enjoy (a trend already noticed in the TS-451D NAS covered last week in our reveal) Let’s take a look at everything we know about this new NAS drive.

What are the Hardware Specifications of the QNAP TS-453Dmini NAS?

As mentioned the hardware specifications of the new QNAP TS-453Dmini are similar internally and externally (in a few ways) to those of the TS-453D that we discussed earlier in 2020, but moving away from the PCIe expandability, the TS-453Dmini provides a much more traditional architecture (with a few extras thrown in). Arriving with the Intel J4125 4-Core CPU, it supports 1080P and 4K Transcoding natively (with low-mid 1080p transcoding supported in a plex media server). Alongside standard multimedia support, this Intel HD600 Graphics enabled CPU will provide great support of multimedia of all types in the 1st and 3rd party applications available via QTS (discussed later on). This processor opens the door to AES-NI Encryption and (combined with 4-8GB of DDR4 Memory) also allows a large simultaneous user/group level access to the NAS. On the rear of the device, we find a 60FPS supported 4K HDMI 2.0 Output, as well as multiple USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1, 3.2 Gen 1) Ports for supported peripherals, storage devices, UPS’ and more.

Finally, probably the biggest jump in performance compared with the TS-453Bmini, is the inclusion of two 2.5Gbe RJ45 LAN Ports, each able to provide up to 250MB/s connectivity at a theoretical maximum, they also support link aggregation, meaning users have a potential 5Gb/s connectivity to share with their network or directly to a connected/supported device. The device features a unit top-loaded method of drive installation and the cooling and internal fan are adjusted vertically accordingly.

  • Intel J4125 Gemini Lake CPU, Quad-Core 2.0-2.7Ghz CPU
  • 4/8GB DDR4 Memory, Expandable to 8GB
  • 2x 2.5Gbe LAN Ports
  • HDMI 2.0 60FPD 4K
  • 3x USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1 /USB 3.2 Gen 1/ USB 3.0)
  • 2x USB 2.0

  • Black Plastic Chassis (Same physical design as the TS-453Dmini NAS)
  • 4 Bays of screwless SATA storage, Supporting upto 16TB per drive that are top-loaded
  • Front-mounted LEDs
  • Front USB and 1-Touch Copy Button
  • Support for the 5Gbe QNA-UC5G1T Adapter over USB 3.0

Ultimately the hardware we find in the QNAP TS-453Dmini is all good to hear about and if you can overlook the lack of a PCIe Upgrade slot, it provides a good amount of the hardware on offer in the more traditionally 4 drive focused TS-453D, but in a more compact design. If the TS-453Dmini can beat the 10.95W (standby) and 24.32W (Access) of the TS-453Bmini, as well as the 16.9db(A) noise level, this is going to be a great upgrade for those who are in areas it is available to buy.

What are the Software Specifications of the QNAP TS-453Dmini NAS?

Because the hardware architecture is so similar to that of the other 53D series devices, the software abilities of this NAS are going to be very similar indeed. The only real differences between the 53D and 53Dmini when it comes to factors dictating software and performance are to do with that chassis design. You lose the ability to add m.2 SSD Caching, improved NICs or both with the TS-453Dmini, so you are already starting with a glass ceiling in hardware respects. The compact chassis and shift in design featured in the TS-453Dmini will not make much of an impact on the software performance unless you are particularly pushing this device to its limits and a greater degree of heat is generated. That said, at that point, you will likely hit stumbling blocks on ANY NAS in those circumstances. The QNAP TS-453Dmini NAS supports pretty much the entirety of the QNAP NAS QTS 4.4.2 Software, dangling from home focused applications like the media station applications, QuMagie and Multimedia Console, to the business focus of HBS3, HybridMount, vJBOD, Qsirch, QFiling, Boxafe and Virtualization station. It can even comfortable support the more utility-focused users of NVR use in Surveillance Station and QVR Pro (8 camera licenses included) and more experimental Linux Station and Container station deployment. Ultimately, the TS-453Dmini will do whatever QNAP say they can do, just remember that this is a 4-Bay and if you are thinking long term, then you will need to keep factors like expandability (beyond those of adding drives with a TR Hardware RAID Expansion or more memory) is not really possible in the core hardware. Here is a list of the applications and services that are possible with the TS-453Dmini.

First Party QNAP Applications for the TS-453Dmini

  • QSync for Backing up multiple Devices to the NAS on a schedule/as needed
  • Hyper Backup Sync 3
  • HybridMount for mounting cloud storage
  • vJBOD for mounting the NAS storage to other servers
  • QUMagie for photo collections and AI-enabled face/thing recognition
  • Multimedia Console for managing media sharing, streaming, transcoding and indexing
  • File Station for File Management, sharing and permission allocation
  • Download Station for managing HTTP/FTP/NZB/BT downloads, as well as RSS feeds for podcasts and updates
  • QFiling and QSirch to better organize files and remove duplicates/waste
  • HD Station for HDMI Output and handling Apps over HDMI
  • Cloud Drive for Migrating and Synchronizing between Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc
  • Photo Station to organize and catalogue photo collections
  • Music Station to organize, playback and stream music media to network/internet devices
  • Video Station to playback media over the network/internet and transcode as needed upto 4K
  • Container Station for management micro/compact virtual environments
  • QVR Pro and Surveillance Station for Surveillance use with IP Cameras
  • Linux Station for  Linux VMs and Applications
  • MANY more QNAP Apps

Third-Party Applications for the TS-453Dmini

  • Plex Media Server
  • Emby
  • iTunes Server
  • Acronis True Image Backup
  • Malware Remover
  • SugarCRM
  • TVMosaic
  • Desktop Client Applications from QNAP
  • QSync for Mac and Windows
  • QVR Pro Client for Mac/WIndows
  • Surveillance Station Client for PC/Mac
  • QFinder Pro for Mac/PC

Mobile Applications for iOS and Android

  • Qfile – File manager
  • QPhoto – Photo Manager
  • QVideo – Video Manager
  • QMusic – Music Manager
  • QVR Pro Mobile – Surveillance App
  • QRemote – Remote Control App over the Network
  • QNotes – Central note-taking app, for collaboration between users

How much will the QNAP TS-453Dmini NAS Drive Cost?

The price of any NAS in the QNAP mini series is always a tough one to predict and the TS-453Dmini is no exception. This is largely because despite it’s similarity to the standard 4-Bay NAS featuring Intel/HDMI/etc, it is a more uniquely designed chassis and architecture that by its niche nature is produced in lower stock numbers – which ends up reflecting the price. Previous generations have been erratic with the TS-453Bmini arriving at around £450 give or take, whereas the TVS-882ST with it’s I5/I7 CPU was a big jump of that and entered the £750+ mark and higher. If this makes it to the US/EU audience, I think we will be looking something closer to that £450/$550 mark – but this should be treated with a pinch of salt to say the least.

When will the QNAP TS-453Dmini NAS be Released?

The release of the TS-453Dmini from QNAP is actually more complex that you might think. For a start, factors like the effects of Covid19 at manufacture (with production lines taking precautionary measures closing most/all of their factory lines), and businesses worldwide operating in proportional/complete lockdown, meaning that it might not be a great time to unleash a niche product onto the market. Additionally, as mentioned, we are getting heavily indications that this may well be china only release and therefore even if it does get released, many people might not be able to get it. We saw a growing interest in the TS-451D revealed last week (also a CHINA-ONLY hardware release) and maybe this could well change the minds at HQ). For now, I would say that this NAS will be shaping up for a June/July release. Anything more than that would be unlikely, but not impossible.


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