New UGREEN DXP4800 and DXP2800 Intel N100 NAS Revealed

UGreen DXP4800 and DXP2800 Intel N100 NAS Drives Revealed

2023 has been an incredible year for changing the status quo of the NAS market! In the last year or so, we have seen several new brands enter the world of network attached storage. Some are providing complete turnkey solutions, while others offer OS-free solutions. This allows users to get great hardware at a better price point, while still having access to open-source and low-cost community software. Arriving somewhere in the middle is the newly revealed UGreen DXP series of NAS devices. Revealed at IFA 2023 and first pictured by Computerbase at the event, several promising solutions by this long-running brand, more recently associated with components and peripherals, were on display. As one of the first NAS devices to feature the new-generation Intel prosumer CPU, they aim to challenge well-established names in the NAS world, such as Synology and QNAP. Could this signify a change in the NAS hierarchy in 2024? Let’s discuss everything we know about the new DXP 4800 and DXP 2800 NAS and whether it might deserve your data.

Important – initial coverage of the UGreen DXP2800 and DXP4800 appeared here on ComputerBase, where much of the information on the hardware specifications detailed below and two images are from. Find out more about their article HERE

UGreen DXP2800 2-Bay and DXP4800 4-Bay Internal Hardware

While full detailed specification sheets for this new range of NAS solutions by UGreen weren’t revealed, a fair amount of information about the base level hardware inside these devices was provided. Only the two-disk and four-disk systems were revealed at IFA 2023, but there are clear indications that this is part of a larger series of NAS devices in the works. In mid to late 2022, Intel announced plans to retire the long-established Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium product families, instead merging them into a new N family of processors. One of the earliest products from this refresh is the new N100 processor featured in this UGreen device.

Equipped with this 2023 generation Intel processor, which overshadows the majority of currently used NAS, Intel, Celeron, and Pentium processors from potential competitors, UGreen’s move is confident. There are also plans for this system to come with 8 GB of memory by default. However, whether this is DDR4 or DDR5 (both supported by this processor architecture, according to Intel) is yet to be confirmed. The following specifications are subject to change:

Model UGreen DXP2800 NAS UGreen DXP4800 NAS
Bays 2x SATA 2-Bay 4x SATA 2-Bay
M.2 Slots 2x Gen3 M.2 NVMe 2280 2x Gen3 M.2 NVMe 2280
Max Capacity SATA 2.5”/3.5” Support (8TB SSD, 22TB HDD) SATA 2.5”/3.5” Support (8TB SSD, 22TB HDD)
CPU Intel Intel
Cores 4x 4x
Frequency 1.8Ghz (3.0-3.2Ghz Burst) 1.8Ghz (3.0-3.2Ghz Burst)
CPUBenchmark Score 5640 (05/09/23) 5640 (05/09/23)
Integrated GFX Intel UHD Graphics 24 EUs (Alder Lake) Intel UHD Graphics 24 EUs (Alder Lake)
PCIe Lanes Gen3 – 9 Lanes Gen3 – 9 Lanes
Graphics Mhz 750Mhz 750Mhz
Memory 8GB 8GB
Max Mem (CPU Max) 16GB 16GB
Mem Speed (CPU Max) DDR4 3200 MT/s, DDR5 4800 MT/s,  LPDDR5 4800 MT/s DDR4 3200 MT/s, DDR5 4800 MT/s,  LPDDR5 4800 MT/s
ECC Memory Support No No
Memory Profile SODIMM SODIMM

Interestingly, this CPU rates high in terms of its burst clock speed and integrated graphics potential. The CPU’s low base clock speed of 1.8 GHz, paired with an impressive 3.2 GHz peak for demanding applications, means it will typically have a very low power consumption in 24-hour-a-day deployments, as a NAS usually spends more time idle than being accessed. Intel rates this CPU at 6W TDP, an impressively low rating.

Source -
Source –

The UGreen DXP4800 and DXP 2800 support the latest 22 TB hard drives from Seagate and WD and up to 8TB SSDs. Additionally, both systems come with Gen 3 M.2 NVMe slots. We are still seeking clarification on whether these bays are used for both caching and storage, as well as their intended speed. However, given the system’s architecture, these slots for M.2 SSDs are likely to be at gen 3 x 1 or gen 3 x 2 speeds.

There are also indications of a UGreen DXP6800 6-Bay and DXP8800 8-Bay NAS Drive, but no official hardware specifications have been confirmed.

UGreen DXP2800 2-Bay and DXP4800 4-Bay – Ports and Connections

The ports and connections on the UGreen DXP 2800 and DXP 4800 aren’t significantly different from other prosumer NAS systems in 2023/2024, but they have some unique features. Both the two-bay and four-bay systems come with USB Type-C connectivity, supporting various USB generations. These ports can be used with the HDMI 2.1 port for a local keyboard, video, and mouse setup for standalone usage. Notably, the four-bay model also features an SD card slot, a feature photographers often request.

Model UGreen DXP2800 NAS UGreen DXP4800 NAS
Network Ports 2.5GbE x2 (RJ45) 2.5GbE x2 (RJ45)
USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gb) 1 1
USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5Gb) 2 2
USB 2.0 2 2
HDMI 1 HDMI 2.1 1 HDMI 2.1
USB Profile USB-C and USB-A USB-C and USB-A
SD Card Slot No Yes
Fan # 1 1

The systems come with 2.5 GBE network ports, among other features. However, there’s no indication of any PCIe upgrade capability on this system, which some users might have appreciated for external network bandwidth enhancement. We await confirmation on the specifications for the 6x and 8x devices, and it’s possible that they might include PCIe upgrade slots or improved CPUs from the Intel 12th and 13th gen processor family.

Source -
Source –

UGreen DXP2800 2-Bay and DXP4800 4-Bay – Software

Currently, there’s no confirmation on the software the UGreen DXP series will come with. The growing trend is towards NAS solutions that are pre-built but without an OS included in the price, allowing users to use open-source software and save money.


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    33 thoughts on “New UGREEN DXP4800 and DXP2800 Intel N100 NAS Revealed

    1. I like UGREEN because they manufacture a lot of usefull accessories. This NAS looks great with its price and interfaces.
      But there is one point, that you should take in mind: can you be sure, that UGREEN will support it so many years as QNAP/Synology/ZyXEL do? I mean firmware, security updates and app center. Searching for home-made firmware on forums a year later and installing them manually through the SSH – is not what a buyer of a ready-made solution expects, if he isn’t an enthusiast who enjoys tinkering with Linux.

    2. Looking forward as well to see the software put in it, is it secure n feature for small business, which I am not very confident in at this point in time*, also would love to see your channel reviewing other alternative OS to DSM.
      *I love ugreen but for their cables, charger n accessories still

    3. The USB 3 gen 2 (3.2) ports are useful for high speed backup to an external device. After backup the external device can be detached from device and network so it can be used as insurance against ransomware.

    4. UGREEN make some good hardware/cables, so I expect a decent level of quality from this. Hopefully they allow the end user to install their own OS, as I don’t entirely trust a Chinese company, with the security of my data.

    5. Thanks for putting this on my radar ????
      Still considering going DIY but it doesn’t hurt to wait and see what Ugreen will come up with. Price and software will be crucial factors… oh, and noise also.

    6. Hmmmmmm ….. interesting Robie;
      Synology’s low-end intel/ARM NAS market start at ~$500 (ex: DS423+).
      However lots of great new brands/DIY NASes are coming-out aimed at the low-end market undercutting Synology big-time & it’ll only get worse too.
      Synology better upgrade their low-end intel/ARM NASes to compete or lose-out-on alot of its low-end market share (or something like that).
      ??What does the Sea-Gull, Eddie, & yous thinks?? 😉

    7. Hardware is perfect for me, and blows Synology out of the water. I would be very interested if I can put unraid or OMV on it. Ugreen has its own in-house OS, but it doesn’t support local accounts. A few months ago there was an incident that locked users out of their NAS because Ugreen server was down. They promised to add local account support, but not sure about the progress yet.

    8. I got quite a few Ugreen products. Mostly power supply’s and USBc cables. This company makes nice quality products.
      With this kind of specs i would have upgrade my aging DS716+ already. So yes high chance i will go for this.
      I own a couple of Topton N100 boxes in a Proxmox cluster and indeed they outperform the N5105 significantly.

    9. Oh, could this be the company that Linus was talking about regarding an in-development NAS? Coincidentally, bought a dual NIC N100 mini-PC to use as a firewall yesterday ????

      The N100 is literally everywhere now in devices. Apparently 32GB does work from various posts and products having 32GB.

    10. 2 and 4 bay, i can’t buy it now, pointless. I need a 12 bay system 6 months ago. Asustor no 12 bay, QNAP too expensive, Synology drive lock in :(, terramaster not available in more than 5 bay here, can’t find any cases more than 8 bays hot swap that aren’t rack mountable. Even finding proper raid cards is getting elusive. Does anyone have a 12 bay 3.5 inch build, plus 2x 2.5inch boot drive in raid 1 for reliability a thing in Australia?. I don’t think that is asking a hell of a lot.

    11. Looks interesting, pricing will be important. I can’t help thinking though that any processor that doesn’t have AV1 native hardware encoding, such as the forthcoming Intel CPUs, is going to need to be quickly replaced. Once the new Intel CPUs comes out with native AV1 hardware encoding, earlier CPUs are going to look dated with mere h.264 and hevc hardware encoding support.

    12. Sad really, that one can excited over an Intel N100 based device slated for next year. I’m sure its capable enough , have a mini PC of the sort, for its NAS functionality but that’s because the NAS market is saturated with old low end CPU’s to enable higher margins. Not sure I like the idea of having ‘promotional’ Unraid being fostered upon the public. If one doesn’t like/want Unraid can one just install OMV and the like or is one left with a doorstop unless one pony’s up for Unraid?

    13. If the 4 bay one is priced between 250-350€ it’s literally gonna be disruptive on the NAS market. Hopefully the RAM is manually upgradable and DDR5 too.
      The case also looks so good! I’ve been trying to make one like that for my own attempt at a NAS but I just can’t 3d model

    14. A little bit scary honestly. Based on my experience of the reliability of their more complex hardware, I’m not really sure I’d want to trust them with my data redundancy ????

    15. I got the 423+ earlier this year and I am tempted to get this ass a play around NAS if the price is right as UGreen is pretty priced well with the other products. I keep refreshing the website hoping for more Info