Compatible NVMe 2280 for caching on Synology

Caching for DS1520+

I was happy I bought a Synology DS1520+. I saw your review for the DS920+ and was pretty much convinced.
When I saw the specs for the DS1520+ I decided to spend the extra cash – without seeing your review of that system. I’m happy my reasoning pretty much mirrored yours (4 NICs and the 5th bay did it for me) once I saw your review. My question is mostly about compatible NVMe’s 2280 for caching.

Prices for Synology NVMe seems a bit excessive and there are only A brands on their compatibility list. Are there no budget friendly alternatives available ? Is 256Gb of cache enough to have a significant impact on the speed of the system. What are the limits of such a ‘small’ amount of cache ?

Yes, Synology is trying to sell its own NVMe SSD cache. They are significantly more expensive compared to other brands. Synology is sharing a PCIe lane on the board with total bandwidth around 500MB/s. So installing this enterprise-level SSD will not be able to operate at full speed anyway. But you do get things like betters response times (IOPS) and reliability. Their SSD will not lose performance over time and heavy workload like others would. Also, their M.2 stick will last longer than competitor solutions.

But in home environment or small business, you will be ok with SSD from Seagate and Samsung.

I would recommend Samsung Evo 970 plus or Seagate IronWolf 510.

I hope this helps.


Here is a list of Synology with M.2 cache slots built-in :




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