Hello, I would just like to share my experience here, I have just updated my Synology RS1221+ with more memory. First of all, a few considerations. Even [REPLY]
Hi, any news on a Roon 2.0 update? Thanks. [REPLY]
Elecgear is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing electrical gear. The electrical gear they produce are used to power many different ty [REPLY] With this wrapper you will be able to play these audio format: DTS, EAC3 and TrueHD. [REPLY]
Hi, your site is great and your opinion always help us.. congrats !! I have a DS720+ with first Ironwolf PRO 16TB (firmware EN02), but I am interesting t [REPLY]
Thanks Eddie, I had the feeling looking at the images that the 4x slot is open so a 8x card would fit. Also you mentioned you can update via command line t [REPLY]
What RAID controller does this model come with? [REPLY]
So how do you update the various apps with out being connected to the internet? And How do you hide the nas from the internet if you don’t want remote ac [REPLY]
I se one that one Simon [REPLY]
Thank you so much for this review it helped me a lot in my decision. Can you help me with the Expansion Slots a bit. The Slots are electrical GEN3 x4 Slots [REPLY]

Yes, I know there's a 2-bay and 4-bay version. Terramaster today offered to send us the 4-bay version for review. Terramaster's own literature cit
Daemon Tools with the ISCSI target add-on might be the solution you need. It's a little dated and there might be a more modern alternative, but it doe
Are you sure this is quad core, as you say here: The dig
Depending on how 'quickly' it ran, it might be just the GUI label that has been deleted and this will have flagged your data for removal (ie marked th
QTS allows you to backup the system configuration via the GUI.
From the mere fact you are editing 4k footage you could well be a candidate who might want the wait for the TVS-hx74 range (early specs available on t
Synology do the DX517 expansion unit that basically extends the storage of your NAS. It does mean that it's managed by your NAS, so effectively mak
Hi Just wanted to say what your doing is amazing - really helps noobs out like me. So I have watched a few videos of yours I have come to the c
[quote="ed" pid="8825" dateline="1664187037"] Yes, you should try connecting via ISCI if you need stable connection. I hope this video and article
HI I have a DS1819 which I have set up as direct connection to MAC Mini M1. This was in the hope of managing our large (many TB) Lightroom Catalog