Introducing the All-New TrueNAS SCALE 22.12: The Ultimate Solution for Hyperconverged and Scale-Out Storage [2023-01-27 14:44:08]
Netstor NA255A-G4 PCIe 4.0×16 expansion box for 4 GPU cards [2023-01-16 16:08:20]
Synology SA3410 & SA3610 SAS/SATA based NAS released [2023-01-11 16:51:33]
Realtek to Showcase Full Range of Communications Networking, Multimedia, and Consumer Electronics Solutions at 2022 CES [2023-01-11 11:45:41]
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Synology 2024 NAS - Confirmed Releases, Rumours & Predictions [2023-01-10 18:26:05]
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Synology DS723+ Released [2023-01-07 19:34:57]
Introducing the MSI Spatium M570 Pro: A High-Performance M.2 SSD with PCIe 5.0, 12 GB/s, and Vapor Chamber Technology [2023-01-06 15:45:54]
TerraMaster T12-450 12-bay NAS [2022-12-30 12:07:31]

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I am finding that On Demand Sync on the Mac is not working properly. Seems to have an issue deleting files. If I delete a file on the Mac it re-appears. [REPLY]
Initially, I may use only one HDD or one 2.5" SSD. Later, I may use SHR or RAID 5 and add more storages. Will there be any problem if I use a combination o [REPLY]
Specs say this has a PCIe, where exactly is this? I can't see anywhere on the case for it. [REPLY]
OK. Thank you Eddie. How do the 1522+ and 923+ compared in terms of fan noise when the same model and same numbers of drives are installed? Your site did [REPLY]
I had the Crucial CT8G4SFS8266 8GB installed on my DS720+ since June 2022 and working fine. But it stopped working 2 weeks ago (Jan 2023). My DS720+ would [REPLY]
Hello, I'm looking for customer feedback who install compatible RAM on the new Syno DS723+. I'm looking for 2x 16GB RAM DDR4 SODIM ECC for the new Syno D [REPLY]
What if we put the same model and same number of drives into DS1522+ and DS932+, will the power usage be the same? Given everything the same, which is quie [REPLY]
To place a heatsink on it [REPLY]
Thanks, WD support confirmed it too. [REPLY]
Hi, Have you run into any problems running Kingston KSM26SED8/16HD sticks listed in the article? Do they work in ECC mode properly? I am considering an u [REPLY]

I have a Drobo 5D that has served me well for several years, but I can’t take the chance of it failing and not be able to recover the data on it. I
Need to get familiar with Synology products to replace Drobo 5N2s and B800Fs devices
Which Synology dvice to replace 1-Drobo 5N2 and 2-Drobo B800FS Am unfmiliar with Synology products, but since Drobo is in chapter 11, I think we need
I currently own a DS220j with 2 x 8tb seagate IronWolf HDD's. I use it primarly to store my lightroom database(The catalog is on my apple ssd an
My wife and I have 2 small business and are looking for a general storage solution where we can store our data. Both companies standard documents
Hello. I am looking at getting a Synology NAS to replace my current WD cloud. I don't know whether to get a fully loaded 2 bay or, for now, a 4
Hello, I have recently updated my NAS drives and replaced two 10TB drives with two 20TB drives. I would like to use those two 10TB drives as backup s
I have large collections of Music and Spoken Word / Audio Books. Nearly all are in MP3 format. I want to set up Media Server(s) on My recently
I'm upgrading my internet radio station computers. I bought 2 Window 11 computers, 1 for the main & 1 for backup. But, they don't talk to ea
Dear Friend, I sometimes have trouble with the buffering of videos to my TV from my NAS, so i do wonder if upgrading the NAS memory is any solution



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The Synology DS723+ NAS Review – Tremendous 2-Bay? Synology has always maintained a remarkably envious position in the NAS industry over the last decade or so. Although they didn’t ‘invent’ the idea of a private server in the home/office, they were the first to give the concept a fantastically consumer and accessible presentation. Over that […]

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The Synology DS923+ vs DS1522+ NAS Comparison Synology Diskstation NAS in the 2022/2023 generation saw a surprising overhaul in the traditional hardware specifications of the brand’s 4-Bay and 5-Bay series, ditching Intel Celeron processors and deciding to make the switch to AMD’s Embedded Ryzen series of CPUs. This change, along with it’s effect on the […]

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A Guide to the Best 4K Plex NAS Drives to Buy Right Now If you have been looking at buying a Synology or QNAP NAS drive in 2023 for use as a Plex Media Server, then chances are you are doing this because you are sick of paying for a bunch of online streaming services […]