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TerraMaster Unveils F4-424: A 4-Bay High Performance NAS Tailored for Business Needs [2023-12-08 15:38:38]
TerraMaster F4-424 Pro: A New Powerhouse in 4-Bay NAS for Businesses [2023-12-06 16:27:15]
Synology DSM 7.2 No Longer Supports EXT4 Volumes on Rackstation NAS [2023-12-04 11:33:26]
New Synology CC400W Camera [2023-11-29 08:02:38]
QNAP Unveils New Rackmount NAS Models: TS-h1277AXU and TS-h1677AXU, Delivering Power and Performance [2023-11-27 09:29:53]
TerraMaster Launches New Surveillance Manager [2023-11-22 07:03:23]
Synology VS600HD: A Powerful NVR Device for Video Surveillance Enthusiasts [2023-11-08 16:35:17]
Terramaster TOS 6 Insider Preview Program [2023-11-08 00:09:14]
43 of the best Black Friday deals you can shop on Amazon in 2023, starting November 17 [2023-11-06 16:30:21]
TerraMaster Unveils New TOS 6: Join the Insider Preview Program for a Chance to Win an iPhone 15! [2023-11-06 16:10:42]

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Hi, thanks for your videos, they're great and I'd love to support you. I have a DS918+ which I think has now died as I've got the co
I am building my first DIY NAS. I have all of the hardware. My drive options are as follows: Booting from a 256GB NVME with Windows 11 Pro 5x6TB 7
Hi,  I am very new to using a NAS.  I would like to know how to logout of my NAS from my Windows File Explorer?  I am concerned after I access my f
[quote="ed" pid="13821" dateline="1701697465"] Hey Matt! First off, kudos on the home renovation and snagging that QNAP TS-673A and WD Red Pro drives
Hi, Are there any adapter available that allow me to connect an SSD (Crucial X9 Pro) to an ethernet network? That is USB-C to Ethernet adapter, but n
I can find no reference to "snapshots" anyplace in DSM DSM 7.2.1-69057 Update 3 that is installed on this box??
Hi, New to NAS. have a large library of blu rays and 4k films. Looking to rip these to a hard drive and will be using zidoo x9. Looking to build a h
>$1000 budget I was looking at your Jonsbo $1000. If you were not limited to that budget what are the components you would upgrade and to what?
Hi, I would appreciate to get the full download link for the JellyFish Files :-) Thanks in advance and best regards René
Hi there! I want to set up a NAS at home. Uses will include storage of family files, photos and misc. documents + Plex server. I'm not much of a



https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sY6HvrmMr54seS-OjJmRGLiR50rHofFp/view?usp=sharing is linked to the wrong file [REPLY]
Yes, that's what I saw. And it worries me even more that we're talking about an RS1624xs+ without mentioning one DS1624xs+, because that would mean that al [REPLY]
No news of a DS1624xs+? Will the DS1621xs+ never have a successor? Which would mean no more RAIF F1 at less than 8 disks in DS? And what happened to the [REPLY]
My DS918+ (DSM 7.2.1) didn't boot after adding a Crucial 16GB (2x8) ram (CT102464BF186D), even after few hours of blinking blue led .. Tried using the 4Gb [REPLY]
Can we expect a deep review about it here? [REPLY]
In my humble opinion this is a legitimate trade-off between convenience and powers. Yes it is not exactly using Personal as intended but it is still paid u [REPLY]
NTFS and ExFAT both support file sizes up to 256TB, which is far larger than any NAS. NTFS supports journaling and other data integrity features, though, w [REPLY]
same.... this sucks.... totally unreachable. I updated to 1.32.7 and the server became unreachable. Cannot find it on my network or from outside the net [REPLY]
Hi, I have very basic tech skills and really could do with some help. I'm trying to add a USB SIM Dongle to my Synology router RT6600ax as a fail safe as m [REPLY]
Thanks for the awesome review. Is the TRAID really the same as SHR from Synology related to storage capacity calculation? [REPLY]
All that said. There isn't much difference in the price. I wonder why! [REPLY]
CPU comparison table might be showing the 2 models in a reverse order than n other tables. Not sure because columns not identified. [REPLY]
WOW I AM IN AWE OF ALL THE EFFORT YOU WENT THROUGH TO SHARE THE DROBO HISTORY! I still have mine, still works, albeit no support. Sad about what went wrong [REPLY]
"The golden middle way will be exFAT file system. Both Synology and Windows supports it." ?? Both support FAT (FAT32) and NTFS as well. And of the 3, NTFS [REPLY]
Do you have an updated list of synology nas servers that the Mac OSX is compatible with that are intel and xeon friendly or even an updated guide for in [REPLY]
Thanks for the review, I just bought the 6 bay flashstor. You mentioned it can be operared by the IR remote on the portal. Is it the asustor remote? The as [REPLY]
Thank you so much for this article, it is a nightmare to find even used wd60efrx! [REPLY]
What's the 3 Best HDD for a DAS enclosure with RAID [REPLY]
If after installing Qnap QTS OS on NVME M.2 SSD's I need to upsize the NVME's, what would be the procedure? Will there be any dilemma when it comes time to [REPLY]
It doesn't appear to be available for purchase yet, did QNAP provide a date? [REPLY]

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Terramaster U8-450 Rackmount NAS Review

Terramaster U8-450 Rackmount NAS Review Here at NASCompares, we’ve seen a myriad of Network Attached Storage devices come and go. Enter the Terramaster U8-450 Rackmount NAS, a unit that piques our interest and promises to redefine the NAS landscape. Designed to cater to a diverse audience – from the meticulous tech hobbyist to the demanding […]