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It should support direct playback on compatible devices such as 4K TV or 4K monitor. Otherwise it will need to played via qVideo. Video Station app. This C [REPLY]
Well, I went for this product as it seemed to check all the boxes I needed. Your detailed review has been utmost helpful. How big was my surprise when I fi [REPLY]
Possible influence because of the DSM-Release-Version ? In Robbies first Video ( beginning of Mai 22 ) on unofficial Memory his Synology DS 920+ had DSM 7 [REPLY]
Just ordered one of these from abroad as I couldn't seem to find any in stock in the UK, does the box come with multiple region plug attachments, or would [REPLY]
Is there the equivalent of Synology download station on this one ? [REPLY]
Thank you for spotting that. [REPLY]
Helpful video, so I have an unmanaged switch DGS 1016A, that supports link aggregation but after the setup process I get "Failed To Establish IEEE 802.3 ad [REPLY]
I've been using Emby Server since before it was Emby (Media Browser), for years alongside Plex. Nothing really against Plex but its habit of inconsistency [REPLY]
remove the apostrophe from the title of this page "question's" to appear more intelligent [REPLY]
Hey there. Just love all your content. So much insight! And I quite like the seagulls in the background. Was reading the latest product overview and featu [REPLY]

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Review of the PNY XLR8 CS3140 PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD Many PS5 users who are making their first big steps into the world of current-generation SSD storage to upgrade their consoles are having to wrap their heads around quite a lot of terminology, interfaces and brands that most well establish PC gamers are already […]

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New 2022 Generation Terramaster F4-423 NAS Drive Coming Soon Terramaster continues to flesh out their x423 series with, perhaps, the most interesting entry yet – the new F4-423. Arriving as the follow up to the F4-422, this new NAS arrives with (short of a PCIe slot) pretty much everything the most recent NAS hardware options […]

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