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Best solution for Photo editing over the WiFi

First of all a big thanks to you for sharing a detail inside around the NAS hardware’s that are currently available in the market. Watching your videos on youtube has helped me take a decision on which NAS would be suitable for my needs. I have a question with respect to practical use of NAS, […]

Outdoor WiFi IP camera with floodlight for Qnap/ Synology NAS

Outdoor wifi camera light I am looking to an outdoor WiFi light with camera do you know one which works with the Synology NAS   The easy way to find out is camera will be compatible with Synology or Qnap is to look at the specs. If there is a mention about FTP compatibility, then […]

Connect to a NAS via WiFi, LAN or multiple LAN ports via same IP

I’m very new to these stuff, would you mind tellling me how to choose one or another IP.?? The only way of keeping the same ip is with link aggregation, but its possible only with LAN ports. This means – you will merge all LAN ports together and connect via the switch. Then everyone would […]

Fastest USB WiFi adapter for PC, Laptop, Qnap, Synology

QNAP file transfer speed. Got a QNAP TS-251A with two WD 4TB HDD, have connected it with a single LAN to the router and set up various folders as mapped network locations. When transferring files from my wifi connected desktop over to the NAS via cut and paste function I’m getting transfer speeds of about 0.5 – […]

Reliable Mesh WiFi network – extend signal yourself

Reliable Mesh WiFi network – extend signal yourself. For those with big homes and gardens, weak WiFi signal is something that you wish to get fixed. If you need something for improving existing wireless internet/network speed or simply extend its coverage – read on. What is AmpliFi MeshPoint HD? AmpliFi Routers and MeshPoints are designed to work […]

4K editing on WiFi NAS

I’m looking for a NAS to store and stream 4K video on and from. This will be home made material or MKV movies. My wifi is very fast so that is not the issue. I need as low latency as possible. Another demand would be copying files to and from my NAS from laptop via […]

NAS as my media server storing blurays including ultra hd +4K WiFi

I have a 4K telly and an x box one x. I would like a nas as my media server storing blurays including ultra hd. I would also like to stream to laptops, iPads and phones. Would you recommend putting the nas next to the tv and using hdmi for playback? If so I am […]

DS918+ Wifi Dongle

DS918+ Wifi Dongle I’m trying in vain to find a wifi dongle that will work for the 918+ – had no luck from Synology! I tried the D-Link DWA-182 with no luck. Do you have any ideas as what will work?   Asus USB-AC56 adapter   Looks like Synology have not tested any of 2018 […]