Synology 10Gbe-to-Thunderbolt 3 Editing Guide

How to Use Synology NAS for your Perfect Editing Suite

Now that almost all photo video editing is done with digital cameras of varying degrees of quality, safe and reliable data storage has never been more important. Back when photos were only a handful of megabytes in size, it was easy to just back up and edit data on a USB stick. However, fast forward to 2019 and we see that cameras are now taking photos 25, 50 or even 100MB in size. A NAS provides a system of backup of workflow and distribution both internally and externally of a photography business, as well as enable editing of work remotely. As you can imagine, the appeal of a network attached storage device that allows easy access to your data anywhere in the world very appealing and hence the growth in popularity. To edit data as quickly as possible and at a speed that you’re editing software (such as Final Cut and Photoshop) can work with, you need a NAS that is both fast and Powerful, whilst still retaining the internet and network-based accessibility for fluid collaboration when needed. However, when you combine NAS with affordable upgrades like 10Gbe and Thunderbolt-to-ethernet, you can really re-invent your workflow in ways you didn’t think possible.

Why Should you care about Synology 10Gbe NAS?

The importance of 10-gigabit ethernet (10Gbe) in 2019 cannot be understated. With advances in affordability and the utility of this kind of hardware, many users are now making the jump into this faster more efficient means of improving their workflow. Not so long ago, most companies/businesses that had adopted 10G, did so for backup purposes only. However, until recently, the sheer cost of the switches, cables, port upgrades and internal cabling of 10Gbe pushed the upgrade cost into the £10,000’s – a HIGH price for backups! But fast forward to now and not only has the cost of upgrading a home or business user to 10Gbe cost just £100’s, but the utility of 10Gbe in most data environments is much broader and featured in such industries as:

  • Fast, high-resolution photo editing environments
  • Dense 1080p and 4K Video Editing suites that want to simplify their workflow and save time, staff and money
  • Company-wide backup solutions, supporting numerous simultaneous versions
  • Virtual Machine environments, where latency must be kept to a minimum over the network and internet

Upgrading your creative workflow into Thunderbolt and 10Gbe enabled NAS editing is remarkably straight forward and you can even get competitively priced bundles of all the kit you need from the links below. It isn’t even complex. First, you need to connect an RJ45 (the cable you use for your network/internet) to the 10Gbe enabled Synology NAS:

Next, you need to connect the other end of the RJ45 LAN cable to the Sonnet Solo 10G Adapter

Then connect the Sonnet Solo to your Thunderbolt 3 enabled Mac or Windows Machine

Power up your NAS, the look for the 10Gbe enabled NAS using the free Synology Assistant software

That’s it. After that, the device will be as visible and accessible as any other storage device, but with the added benefit of having internet connectivity, multi-user access, encryption and upto 1,000MBs speeds! With such a well-established history in both NAS and Content Creator circles, it is no surprise that a brand like Synology is so popular with post-production professionals all over the work. A number of their flagship models support 10Gbe across both 1 and 2 connections (allowing multiple users to edit content on the same NAS device simultaneously. Likewise, Sonnet technologies have a long established history with working with Mac-based editors and providing 10Gbe and Thunderbolt solutions. Together, these two brands provide a fantastic NAS-to-thunderbolt 3 workflow that will not only speed up your post-production but completely enhance your distribution and backup routine.

Cost Effective Thunderbolt 3 to 10Gbe Editing Solution

Featuring a Synology DS1618+ 6-Bay NAS, Synology E10G1T-T1 1 Port 10Gbe Card and a Sonnet Solo 10Gbe Adapter

Ideal for Photo Editors (Click below to find out more) – Buy

Standard Thunderbolt 3 to 10Gbe Editing Solution

Featuring a Synology DS3018xs 6-Bay NAS, Synology E10G1T-T2 2 Port 10Gbe Card and a Sonnet Solo 10Gbe Adapter

Ideal for Photo and Video Editors, Supporting two 10Gbe Connected Users at once, as well as 4 1Gbe Connections (Click below to find out more) – Buy

Professional Thunderbolt 3 to 10Gbe Editing Solution

Featuring a Synology DS3617xs 12-Bay NAS, Synology E10G1T-T2 2 Port 10Gbe Card and a Sonnet Solo 10Gbe Adapter

Ideal for Photo and Video Editors upto 4K, 16GB Memory, Xeon CPU, Expandable upto 36 Hard Drives, Supporting two 10Gbe Connected Users at once, as well as 4 1Gbe Connections (Click below to find out more) – Buy

10Gbe is available in two popular forms, Copper (10GBASE-T) or Fiber (SFP+) and primarily designed to suit different data environments. All three of the Synology NAS below provide this, as well as options such as end to end encryption and an easy to grasp network UI for admin and guest users alike. If you have any questions or need advice on the perfect setup for you, contact us by clicking below

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