Best 6-Bay NAS of the Year – 2022/2023

A Guide to the Best 6-Bay NAS Drives to Buy Right Now

In the last 5 years or so, the popularity of 6-Bay NAS systems has skyrocketed! Up until that point, most users in the home/small-business market who were looking at desktop solutions would either settle for the modest 2/4 Bay scale of system, or jump up towards the 8-Bay scale when they needed more storage capacity to play with. However, the recent increase in 6 Drive server systems is larger thanks to two factors. The first is the huge capacities of drive that have arrived in the last few years (currently hitting 22TB sizes and with 24TB around the corner) that have allowed even modest-sized NAS systems to easily break into the 100TB storage mark. The second factor is the growing concerns over data redundancy and doubt about the single drive safety net afforded by RAID 5 compared with the 2 drive failure protection of RAID 6. These two factors together have resulted in 6-Bay NAS systems specifically leveraging large drives in a RAID 6 configuration to become a great deal more affordable and palatable. NAS Manufacturers have definitely observed this and we have seen considerable growth in the range of 6-Bay NAS solutions arriving on the market, scaling in hardware, power and price. Today I want to share with you my recommended 6-Bay NAS drives to buy in 2022 and 2023. These are solutions that stand out for their own specific reasons. So, let’s go through the best 6-Bay NAS servers you should be considering

What Have All the Best 6-Bay NAS Drives Have in Common?

It is worth remembering that although there are ALOT of different 6-Bay NAS drives available to buy, they are by no means created equal! With numerous super-budget brands popping up online, it can be tempting to consider these alongside the premium NAS brands. However, all too often they offer solutions righty seem ‘too good to be true’ and then are gone from the web before your warranty even gets cold! So, whether you are looking at the three best 6-Bay solutions that I am recommending below OR are looking at another 6-Bay NAS you saw on offer/recommended elsewhere – the best NAS system ALWAYS includes the following software and services:

  • Combined Hardware & Software Solution – That means that you are buying the hardware, but it ALSO includes a web browser GUI, mobile apps and desktop client apps (including backup, media, streaming, surveillance and file management software)
  • All NAS systems in this guide are compatible with (and can be accessed by) Windows, Mac, Android and Linux operating systems
  • All NAS Solutions arrive with between 2-3 years Warranty (with the option to extend to 5 years)
  • All NAS drives can be accessed locally over the network, as well as secure remote access is possible with brand-supported services (at no additional cost)
  • The most modern and regularly updated NAS systems will support the very latest 20TB NAS hard drives (such as the Seagate Ironwolf 22TB and WD Red 22TB)
  • All the recommended solutions support multiple drive configurations (RAID) for drive failure protection and performance enhancements
  • All solutions receive regular updates to their security, features and services
  • All recommended NAS drives can connect and synchronize with cloud services (Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, etc), as well as Business/Enterprise services such as AWS, Azure, Backblaze and more
  • All NAS solutions (regardless of brand) feature the ability to host a shared drive on your PC/Mobile/Laptop systems that are synchronized with the NAS via the network/internet, but is shown in your native operating system file manager (i.e Mac Finder or Windows Explorer)
  • All the NAS solutions listed can be accessed DIRECTLY via an ethernet/network cable being connected from your PC/Mac system, to the NAS RJ45 port for 100MB/s and higher connectivity
  • All the best NAS solutions (regardless of brand) feature backup and sync tools that can be installed on your local client computer and allow regular backups of your files and system data

So, make sure that if you are looking at a NAS solution that is NOT recommended below, that it includes all of the above as these are some of the clearest areas that brands all too often cut orders to produce cheaper by ultimately inferior NAS servers for home and business. So, let’s discuss the very best 6-Bay NAS to buy now in 2022/2023.

Best All Round 6-Bay NAS Drive – QNAP TS-664 NAS

0-132TB, 6-Bays, 2x M.2 NVMe 2280, Intel N5105 4-Core 2.0-2.9Ghz CPU, 8-16GB Memory, 2x 2.5Gbe Port, 4K HDMI 2.0 Port, USB 3.2 Gen 2 10G, PCIe Gen 3×2 Slot, 3-5yr Warranty

Current Price/Availability on Amazon – $799

Hardware Review – LINK

YouTube Video Review – Watch

What I said in my review April ’22:

In terms of hardware, it is extremely hard to fault the QNAP TS-664 NAS. For its price tag, short of building your own system from the ground up, what you have here is the best example of a 6-Bay NAS available for under $800-850. Then the fact that it features embedded graphical, upgradability in a number of ways (storage, network bandwidth, both), faster local backup options and an aggressive 16GB memory maximum (almost unheard of at this price tier without going higher end SMB). So yeah, the hardware included in the TS-664 certainly (especially when you factor in that this is a hardware/software combined solution when you pay for it) is a good deal. All that said, the system has certainly spread itself a little thin in places to ensure this level of upgradability, trimming those PCIe and M.2 slots in bandwidth to allow the CPU to stay on top of everything, something that only the especially die-hard NAS user is going to notice in day to day use. Now, in terms of software, the sheer range of applications available from QNAP included with the TS-664, as well as the range of 3rd party support that the system can handle has to be appalled, though the learning curve on day 1 has to be acknowledged and means the TS-664 might not be the right system for those that largely want to ‘setup and forget’ the system.

Then there is the subject of ransomware and security that QNAP has been taken to task over in the last 2021/2022. Although the company has stressed that vulnerabilities found in an earlier version of their software (some from Linux that practically all NAS software from all brands is built on, but also ones found in their own services stemming from poor security defaults and control being given to users without sufficient understanding of the consequences) have been addressed, with changes and improvements throughout the platform, many buyers are still going to view the TS-664 with slight trepedation. Overall I would still highly recommend the TS-664 NAS and if you know what you are doing, have a well-developed 3-2-1 backup strategy in place (as we ALL should) and don’t become overly reliant on default settings, you will genuinely struggle to find a better 6 Bay for your prosumer RAID6 in the market right now.

HARDWARE - 10/10
PRICE - 8/10
VALUE - 9/10

👍🏻Very compact chassis design, despite large storage potential
👍🏻A BIG jump in hardware and scale from the TS-453Be and TS-653D, but with a largely identical RRP at launch
👍🏻Easily one of the most hardware packed SMB/Mid-range 6-Bay on the market
👍🏻Up to 16GB of Memory is fantastic
👍🏻m.2 NVMe SSD Bays AND a PCIe Upgrade Slot (no need to choose one upgrade path)
👍🏻8x Included Camera Licenses
👍🏻Includes Anti-virus, Firewall Tool, VPN client tools, Malware Remover, network manager and Security Councilor Tool
👍🏻3 Different Container/VM tools that also feature image download centers
👍🏻10Gb/s (1,000MB/s) USB Ports will be incredibly useful
👍🏻Large range of expansion options in the TR/TL series in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 Bays
👎🏻The PCIe Slot is PCIe 3×2 and the M.2 SSD Bays are PCIe 3×1 (likely limitations of all this H/W on a Celeron+chipset
👎🏻QNAP Has had 3 ransomware hits in 2019-2021 (Qlocker, Qsnatch and Deadbolt). Lots of Security app/changes since, but people remember and QNAP needs to win back that trust in 2022/2023


Best Software 6-Bay NAS Drive – Synology DS1621+ NAS

0-132TB, 6-Bays, 2x M.2 NVMe 2280, AMD Emb.Ryzen V1500 4-Core 2.2Ghz CPU, 4-32GB DDR4 ECC Memory, 4x 1Gbe Port, 1x PCIe Gen 3×8 Slot, 3-5yr Warranty

Current Price/Availability on Amazon – $899

Hardware Review – LINK

YouTube Video Review – Watch

What I said in my review Oct ’20:

Whether you’re looking at buying the new Synology DS1621+ as your first footsteps into the world of NAS, or as an upgrade to your existing smaller network-attached storage system, the DS1621+ ticks practically every box. Although some might argue that the hardware might seem almost a little too mid-range, they are missing the point of this device entirely. The DS1621+ is a prime example of everything that Synology is about and frankly, if you love the brand you will love this NAS device. Finding a fair middle ground internally and externally at this price point, the DS1621+ represents Synology doubling down on hardware R&D over the last 2 years and is largely successful in every way. It would have been nice to see a more graphically equipped processor, or something a tad closer in architecture to that of the comparatively powerhouse DS1621xs +, but right now this is the best Synology 6 bay you are going to find and without breaking the bank. 

The Synology ‘Plus’ series of devices has long held a reputation for providing mid-range hardware to mid-range business customers. Because of this, the DS1621+ needs to balance a fine line between providing fast and reliable hardware, whilst still maintaining a price point that won’t intimidate the average small-medium business user. In this regard, I think the Synology DS1621+ NAS gets it right, finding an impressive halfway point between these two factors. However, it is important for buyers to understand what they are buying and where the budget for the Synology DS1621+ is being aimed. Although it seemingly lacks some of the multimedia and prosumer features of ‘cheaper’ NAS devices in the Synology portfolio, it doubles down on more business and enterprise-level features in efforts to support that core audience. It’s about getting the right tool for the job and in that area, Synology almost completely succeed. The lack of +gigabit connectivity afforded to a NAS unit at this price point, compared with their competitors, may put some users off, but on the whole, you are getting good performance and excellent value on this combined hardware and software solution with some excellent scalability.

PRICE - 7/10
VALUE - 8/10

👍🏻Desktop Ryzen Powered Solution
👍🏻Dual NVMe M.2 cache
👍🏻PCIe Gen 3 x8 PCIe Equipped
👍🏻Great RAID Options (inc SHR)
👍🏻Excellent choice of Apps
👍🏻DDR4 ECC Memory up to 32GB
👍🏻Numerous Backup Software Options
👍🏻Huge Virtualization Support
👍🏻3yr Warranty and Extendable to 5yrs
👎🏻1Gbe Ports seem a bit limited now
👎🏻Shame it does not support 1/2 x DX1215
👎🏻NVMe SSDs cannot be used for RAW storage


Best Value Hardware 6-Bay NAS Drive – Asustor Lockerstor 6 Gen 2 NAS

0-132TB, 6-Bays, 4x M.2 NVMe 2280 (PCIe Slot Swap Opt for 10GbE), Intel N5105 4-Core 2.0-2.9Ghz CPU, 8-16GB Memory, 2x 2.5Gbe Port, 4K HDMI 2.0b Port, USB 3.2 Gen 2 10G, 3-5yr Warranty

Current Price/Availability on Amazon – $809

Hardware Review – LINK

YouTube Video Review – Watch

What I said in my review Nov ’22:

The Lockerstor 6 Gen 2 NAS is a respectable piece of kit! Indeed, the hardware here is almost faultless! Unless you are particularly noise sensitive (and therefore the metal chassis adding a few dBa to the ambient sound), there is almost nothing I can fault here on the device’s hardware. The scaling up of practically all hardware over the Gen 1 Lockerstor, such as Better CPU, Better Memory that goes higher, HDMI 2.0b, USB 3.2 Gen 2, a 10GbE upgrade option and THOSE FOUR M. 2 NVMe SSD SLOTS – you simply cannot fault how much is getting included here at the price point vs it’s competitors. The software is a little less compelling, with a smaller range of 1st party applications on offer, more of a reliance on 3rd party services and the absence of a few AAA+ features that are present on other devices in the market (AI services, Cloud Bolt on live synchronization, 1st Party SaaS native sync with Google Workspace/Office365, etc).

That said, ADM does run very well, is clear and still quite user-friendly. The addition of choice of file systems EXT4 or BTRFS, flexibility on the use of those M.2 NVMe SSD bays and the Asustor HDMI portal still bring fantastic flexibility to the Lockerstor 6 Gen 2 NAS too. Ultimately, this is a system that is clearly making big waves on it’s hardware more than it’s software, but as long as you keep your feet on the ground and appreciate that this system is more of a 70/30 purchase of hardware vs software, you will come to respect and rely on this Asustor NAS as the backbone of your data storage setup.

PRICE - 9/10
VALUE - 9/10

👍🏻Hard/Impossible to find this level of NAS Hardware elsewhere at this price point
👍🏻Those FOUR M.2 NVMe 2280 SSD slots are great and turn this 6-Bay NAS into an 10-Bay
👍🏻2.5GbE by default, as well as the option to add further 2.5/5Gb connections over USB
👍🏻The option to scale up the network connectivity to 10GbE down the line (4 and 6 Bay only)
👍🏻$60 increase over RRP of Lockstor Gen 1, but upgrades practically everything 1-2 levels (New Celeron CPU, Better/High Memory Max, USB 10G, HDMI 2.0b, PCIe Gen 3 Architecture)
👍🏻Includes support for either EXT4 or BTRFS
👍🏻Includes KVM Support with Parallel GUI over HDMI, Asustor Portal
👍🏻ADM is better tha nit has ever been, responsive, clear and intuitive
👍🏻Several different setup and initialization options
👍🏻One of very few 6-Bay NAS drives that still feature a fully functional and controllable LCD Panel
👍🏻Full Support of the traditional RAID levels for this scale (RAID 0-1-5-6)
👍🏻Storage can be expanded with TWO of the Asustor AS6004U 4-Bay
👎🏻Lack of a fluid RAID System (such as Synology Hybrid RAID, Drobo BeyondRAID or Terramaster TRAID) to allow mixed drive media and easier scaling of storage over time
👎🏻Metal chassis and trays is going to result in an increase of ambient noise (hum/vibration) than other plastic casing/tray NAS systems
👎🏻Some apps (such as the Surveillance Center apps) are long overdue an update in visuals and services
👎🏻ADM is good, but lacks the killer apps/AAA and AI service tools that are being offered by other brands right now
👎🏻They were targeted by the Deadbolt ransomware attack at the start of 2022 and although the linux vulnerability that was used has been reported to be closed and they worked with affected users, this is still going to be on the minds of some buyers


Best Price Hardware 6-Bay NAS Drive – Terramaster T6-423 NAS

0-132TB, 6-Bays, 2x M.2 NVMe 2280, Intel N5105 4-Core 2.0-2.9Ghz CPU, 8-32GB Memory, 2x 2.5Gbe Port, 4K HDMI 2.0b Port (Code/Command Level Access, no GUI), USB 3.2 Gen 2 10G, 3yr Warranty

Current Price/Availability on Amazon – $649

Hardware Review – LINK

YouTube Video Review – Watch

What I said in my review July ’22 of the T9-423 9-Bay (Same Hardware, but 3 More Bays!):

I like the terramaster T9-423 NAS a lot more than I thought I was going to! Over the years I have seen several quirky NAS designs appear from brands looking to find gaps in the existing market between the traditional 2-bay, 4-bay, 8-bay and rackmount systems. In most cases, these brands tend to never really hit the ground running with these systems and a lot of that is because they are either priced poorly, have bad internal hardware choices for the sake of offsetting the overall cost of a new design or simply do not read the room in knowing what people want. I’m pleased to say that the Terramaster T9-423 does not seem to suffer any of these things. This 9-Bay arrives in a chassis that is a smaller and more convenient frame than many eight-bay desktops, arrives at a price point that for the scale is reasonable and has the same or better hardware than most other mid-range desktop NAS in 2022.

Alongside this, Terramaster’s innovations in TOS5 to improve their platform to include many more storage services, backup methods and a few premium apps in the works means that the brand still manages to be competitive in spite of its more cost-effective reputation and hardware focus. First-party app development still pales in comparison to bigger NAS brands (though popular third-party tools that already exist in the market are supported and available to download) and in terms of software, this system is still a little underwhelming, if very functional. Then you have the build quality. The construction of this chassis is particularly higher than I anticipated and unlike many of the brand’s rather dated or plastic-looking cases in 2 and 4 bays, The T9-423 is remarkably well constructed with excellent considerations being made to ventilation and keeping the device compact despite its large storage potential. As long as you keep in mind that you are buying a more cost-effective or value alternative to top-tier brands, as well as having perhaps a little more patience with the software than you might like, the Terramaster T9-423 is a great NAS and an exceedingly positive move by the brand to further evolve.

PRICE - 9/10
VALUE - 9/10

👍🏻Surprisingly compact for 9 Bays of Storage
👍🏻Good Middle ground between a Rackmount and Desktop System
👍🏻2.5GbE at the Price of 1GbE
👍🏻Good CPU for the Price Point
👍🏻USB 3.2 Gen 2 is very forward-thinking for local backups
👍🏻Great RAID Options
👍🏻Snapshot Replication
👍🏻BTRFS Support if preferred
👍🏻Supports Plex and all 1080p Transcoding
👍🏻4K Video transcoding natively
👍🏻A large amount of maximum memory supported (16-32GB – TBC)
👍🏻M.2 SSD Bay inside for caching/storage at PCIe Gen 3×2
👎🏻Only 1x M.2 NVMe SSD Bay
👎🏻Default 4GB memory is 2133Mhz
👎🏻HDMI Currently Unsupported
👎🏻TOS Software feels a little empty of Killer-Apps at the moment (as the AI photo recognition, Surveillance, Centralized Backup tools, etc are still in Beta)


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      73 thoughts on “Best 6-Bay NAS of the Year – 2022/2023

      1. Sir: You cite the TS-664 unit’s reliance on front to back airflow. But there’s a ruddy great plastic panel in the way!
        Would YOU run this unit with that plastic front panel left on, or off to avoid blocking most of that airflow? If left on, why? Doesn’t it block the most obvious direct flow of air?

      2. Heads up, the 4G models have changeable RAM sticks, while in the 8G models the memory is soldered on the motherboard, therefore not changeable. Hate that QNAP did this, 4G models are more expensive and harder to come by.

      3. NVMe or 10Gb/s: it is a bad point ! some users (like me) need BOTH !
        Only 1 usb port at the back may cause issue when using a UPS
        A nice device nevertheless, maybe my next NAS if Synology continues to enforce their wn brand for NVMe…

      4. Does any one knows what is the speed of the m.2 slots? PCIe Gen3 x2? Or PCIe Gen3 x1? anyone done any transfer speed tests.? M.2 seams great at first, but I guess its limited to Cache duty. due to bottlenecks in the PCI and Network speeds. the major hamstrig injury is the 10GB card or M.2 card! Still probably one of the best avaible now………….Why can we just have everything we want, instead of 2 year old processors and half solutions! ——-Please give us back the optical audio output, thats now only on the Flashtor?

      5. Can the M.2 VNMe slots only be used with Synology drives? Or can you use other brands? Synology supported drives max out at 800Gb but others go up to 2TB.

      6. My router is in a separate room from my office. But I have a 1Gbe LAN line in my office. Can the unit connect from the LAN in my office or does it have to be directly plugged into the router?

      7. I won’t advice Qnap. My first a tvs872xt broke down within 2 years. Motherboard finished after power fell out. Got a new one from Qnap. Now just one and a half year later. It’ (the second nas) shutsdown again. No light on frontside blinking. It stays in “Booting”. Nothing helps. Contacted Qnap. Must pay 750 us dollar for repair in Willich Germany . Q-202301-35163 Q218I12850 Read all about it Qnap ! 2 time total breakdown of a TVS872XT within 3 and a half year. Qnap = your money down the drain. Better said the biggest shit one can buy. Let your customers pay for your fuck-ups

      8. From what I’ve read the vendor lock-in with the RAM is only in the TOS software. If you’re using any other OS with this system, you can use whatever compatible RAM modules you like.

      9. I have on of these, and I highly recommend it,. except if you need some specific app not available. And with a 10Gbe nic it can transfer at very high speeds (provided you have a 10Gbe network)

      10. One possible benefit of the 6 bay over the 4 bay is the ability to use smaller, and therefore cheaper HDD’s. A bit of quick and dirty math shows that I can buy 6 x 10 Tb HDD’s = 60 Tb for $1620 Canadian vs 4 x 14 Tb HDD’s = 56Tb for $2,080 Cdn. So, you get 4 more Tb for $460 Cdn less. Then account for the cost of the 4 bay vs the 6 bay chassis for your final cost comparison. Certainly the ability to expand in the future and the type of Raid that you use would have to be factored into a better, more in depth comparison but that would be for each user to compare for their own use.

      11. Wow, those 4 nvme slots look rather tempting! It just might pull me away from QNAP lol. But I wish they had better AI in the photo software for object recognition. Good to see competition in the market!

      12. Umm No, there’s no comparison. The Synology DS1621+ uses both an AMD CPU which doesn’t even offer decent transcoding and worse 1GbE. I mean seriously enough with these ridiculously dumb specs. In other words, Synology is like here’s your expensive Ferrari with a two-cylinder engine and plastic wheels.

      13. 3:01 Sorry! We did have a six bay many years ago but it wasn’t technically a Lockerstor. We started with Gen2 because it shares hardware with the other Lockerstor Gen2 devices.

      14. Would you please do a performance test of such hardware raid comparing it to software raids like Synology SHR-1/2 since Synology always have a performance issue with SHR, so I wonder if this is no longer an issue with a hardware alternative

      15. In deed I’m perfectly fine connecting the m.2 with 1xPCIe 3.0 in such a system. As you say – that’s still almost 1.000 MB/s. Yes – PCIe SSD could deliver faster speeds… but where should the data go? Even if you upgrade to a 10Gbit Ethernet, that speed is about the maximum you can transfer from and to the NAS.

      16. Hey guys… If you guys dont want it standing up…. you can lay it down with vents down….. and put something under the NAS , in all 4 corners… taa-daa 🙂 vents-heating problem solved 🙂 hehe

      17. Due to Synology HD issue and Qnap security issue, I have built my own custom NAS using unraid and I am impressed with this setup. SHR like flexibility with better hardware and upgrade options are possible just as these desktop NASes.

      18. This ticks so many boxes for me (solid construction, like the metal HDD caddies/shell, hybrid RAID, 2.5gbe NICs, reasonable price and USB DOM which I assume you could install xpenology on? One big issue for me though…… NO PCIE slot for 10gbe or additional NVMe support. So close to being perfect for my use case. Credit goes to Terramaster for bringing some interesting designs to the market and not just another black box of plastic! Like yourself I’m quite impressed with what Terramaster are doing right now.

        It’s also great you had a look inside this unit. I wonder if that PSU connector is proprietary or is it a standard 20/24 pin PSU connector? Would be good to know in case you had a PSU failure.

      19. I’m really interested in the 12 bay version of this model. Normally I’d just go for the Synology, but the third party drive warnings would be infuriating on the Synology 12 bays.

      20. This TerraMaster is right proper tickety-boo. Still, a grand is bracing. Too rich for my blood. This is rack mount NAS money so if I’m going to pay a thousand or more I’m buying a rack based NAS,

      21. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine sleepfriendd.Online Brünette und eine anderex Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

      22. Losing the Will to live waiting for the 664 to be released. (Or synology 922+). Need a quick 6 bay (or expandable 4 bay to future proof). Only for home network & remote connectivity streaming, won’t be doing any editing or coding on it. Any Solid recommendations ??

      23. Like Xiaolei said, I’m a long time Synology user, but I don’t think their new love affair with Ryzen is going to cut it for me. Looking forward to seeing some Plex benchmarks for this device because that’s probably 90% what I use my NAS For.

      24. Hi, I am new to NAS, need some advise. Fyi I am working solo, recently got a Mac Mini M1, I have a library of RAW photos & pro-res video, actually I was thinking to get a Thunderbolt DAS setup of 5x4TB RAID5, may I know do I need to setup 2.5GbE network in order to use this TS-664? Can I just use it like a DAS via 3.2 gen 2 USB port? Mac Mini M1 only has a USB port of 3.1 gen 2, is that enough for RAW editing (+/-30MB per file), and 4k video editing?

      25. Any word on an ETA for this unit to arrive in the west? I’ve seen it listed for sale in a smattering of eastern markets but nothing on QNAP’s US website, not even so much as a simple press release. Ready to purchase my first NAS and was set on Synology at first, but I can’t ignore the hardware specs for its planned usage (file storage, backup, surveillance, media server, and hopefully virtualization), plus I just upgraded my house to 2.5Gbe so those ports are vital!

      26. Aloha, I bought the TS-653D ($519 US) based on your recommendations, doubled the RAM (4 – 8GB) ($42 US), dropped 6 12TB DC HC520’s ($170 US refurb @) & not looked backed. LOVE IT! Great Advice, Sir. (Yep, I have a 2.5GbE/WiFI6 Network now as well.).Mahalo ! As to the TS-664, the inclusion of M.2 bays in addition to the PCIe slot is Awesome, 16GB Max RAM too gives a Nice Bump to performance & versatility! Mahalo on the Good Review.

      27. As a long time Synology user, I’m really envious of QNAP’s hardware. If Synology puts that 2-core AMD processor and 1Gbps Ethernet in the upcoming DS922+/DS722+ (which seems more likely than not given the specs of DS1522+), I might reconsider my brand loyalty