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Rack cabinets for Synology 4 bay rack RS1619xs+

Synology 4-bay rack RS1619xs+ depth My question is the DEPTH of this rack unit. I have no rack now and am hoping this is a shallower depth than their usual units. Do you have a recommended rack for this (wall mounted ideal) that would also hold a Linksys switch and BlueBolt PMU both 1U form […]

New DS1618+ NAS from Synology

Brand new 6-Bay for 2018 Information regarding a brand new Synology NAS for 2018 has been uncovered (excellent work by iDomiX here) and it looks like we are finally going to see a REAL player to join the DS1817+ and DS1517+ NAS. I think it is fair to say that when the Synology flagship 5-Bay […]

1-Bay or 2-Bay NAS for PLEX under 600

I have a new 4K Oled TV from LG, which doesn’t recognize well my old WD Booklive NAS (I can’t fast forward or choose the timeframe for a movie anymore). So it’s time for me to buy a new NAS (budget 400-600 €). If compatible with the price, I would prefer one that can act […]