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Synology RT6600ax Router Review – Next Gen Networking?

Synology RT6600ax Router Review – Premium Networking? Reviewing the new RT6600ax router was always going to be quite a tall order. Routers, unlike the NAS drives I so often talk about, are far more common in every home or office in the world. Then there is the fact that they are available practically for free […]

QNAP QMiroPlus-201W & QMiro-201W Mesh Router & NAS Review

QNAP QMiroPlus-201W & QMiro-201W Mesh Router+NAS System Review Of all the devices that I talked about here and on YouTube, there is one device that I would wager is inside 99% of people’s homes these days, namely a router. For most users, the router provided by their internet service provider is more than proficient for […]