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Should you buy a NEW Synology or OLD Synology NAS Drive in 2018

A Guide to Buying the Right Synology NAS Now If you are considering buying a new Synology NAS in 2018, chances are that you are looking to buy the newest models. This is completely understandable, a network attached storage device is a solid, long-term investment for you or your business and the last thing you […]

DS918+ vs DS1618+

DS1618+ vs DS918+ NAS – Which Synology Should you buy? If you are thinking about buying a Synology NAS in 2018 and want to leverage your available storage against a robust RAID solution, then chances are you have heard about the Synology DS918+ 4-Bay NAS and the DS1618+ 6-Bay NAS. Arriving with impressive internal and […]

RAM Upgrade DS218+, DS718+, DS418play, DS918+, DS620slim

RAM Upgrade DS218+, DS718+, DS418play, DS918+, DS620slim

Memory (RAM) Upgrade for DS620slim, DS218+, DS718+, DS418play, DS918+ Synology DiskStation Series up to 16GB in total. Unlikely you will want to upgrade Synology DS218+ or DS418play because of the weaker CPU they have. But Synology DS718+ and DS918+ have quad-core CPU which is powerful enough to play with virtual machines and web servers including […]

The Top 5 4-Bay NAS of the Year

The Best 4-Bay NAS of 2017 With the growth of popularity in Network Attached storage (NAS) many users who are even the tiniest bit familiar with data storage will want to ensure that their NAS server is providing a good balance of storage space and power. A Good, solid NAS is an investment and most […]